Rihanna ENRAGES Fans For Hindu Fashion Choice!

Rihanna is sparking criticism from some fans for wearing a Hindu Pendant in a recent topless Instagram pic. Let’s get into it. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed: usloft.info/will/hHfPqWjJb6mvetw/video
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  1. Kacee Harrison

    Kacee Harrison4 days ago

    As a Christian, the amount of people that take the Cross and use it for whatever they want and never get called out for it is gross. Y'all are so ready to stick up for every religion expect Christianity. You know there are Christians who are being murdered right now for their beliefs and THIS is what you're fighting about??

  2. SeekingTruth

    SeekingTruth6 days ago

    I'm gonna be honest here. I am not defending Rihanna, but there are a lot of so called pretentious 'Hindus' who have tattoo of a Hindu god/goddess on their naked skin and nothing seems wrong. But seeing a celebrity half naked with a Hindu pendant and suddenly their whole world is on fire. What is more worse?!?

  3. Sid

    Sid8 days ago

    yeah sorry religion is not an aesthetic

  4. Spiritual Cat Lover

    Spiritual Cat Lover9 days ago

    Rihanna, Give Them Your Sweet Azz To Kiss......... Rock whatever YOU choose to Rock. They don't seem to mind the Satanic Sh*t. Do You Girl..

  5. avani eve

    avani eve21 hour ago

    Wtf it's not your religion so sthu

  6. Spiritual Cat Lover

    Spiritual Cat Lover7 days ago

    @Show Time That was the point...

  7. Show Time

    Show Time8 days ago

    Rihanna is satanic her self

  8. James Shanti-Strother

    James Shanti-Strother10 days ago

    She was probably just wearing it before the shoot... people love to go ham 😂😅

  9. Renee Smith

    Renee Smith11 days ago

    Riri ❤️😊😩😯let’s stay away from all things Islamic and Hindu ok 🙄 cause you’re getting them mad....again I swear this world is nothing but a mad world ok honey 💯💯💯. 🙄

  10. Renee Smith

    Renee Smith11 days ago

    Rihanna looks so hot yes when I saw this pick on Instagram I was like oh my 😱

  11. avani eve

    avani eve21 hour ago

    She disrespected a whole religion

  12. Saanvi Nalavde

    Saanvi Nalavde11 days ago

    Clothing is subjective to that time, place and culture. She can wear whatever she wants, but the photoshoot in front of a Hindu temple was unnecessary. No one's saying that she should drape a saree and enter the temple. It's just that it was of no significance to shoot in front of a temple. Just like there is a dress code at work and in school, there is a similar one in religious places. If you don't want to follow them, just don't go there. She could have clicked that picture anywhere else, but why in a temple? More than offensive, I feel that the whole Ganesha necklace and temple photoshoot was quite unnecessary.

  13. D M

    D M11 days ago

    hinduism is NOT a religion; these indians are getting pissed over an elephant god! Do educated, indians actually believe in this bs?

  14. Varshini Satish

    Varshini Satish12 days ago

    She apologised for hurting Muslim sentiments... when is she gonna do the same for hindus??

  15. Rayneika McCallum

    Rayneika McCallum12 days ago

    As a Jamaican this patios reading making me cringe sooo badly😂😂😂

  16. Renee Smith

    Renee Smith11 days ago

    Hahaha 😆 same it was entertaining to hear Emile speak it though 😁.

  17. Heya

    Heya13 days ago

    disrespecting a culture? triple check.

  18. Heya

    Heya13 days ago

    smh it's not pronounced as Ganeesha it's GanAsha

  19. Zòè Fezius

    Zòè Fezius13 days ago

    Yeah, modern times. People get offended by everything. She wears a necklace without doing anything related to make a connection which could offend anyone - how evil. When i think about Madonna actually messing with christianity. It's a free world, people can wear what they want, people can be offended if they want. But clearly the people playing offended are the ones with the wrong mindset, wanting to controll other people without reasoning. This new agenda by people searching for things they can be offended by - being female, skin colored, religious- without even being attacked or adressed to, makes one really dream of the good old times. Live and let live. A real thing. Be happy enjoy life. And not pressure other for no reasoning.

  20. avani eve

    avani eve21 hour ago

    It not just a necklace it's our god on it and if it's not your religion and know anything about it just don't post or speak about it

  21. Alissa Herzog

    Alissa Herzog12 days ago

    say this louder

  22. Victor 7

    Victor 714 days ago

    I don't even know what's the necklaces about. Like I literally don't know the sign of the necklace.

  23. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind11 days ago

    if *YOU* don’t know the importance of that it your fault and *YOUR* unawareness....for me, *A HINDU, THE SHRUOD OF TURIN IS JUST A CLOTH WITH A WATER-MARK* ...doesn’t mean I have the right to disrespect it....YOU AS NON HINDUS DO NOT HAVE A SAY IN WHAT IS OFFENSIVE AND WHAT ISN’T....IS IT THAT DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND

  24. Alissa Herzog

    Alissa Herzog12 days ago

    SAME LMAO that’s why I didn’t understand at first why ppl were mad

  25. Kororo Pocoro

    Kororo Pocoro14 days ago

    A Religious necklace is disrespectful yet temples sells, magnets, cups, plates, shirts and many other stuff with same images. Majority of people who complained about this aren't even Hindi. They're offended by this? Well they're fucking weaklings maybe they should go to school and be educated so they'll know that god isn't real.

