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  1. Sahra Same

    Sahra Same22 hours ago


  2. Matthew Hagner

    Matthew Hagner22 hours ago

    Patrick was right on the money, people praised it too much because it was from a celeb that they are fans of. Gotta keep it 💯 and yes his products are better pertaining to application and sustainability for long wear.

  3. Lily Yue

    Lily Yue22 hours ago

    I don’t think Noah is that good looking

  4. kurnia sandi

    kurnia sandi22 hours ago

    She's just another one hit wonder lmao

  5. Hairy Witch

    Hairy Witch22 hours ago

    So where are the guys that shot Ryan? So where is the reward for the guys that shot Ryan?

  6. Катерина Таро

    Катерина Таро22 hours ago


  7. Ceili High

    Ceili High23 hours ago

    Pete Davidson is so many girls' crush, at this point just pick one🤣

  8. Lori

    Lori23 hours ago

    If harry can wear it, why can't noah?

  9. Lori

    Lori23 hours ago

    His face in the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Naomi Tatu

    Naomi Tatu23 hours ago

    idc that noah wore female clothings. what annoys me is that he’s like “fuck gender norms” and shit when not that long ago he and his buddies created trends mocking femininity. and when people told him to stop, he didn’t, he waited until his stupid “trend” died down to stop, and i dont think he ever apologized to those he mocked with his trend. its just hypocritical

  11. Rock star Dude

    Rock star Dude23 hours ago

    Noah BECK can do no wrong.... his lilith is in scorpio HE CAN'T SAY NO.... 👽alien says Gemini conspiracy theory rules the media

  12. Chloe Smith

    Chloe Smith23 hours ago

    Ezra is jealous 💀

  13. Bobbie Bryan

    Bobbie Bryan23 hours ago

    I just want the best for her 🥰 the show will still be great I’m sure, I’m happy she is loving herself and enjoying life as she should 💕

  14. Chloe Smith

    Chloe Smith23 hours ago

    She really pulled an aria 💀

  15. Oyin Osolo

    Oyin Osolo23 hours ago

    Bye he can wear what ever he wants to like 😑😑

  16. Kate Reinertsen

    Kate Reinertsen23 hours ago

    He literally said neighbor

  17. Me We

    Me We23 hours ago

    I mean....okay

  18. Arlette Hahn

    Arlette Hahn23 hours ago

    yall see Hollywood fix comment bro

  19. Me We

    Me We23 hours ago

    He is not Harry and Noah is GAY smh try to prove me wrong. Stop giving people who put people lives in danger and say racist stuff clout, leave the "baiting" to Harry.

  20. Riser

    Riser23 hours ago

    ugh these kinds of comments make me sick , MALES CAN WHERE WHATEVER THEY WANT nuff said

  21. Moon Kitty

    Moon Kitty23 hours ago

    If a girl can wear fishnets and heels, then guys can too- a guy wearing something stereotypically 'feminine' doesn't automatically define his sexuality.

  22. BrandonL Rushman

    BrandonL Rushman23 hours ago

    I think we all cringe when we think of our teenage years! 😂 I have so much respect for her. 👏🏻💚👏🏻💚👏🏻 Huge fan of her podcast. ❤️

  23. Kriti Pachurkar

    Kriti Pachurkar23 hours ago

    Can't people stop comparing and degrading people's image... Men should be allowed to wear whatever they want... Some people would never change... *Sigh *

  24. Faraz Ansari

    Faraz Ansari23 hours ago


  25. Carrie Davis

    Carrie Davis23 hours ago

    Straight men should be able to wear whatever tf they want. It's called challenging gender roles. You don't have to be queer to wear heels.

  26. YTKAYY

    YTKAYY23 hours ago

    im sorry i cant with the hollywood fix's comments they rlly said "how to i find larry in these comments"

  27. horosorsa

    horosorsa23 hours ago


  28. McKenzie Bittel

    McKenzie Bittel23 hours ago

    i love this, iconic!!

  29. psychobillycadillac

    psychobillycadillac23 hours ago

    I think going through a little public punishment causes these pseudo-celebs to either grow or go. I mean I would argue Kim Kardashian has thrived mentally due to the shit talking of all, she’s a danm lawyer now and has actually used her celebrity to get a bit better

  30. Kriti Pachurkar

    Kriti Pachurkar23 hours ago

    Okay... Whyyy!!!!???😞😞

  31. Douglas Armstrong

    Douglas Armstrong23 hours ago

    u bait as long & as much as you want!

  32. Sahra Same

    Sahra Same23 hours ago

    Camila ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥💃

  33. Kitty Omeima

    Kitty Omeima23 hours ago

    2020 was the worst

  34. kaley

    kaley23 hours ago

    y’all are so dramatic pls

  35. TheSuirad

    TheSuirad23 hours ago


  36. AAS SXIIG3207

    AAS SXIIG320723 hours ago

    yah afterall he is ari's ex 👀✌

  37. Kiki J.

    Kiki J.23 hours ago

    Just because you hate your body doesn’t mean you should hate on hers

  38. Jyoti Rawat

    Jyoti Rawat23 hours ago

    m indian and it wasn't offensive at all 😐...

