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  1. gids gid

    gids gid15 hours ago

    Informal I do's...Informal marriage.

  2. WOLF YT

    WOLF YT15 hours ago

    Buddy even at that time I would be there I would smash that pranksters jaw 🤷🤷🤷🙍‍♂️🙍‍♂️🙍‍♂️

  3. Boka

    Boka16 hours ago

    Ari Gomez

  4. dev rathore

    dev rathore16 hours ago

    Some time it's a message but we take it as a joke

  5. N G

    N G16 hours ago

    Americans really don't know that european people often tan lol. I mean, a lot of white people get a tan naturally in the sun. So what's wrong with mimicking that? I feel like a lot of people are so obsessed with race and the shade of someone's skin color, it's sad. Blackfishing, racism and all of that goes wayyyy beyond a white girl getting a tan. I also feel like a lot of americans think people who look like Jesy are mixed just because they think all white people are pasty blue eyed and with blond haired. And it's just not true. Also, some white people might look mixed, some mixed people might be white passing, so what. People come in all shades and we need to top gatekeeping skin shades, like every white girl with a tan gets attacked nowdays even tho she might get super taned naturally in the sun. By this logic you could go to a beach in the summer in italy or somewhere in europe and cancel every girl you see there lol. I've seen girl blackfish before and it's horrible but believe me those girls do a lot more than just tan.

  6. Ada Enun

    Ada Enun16 hours ago

    I appreciate your good work REAL_HAKK on IG

  7. Ada Enun

    Ada Enun16 hours ago

    I appreciate your good work REAL_HAKK on IG

  8. Mercy Juma Official

    Mercy Juma Official16 hours ago

    Oh idle what's wrong if she's black, yellow or blue?!?!...really people?!

  9. ₩₩₩

    ₩₩₩16 hours ago

    Hmm interesting

  10. Lamelle Evan

    Lamelle Evan16 hours ago

    I remember all the stuff j lo went through with puff . She married just like j lo she went through to much with big Shawn million dollar whoop in my mouth

  11. Kavya

    Kavya16 hours ago

    Why do people keep attacking her? If not this then that. Cmmon! She even left little mix, what do people want from her!?

  12. MimiMella3

    MimiMella316 hours ago

    This must be awkward at dinners 😲 even with just the comments Travis made about Kim.

  13. caseystyles

    caseystyles16 hours ago

    WHAT WHEN?!!!!!

  14. NawalPlayss

    NawalPlayss16 hours ago

    roby? addison? NO.

  15. Thor

    Thor16 hours ago

    Game of thrones

  16. XxbubblyclxudsxX

    XxbubblyclxudsxX16 hours ago

    I don't think Jesy will ever do that

  17. Sara McManus

    Sara McManus16 hours ago

    This is the second time I've seen you drag Jesy... No need she's doing nothing wrong just leave her be!!

  18. sanskar raut

    sanskar raut16 hours ago

    being a kanye fan, I think that vmas thing was wack af! but it gave her a sales boost

  19. Saee Pant

    Saee Pant16 hours ago

    I think beyonce herself booed kanye ...😂😁

  20. Star Maloya

    Star Maloya16 hours ago

    Ariana just automatically became sister with Selena 😂 love it!

  21. tvd legacies

    tvd legacies16 hours ago

    It's poor how her own fans treat her after all things just because of way that she looks...

  22. Mirfrancis Villa

    Mirfrancis Villa16 hours ago

    Millenials really need to raise the standars, why is this girl famous? yall literally making anyone famous everytime🤦🏽‍♀️

  23. Lexi Starbuck

    Lexi Starbuck16 hours ago

    Nah, Kourtney’s the one who likes white guys, not Kim 😂

  24. Katrina *

    Katrina *16 hours ago

    And another thing, if your not from the UK then you will not have a clue where Essex is, most Essex girls use fake tan, it’s not anything racist despite what people try make it, it’s tanning because we barely get any hot weather. And as a POC I could not give a shit if Jesy puts fake tab on, or if Kim K and Bieber want to wear their hair in braids. This is why the world is in the shit it’s in, because everyone if perpetually offended. I just dislike the way Jesy used the Mental Health Card so she could go solo, anyone calling her out for ‘ Blackfishing’ is full of bull

  25. Anna Sturgis

    Anna Sturgis16 hours ago

    And Zendaya is drop dead gorgeous without make up

  26. Huawei Smart P 2019

    Huawei Smart P 201916 hours ago

    I don't get the culture inappreciation thing just because someone wants to look a certain way even if it's half-way intended to adapt to one's own cultural looks...

  27. M1sfortune fn

    M1sfortune fn16 hours ago

    She belongs to the streets

  28. Katrina *

    Katrina *16 hours ago

    I am glad she has finally been caught out, we have stuck up for her over the years but he constant attention seeking is pathetic. Considering she left LM to concentrate on her mental health, she has done the complete opposite and puts constant media story’s and photos out of her in her house every single day. She now is doing this. If she legit had a promo team WTF are they doing with her when she is getting the complete opposite reaction to what she thought would happen?

