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  1. Sakshi Shinde

    Sakshi Shinde4 hours ago

    Let's have styles ft.harry styles And bad blood ft.katy perry

  2. ꧁༒Geneva ༒꧂

    ꧁༒Geneva ༒꧂4 hours ago

    You’re overreacting

  3. tammy daSnowbunny

    tammy daSnowbunny4 hours ago

    lmfao Ben sweetie please kindly sh*t on your bed and sleep on it.

  4. Scrappy TheWolf249

    Scrappy TheWolf2494 hours ago

    “Dog aren’t used for entertainment “ then why the heck are they in movies?


    SLIM PAC4 hours ago

    “U should not mess, with iggy azelea” 😂 Snoop doesn’t only need to destroy her, he can end the career (I meant it) Iggy azelea is one of many rappers top 10 worst rappers ever. Including mumbles.

  6. Clay K

    Clay K4 hours ago

    In fact people seriously need to stop talking for others and mind their own business which is already enough.

  7. Mark Kleinstuber

    Mark Kleinstuber4 hours ago

    I wish Emma had more screen time in this movie. Her swearing made her role twice as funny.

  8. Brother Chris rco

    Brother Chris rco4 hours ago

    Didn't she fart during an Interview?

  9. bTS

    bTS4 hours ago

    F - Fearless 1 - 1989 R - Red S - Speak Now T - Taylor Swift

  10. Traycee

    Traycee4 hours ago

    It was just announced that they called it quit. But they'll remain friends and business partners.

  11. Ishmael has a hot dad

    Ishmael has a hot dad4 hours ago

    lmao ya'll get offended in this

  12. BassettHolland

    BassettHolland4 hours ago

    This man is clearly looking for attention, he’s just upset that Zack’s show is more popular than his. He wants Zac to publicly “give credit” just so people can check out his stuff therefore giving him more attention. There are hundreds of traveling the world shows, I don’t see how special this one is for a lawsuit 💀🤚🏽.

  13. Tyler scott

    Tyler scott4 hours ago

    how did he die

  14. Hoon Daily

    Hoon Daily4 hours ago

    Bro, I bet Rihanna roles the most pearl joints!!!!!

  15. Jose Perales

    Jose Perales4 hours ago

    name of the show?

  16. Nilo Rac

    Nilo Rac5 hours ago

    Lolol I guess the "I didn't know she was a minor" or "I used bad judgement" only works with celebrities. An average Joe would get handcuffs slapped on him in 2 seconds and not one excuse would convince law enforcement that he just didn't know.. *laughing in privilege*

  17. Dorothy Mays-Pitts

    Dorothy Mays-Pitts5 hours ago

    Jennifer Lopez just like the idea of being married if she continue she will be another Elizabeth Taylor. DPitts. Lopez grow bored with a partner easily. DPitts

  18. Anak Sma

    Anak Sma5 hours ago

    They had to say they were fine

  19. Blue Phoenix

    Blue Phoenix5 hours ago

    I love that show it’s not Zac’s fault period it’s Netflix

  20. Sanmati Jayaram

    Sanmati Jayaram5 hours ago

    that is literally the biggest lie of the century

  21. Beezus Beez

    Beezus Beez5 hours ago


  22. Solee K

    Solee K5 hours ago

    Jonah Hauer King!!! He got it😝

  23. cassie luv

    cassie luv5 hours ago

    Shonda at it again 🙄

  24. julius nksb

    julius nksb5 hours ago

    I'm curious, who among taylor's friends snaked her?? I'm so sad for her, now it finally revealed.

  25. kimiya rahmani

    kimiya rahmani5 hours ago

    She will never ever do that, like evvvveeer! That's just too good to be true:))

  26. Pip The Pipster

    Pip The Pipster5 hours ago

    Oprah has always been blatantly rude to ppl on her show; but because she's "funny" people just laugh and move on.

  27. Tasnim Klai

    Tasnim Klai5 hours ago

    I'm legit crying 😭

  28. Nour Nour

    Nour Nour5 hours ago

    I think it’s to good to be true

  29. Carlotta carott

    Carlotta carott5 hours ago

    Isn't He Dead ?

  30. Alanis Maryssa

    Alanis Maryssa5 hours ago


  31. Damien

    Damien5 hours ago

    i hated his vines

  32. Anna Pal

    Anna Pal5 hours ago

    Sad but not surprising

  33. Jessica Curbeam

    Jessica Curbeam5 hours ago

    Chile leave zac alone 🤣 there’s millions of shows with this idea already it’s not new

  34. Georgio

    Georgio5 hours ago

    Yeah i dont think they will :( but it would be cool

  35. Krypted. Kyro

    Krypted. Kyro5 hours ago

    Thank you for inviting to Chili's when positive service. RIP

  36. Taniya Sadhineni

    Taniya Sadhineni5 hours ago

    Atleast she apologized but some bloody k-pop sh*ts doesnt even do that.