  39. hermantel Bo

    hermantel Bo23 hours ago

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  40. hermantel Bo

    hermantel Bo23 hours ago

    Everything she says is true. On a quantum level, we all can be connected. There is only one universal conciousness

  41. Vivian M.

    Vivian M.23 hours ago

    Leave them alone 😭

  42. Emma Tyson

    Emma Tyson23 hours ago

    Can’t imagine anyone else that would’ve pulled the part off as well as Josh did!

  43. Khalid Mohamed

    Khalid Mohamed23 hours ago

    Title: *"Emma Watson RESPONDS to J.K. Rowling!* Daniel Radcliffe, Eddie Raymane and Evanna Lynch: *Am I a joke to you?*

  44. Wazeem Ahamed

    Wazeem Ahamed23 hours ago


  45. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls23 hours ago

    Not that guy, not another older guy

  46. Kirsten A

    Kirsten A23 hours ago

    She was out there acting like a thug and he made jokes about it. She can save the tears.

  47. Mbita Acoustic Guitar

    Mbita Acoustic Guitar23 hours ago

    Oh no the ring probably is an illuminati 😯😯 Tay wants her to join the other side

  48. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls23 hours ago

    Wait so the brunette from original drivers license is Ariana?

  49. Daniel Kintigh

    Daniel Kintigh23 hours ago

    "Sexist" more like factual and true. Why is it okay for her to sing about all the men she goes through but no one else can? It's a fucking joke, lighten up

  50. Amanda Galla

    Amanda Galla23 hours ago

    Nooooooooo I love Sam plsssss I'm crying

  51. Mike Anderson

    Mike Anderson23 hours ago

    She called the country of Australia her "hometown"

  52. sir gabiru TV

    sir gabiru TVDay ago

    I don't see the issue with the joke. People are always made fun of especially celebrities, they've been making fun of her for years about how many people she runs through. Sure it was tasteless but the outrage behind it is misplaced.

  53. Alice T

    Alice TDay ago

    Who’s here in 2021

  54. Andreea Stroe

    Andreea StroeDay ago

    Nina and Ian were the best couple ever....there is something about them so special! Is it just me?

  55. Andrew Bergeron

    Andrew BergeronDay ago

    " comedian "

  56. Аниса Мирзаева

    Аниса МирзаеваDay ago

    Gigi 💪🔥🤤

  57. Jaclynn Orellana

    Jaclynn OrellanaDay ago

    Her:doesn't sound right My brain: the fuck

  58. Weronika Cygan

    Weronika CyganDay ago

    Well jessey is fat and mean so. I dont care

  59. Dereck Sanchez

    Dereck SanchezDay ago

    This makes me feel like i wanna be a scream queen devil

  60. Weronika Cygan

    Weronika CyganDay ago

    I hate littel mix so ya

  61. Suzta Pandey

    Suzta PandeyDay ago

    I can literally see 1D fandom here...proud to be a directioner ❤❤

  62. No sana,jimin No life!!

    No sana,jimin No life!!Day ago

    It's 2021,I'm looking back at all the memories we made♡army see how fan we've came:)

  63. Idhapriya

    IdhapriyaDay ago

    LOVE the comment section !!

  64. hi

    hiDay ago

    People make joke about millionaire. Women most affected.

  65. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver GarrickDay ago

    Honestly I wouldn't blame olivia Pete is a goat just like her I can see it now.

  66. T T

    T TDay ago

    Where was this energy when her Taylor Swift’s black friend trodick hall was bullied by scooter’s and kim/Kanye/demi’s fanbase when he called them all out ? Their fans bullied him with the n- word but y’all white stans were quite because todrick is black. Now y’all cancelling NeXTflix because of a joke about Taylor? Y’all white privileged weirdos....

  67. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver GarrickDay ago

    Justin beiber team did him dirty by leaking justin song hold on 😂.

  68. Maisie

    MaisieDay ago

    News reporter- are you guys a couple? Zendaya- yeah...a couple of besties Tom- *deep sadness

  69. robbie koziol

    robbie koziolDay ago

    nice bong shot yeah

  70. Kiyoko Amp

    Kiyoko AmpDay ago

    Was this just literally recommended to me after 4 years? Great.

  71. Just Love Renee

    Just Love ReneeDay ago

    she and I might actually be the same person🤣

  72. Anne Ninan

    Anne NinanDay ago

    Louis is my favourite band member. He has a bright, weird mix of immature and mature, sassy and lovable personality along with an outstanding voice that stands out as unique. You truly will never find a voice like his. I love you Lou, and if you ever read this, I hope you understand that I genuinely mean every word. Love you Louis... ❤

  73. _littlemrsfluffy_

    _littlemrsfluffy_Day ago

    I am not the best gift giver in the world, but I wouldn't send a case of wine to someone I just had on my show getting grilled about her DUI. Seems like a back handed gift in my opinion