  29. Jagyaaseni

    Jagyaaseni16 hours ago

    This shows that Little Mix are so much better than 5th Harmony. They're so supportive of Jessie, while 5H downright bullied Camilla.

  30. Cypher Rhys

    Cypher Rhys16 hours ago

    My everything 😍

  31. pgftak sn

    pgftak sn16 hours ago


  32. Cavi Tenio

    Cavi Tenio16 hours ago

    Shes nothing 😇

  33. lalalalala

    lalalalala16 hours ago

    Never mess with bts, suga's stans are as savage as him they'll get back at you.

  34. ducktales

    ducktales16 hours ago

    Of course i am confused with guest list like malala ,justin ..lets keep orginal entertaining no need of msg.let it be as show

  35. Live Your Best Life -Tia

    Live Your Best Life -Tia16 hours ago

    Yo! I clicked so fast, it was scary! 👀💕... CONGRATULATIONS ARI (MRS.) & DALTON (MR.) GOMEZ!! 🥰🎊🥳👑☺🤎

  36. von Xlll

    von Xlll16 hours ago

    So awkward, and then the way she just turns and continues to talk is just making it more uncomfortable.

  37. stacey Winters

    stacey Winters16 hours ago

    Pee off with these pointless videos. I mean, does it really matter how she chooses to style herself. She is a gorgeous woman and this nonsense makes me sick. Go and get a proper job, silly moo.

  38. ronan paclibar123

    ronan paclibar12316 hours ago

    Ariana will be known as Ariana Grande-Gomez

  39. C Y

    C Y16 hours ago

    She does look mixed race, It’s actually ridiculous how she’s completely changed her skin colour!

  40. Maclean Atuhaire

    Maclean Atuhaire16 hours ago

    Let people be🙄🙄🙄

  41. Jake Wagner

    Jake Wagner16 hours ago


  42. Adna Herarasti

    Adna Herarasti17 hours ago

    and I'm waiting for jesy's return.... ❤❤❤❤

  43. Black Widow

    Black Widow17 hours ago

    I’m so glad Gabi used her platform to speak about this. Props to her

  44. Divya sree

    Divya sree17 hours ago

    I WANT EVERYONE TO READ THIS: I was a Larry shipper before I mean I still ship their friends but.. see I think that even if Larry is real(suppose) if they are coming up and saying that it isn't and this Larry thing is bothering them then as true fans we should stop shipping their relationship in that way.. but I still ship Larry (Their friendship) Cuz as loyal fans our first priority should be them

  45. Jackie Vergara

    Jackie Vergara17 hours ago

    She’s a mother but also an individual

  46. kpop rubix

    kpop rubix17 hours ago

    i feel like shes talking about ava max or madison beer

  47. coronaVILUS

    coronaVILUS17 hours ago

    Plzzzz let her make USloft... I loved her USloft... She literally changed my life... 😭😭😭

  48. James Tarrant

    James Tarrant17 hours ago

    I ship it

  49. Empire Reviews Company

    Empire Reviews Company17 hours ago

    He a bad kisser

  50. Empire Reviews Company

    Empire Reviews Company17 hours ago

    The kiss wasn't that good needs expirence

  51. Empire Reviews Company

    Empire Reviews Company17 hours ago

    That kiss was mediocre like it lacked skilled

  52. Empire Reviews Company

    Empire Reviews Company17 hours ago

    U go rae if u love it partner how dare u call love inappropriate

  53. Bindushree P

    Bindushree P17 hours ago

    Season 2

  54. jade

    jade17 hours ago

    Listen lmaoooo 😂

  55. Ann Tully-Crook

    Ann Tully-Crook17 hours ago

    How much hate are you going dole out to the woman. You all are like a pack of piranhas.

  56. Bernardo Rojas de Luna

    Bernardo Rojas de Luna17 hours ago

    Zac Efron you are a beautiful human being, blessings for you man <3

  57. Fany Apartsev-Faibyshev

    Fany Apartsev-Faibyshev17 hours ago

    I don't understand... Who thought Jesy wasn't white? So she likes tanning. If you didn't realize she's white - that's a you problem, not a her problem.

  58. arielzors

    arielzors17 hours ago

    Chill the heck out. She hasn’t done anything wrong

  59. Alina Hussain

    Alina Hussain17 hours ago

    Jesy if u see this.... I love uuuu...❤️

  60. Commies Are filth

    Commies Are filth17 hours ago

    Ok how about black people stop culturaly apropriating trying to be more white,straightening their hair and looking more westernised. Im sorry snowflakes, it works both ways as does racism. The only thing wrong jessy has done is ruin her body with all those ugly tattoos.