  37. Gator

    Gator5 hours ago


  38. Mandi Strausbaugh

    Mandi Strausbaugh5 hours ago

    I'm an indentical twin and my heart breaks for you!! I couldn't imagine 😪❣️

  39. Rishika Sinha

    Rishika Sinha5 hours ago

    BTS thank you so much once again for sharing your thoughts with us💜 You, I and we all have the right to be respected- BTS 2021

  40. Saints Tales

    Saints Tales5 hours ago

    I bet you 💯 Justine farts a lot

  41. Princess Rachel

    Princess Rachel5 hours ago

    Thank you so much clevver news, I really wanted to know all the deats, please let me know if even a small more detail comes out!!!!!!

  42. Piper Lee

    Piper Lee5 hours ago

    Taylor apparently wrote over 150 songs for 1989 so I hope to god that there are vault songs

  43. Tuấn Kiệt Lê

    Tuấn Kiệt Lê5 hours ago

    Louis You're insecure, don't know what for

  44. emanuel serrano

    emanuel serrano5 hours ago

    This is still such a sad story and yes I know it's real life. But every time I hear any news about her, I just get very sad. I never watched Glee or really anything she was in but when I saw the news of her missing and then how they found her son, what he said about her pushing him up on the boat and then she was gone and then how they found her body. It's just all really sad and as a human it just pulls at my heart strings. I can only imagine her final thoughts, her bravery to save at least her child. Like thinking this is it and panicking before going under, it's just all effed up. And the sad part is that her child is a baby that couldn't help her and she must have known that but what's even sadder is that her son will never know what a great mother he had. May she rest in peace.

  45. Mansoor Yousaf

    Mansoor Yousaf5 hours ago

    thanks to taylor clevver news has content.

  46. froüt

    froüt5 hours ago

    Come to think of it, Hailey and Justin at perfect for each other

  47. EverthingUnboxPro

    EverthingUnboxPro5 hours ago

    Not Taylor Tryin to milk harry Now :(

  48. :/

    :/5 hours ago

    This is just way too dramatic

  49. ash aka wonder woman

    ash aka wonder woman5 hours ago

    Yesss Omg we needed this ❤️❤️❤️

  50. Dazzy Jack Swan!

    Dazzy Jack Swan!5 hours ago

    It’s very sad.....but it seems like literally anything can go viral these days.

  51. Paul Arlukiewicz

    Paul Arlukiewicz6 hours ago

    The arab only kills

  52. Anika Jarlego

    Anika Jarlego6 hours ago

    I just love Millies and David's relationship❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰

  53. Faith Agilea Nou

    Faith Agilea Nou6 hours ago

    It's true tho... Selena looked amazing 😁

  54. Стефани Стоянова

    Стефани Стоянова6 hours ago

    I NEED a duet on Style from my divorced Parents.

  55. cherry blossom

    cherry blossom6 hours ago

    This should be talked about more!!!

  56. X oTron

    X oTron6 hours ago

    As a identical twin brother I couldn't imagine losing my brother. Hope that day never comes

  57. GirlInaBox

    GirlInaBox6 hours ago

    Oprah knew exactly what she was doing in order to get more ratings. Controversy sells and she used them to her own advantage. Shame on her! She should apologize.

  58. Sarcastor

    Sarcastor6 hours ago

    Deploy the F's to pay Respect to a fu**ing Legend!🖤🕯️

  59. Ele

    Ele6 hours ago

    Ahhaha ppl actually think that would happen😀😀😀 Okayyyyyy

  60. Marcel Breed

    Marcel Breed6 hours ago

    Hold up, 513 street, is 1989 coming out 13 May?😄

  61. Purva H

    Purva H6 hours ago

    No I somehow survived fearless but I am definitely not ready for this!!!!

  62. Crucifix

    Crucifix6 hours ago

    The beatles, led zeppelin, rolling stones, they've all stolen

  63. Bre Edwards

    Bre Edwards6 hours ago

    Wow, the Ben dude is the only dude to travel around and document it. Call the press the idea is so original.

  64. yeet girl

    yeet girl6 hours ago

    i saw ian and paul and i clicked🤷🏽‍♀️

  65. Joelle Lee

    Joelle Lee6 hours ago

    omg, but she still looks so amazing even when there is no editing done

  66. Swiftbae Betty

    Swiftbae Betty6 hours ago

    God please no i dont want this

  67. Lou

    Lou7 hours ago

    Rest in peace Adam aka CEO of Chilli's, you will always be a legend!! 💐💞

  68. Nicholas Headway

    Nicholas Headway7 hours ago

    You don't sing before a judge that's not how you get to be a musician

  69. Je Gazala

    Je Gazala7 hours ago

    Study.minds.mind of it.human being.

  70. one direction supremacy

    one direction supremacy7 hours ago

    Please, I beg, we want this to happen, we NEED this to happen. Please 🙏🙏🙏

  71. Z Tso

    Z Tso7 hours ago

    What if Style (feat. Harry Style), Bad Blood (feat. Katy Perry)?

  72. Katie

    Katie7 hours ago

    Is she really re recording all her music for the rights and more cash?? Fair enough if its for the rights but she should really donate any money fro sales to charity or her fans who bought the album the first time round!

  73. Nicholas Headway

    Nicholas Headway7 hours ago

    They are not a band just a kaorke group they don't even play instruments