  61. Jocelyn Bareno

    Jocelyn Bareno17 hours ago

    The Taylor swift’s one was dumb because gurl when you sing about your ex’s is sounds like the most whitest shit ever but when they do it sounds good

  62. Judah Kuhn

    Judah Kuhn17 hours ago

    Is it just me or did it seem that he didn’t know that they were done with the kiss. Addison was just like ok we’re done now and he was like oh ok. Ok just me

  63. Beluga whale

    Beluga whale17 hours ago

    I'm fully black and I don't see anything wrong with white people having curly hair, locs or whatever I mean we also straighten our hair and no one say's we are "whitefishing" I think people should just mind their own business let people do what they want, develop their own style and have fun with it as long as they are respectful and not hurting anyone. Personally I don't see anything wrong with what Justin Bieber or Jesy Nelson did it's not like they said they were black and even if they did it doesn't matter because they are genuinely nice people and not racist. People should stop with the nonsense of creating new words that don't make sense to cancel people. I mean grow up I hate this cancel culture nonsense.

  64. Halie B

    Halie B17 hours ago

    I can relate to this, my name is Halie and it's pronounced "Hey-lee" but everyone always pronounces it "Hal-lee". It's so frustrating.

  65. Anvi agarwal

    Anvi agarwal17 hours ago

    Olivia, Joshua, Shawn & Harry all in one! It couldn't get any better! Just ONE DIRECTION coming back would...

  66. Joel Rosario

    Joel Rosario17 hours ago

    She’s right

  67. Rusty Jem

    Rusty Jem17 hours ago

    “One day I'll walk down the aisle Holding hands with my mama I'll be thanking my dad 'Cause she grew from the drama Only wanna do it once, real bad Gon' make that shit last God forbid something happens” Thank you, Next - Ariana Grande

  68. Robert Wallace

    Robert Wallace17 hours ago

    My heart is broken. My girlfriend of 3 years left me yesterday. She said i am socially akward, ugly and my jimmy is way to big. Also i work 60hrs weekly and she said im lazy. I thought we were soulmates but reality is a bih.

  69. Knoah Webb

    Knoah Webb17 hours ago

    Once again, Twitter making a huge deal about something negligible and creating drama out of it. Cancerous culture.

  70. Alicia Kidd

    Alicia Kidd17 hours ago

    How did I miss that she was engaged now shes married wow

  71. ur local _hoe.

    ur local _hoe.17 hours ago

    I personally don't think Jesy was blackfishing as it's kind of a trend to be tanned, and as for those "mixers" who assumed Jesy was biracial should at least done a little research on it before labeling themselves as MixERs.

  72. Rusty Jem

    Rusty Jem17 hours ago

    Remember when she said “Plus, I met someone else We havin' better discussions I know they say I move on too fast But this one gon' last” Guess what?? It lasted Congratulations Ariana 🥺

  73. Antonija

    Antonija17 hours ago

    I immediately thought of Ava Max 😂 I'm curious who it was 🙈

  74. Karishma

    Karishma18 hours ago

    *I'm a hundred percent sure this is just a publicity stunt*

  75. Sophie K Davis

    Sophie K Davis18 hours ago

    I can see people saying but as a blk person I wear my weaves and hair straight. Lol. This makes me laugh and just shows how uneducated we are on social biases, coloursim, texturism and conditioning. For centuries black women and men are told natural curly, kinky hair is unacceptable. We are turned down important job roles, especially in entertainment industry etc due to our names, complexions and hair if we quote on quote don't have "good hair". You can literally look at magazines and UK TV primarily now you're telling me black fishing is acceptable. It doesn't make sense, so let's make it make sense. It's deemed more acceptable as its taking the features from someone that's considered less desirable and putting it on someone like a kardashian and labelling it beautiful. Please black people commenting on this in disagreement please wake up and if you are wearing weaves all time like I used to till I went natural then there's a problem not only mindset wise but think economically. Even LeighAnns documentary highlights some of these issues. You are just basically gas lighting.

  76. Shirt Dirt

    Shirt Dirt18 hours ago

    Awkward zoomers trying to convince the world they are having hot sex. When in reality they're just TikTokers playing Fortnite.

  77. icyvibes

    icyvibes18 hours ago

    Celebrities need to stop talking about their points of view on certain topics like this when they go out and are safe in their mansions

  78. T-Virus Terrance

    T-Virus Terrance18 hours ago

    Hello, Humans. Did you know - Daniel Radcliffe was allergic to his Harry Potter glasses? TERRANCE OUT

  79. rashmi hemali Lewkebandara

    rashmi hemali Lewkebandara18 hours ago

    Does that mean it's Ariana Gomez now??? Wow time does fly 😢

  80. 死は私の願いです

    死は私の願いです18 hours ago

    why am i here fking hate em all