  26. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind11 days ago

    About time you realise that HINDI IS A *LANGUAGE* HINDUISM IS A *RELIGION*

  27. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind11 days ago

    This kids.... is an example of why you should not have unprotected sex

  28. Rowan James

    Rowan James14 days ago


  29. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    Rihanna wears a necklace with a Hindu goddess: cancel her I point out Islamic countries are extremely dangerous for lgbtq people: NOPE YOURE WRONG YOURE CANCELLED STOP BASHING ISLAM If we’re going to make the world better we have to point out everything that is wrong with things especially religions


    SUMAIYA ZAMAN14 days ago

    Every religion has its faults. These faults don't mean that they should be blatantly disrespected.

  31. YagizDarcyHealer

    YagizDarcyHealer14 days ago

    Unfortunately the way you keep conflating Hinduism and Islam by inserting the treatment of LGBTQ people in Islamic countries in a discussion about Hinduism makes it seem as if you are bunching different groups together just because both religions happen to have a following of mostly brown people. You must know Hinduism and Islam are two very different religions whose followers have historically not gotten along .

  32. 246 Madridista

    246 Madridista15 days ago

    People in today's world are just way to easily offended 🥱 so what she had on some necklace how and why the fuck should that annoy you....😒go pray to your god and give thanks....🙄

  33. Reanne Lasrado

    Reanne Lasrado15 days ago

    How was she supposed to know

  34. True

    True15 days ago

    I thought this at first but if something had an obvious religious/cultural symbolism on it I’d probably pick up my phone and google what it was. It doesn’t take that long to do research. She could have literally had the necklace in one hand and her phone in the other, it’s not like she would have had to walk all the way to a library to get a book.

  35. Shruti Dubey

    Shruti Dubey15 days ago

    The white people in the comment section are being just toxic as hell rn. You people are treating it as a necklace. When will you people stop being so ignorant. Even if she doesn't knew about this people are constantly calling her out but did she apologized.....did she took down the picture. IF YOU ARE NOT HINDU THEN JUST SHUT UP.

  36. Kel Pettrone

    Kel Pettrone15 days ago

    People are offended by everything!!

  37. Dipesh Panta

    Dipesh Panta14 days ago

    @Food 1Upper no one needs to know that

  38. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @Shruti Dubey I’m gay

  39. Shruti Dubey

    Shruti Dubey15 days ago

    Shut up if you don't know anything about this. Stop being so ignorant

  40. Harish Kumar Parmar

    Harish Kumar Parmar15 days ago

    Although I love her but as a Hindu, I can't stand this...

  41. momo chan

    momo chan12 days ago

    @aiidanz this is why people say she needs to educate herself on the matter. It is like white people sporting box braids when it is culturally inappropriate and offensive to the black community. That is not okay and This isn't either. I'm glad hindus are speaking up about this and educating us that is ignorant to it so we won't do it in the future. ❤️

  42. Zuhra Ahmadi

    Zuhra Ahmadi12 days ago

    @Food 1Upper Know one takes you serious x 🤓

  43. aiidanz

    aiidanz13 days ago

    @Harish Kumar Parmar But did she know it was referencing Hindu or did she just think it was a cute necklace? Hell, I just thought it was a cute necklace. I’ve never heard of this deity, so I doubt she would have either.

  44. Harish Kumar Parmar

    Harish Kumar Parmar13 days ago

    @Food 1Upper i get it, but i don't have anything to say 'bout the pic or the way she dresses but the deal is she wore a necklace with a pendant of "lord Ganesha" on it in a topless picture... WHICH IS NOT APPROPRIATE imo.

  45. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    She’s not Hindu it doesn’t matter just like non Muslim women don’t have to dress modestly like Muslim women

  46. Spandy Taylor Swift

    Spandy Taylor Swift15 days ago

    This is disrespectful

  47. S'yy Jacobs

    S'yy Jacobs13 days ago

    @Food 1Upper exactly bro ppl mad childish an i hope rihanna dont apologize

  48. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @True the problem with defending those countries is when an lgbtq person is killed in the United States for being gay and there’s protests because the United States is massively accepting (in comparison to the Middle East) of lgbtq people but when a person is fucking accused of being gay in the Middle East people will drag them out and behead them it happens every day there

  49. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @True no I do I’m atheist but the kkk isn’t as big as what’s going on in the Middle East quit deflecting we need to hold everyone including Islamic countries accountable

  50. True

    True15 days ago

    @Food 1Upper There are homophobic Christians. They’re called the KKK. I don’t see you complaining about them. Also please don’t twist my words nowhere did I say it wasn’t there fault. But you have to realise homophobia didn’t exists in most countries till the british empire imposed these ideals on everyone. It’s not right that it still goes on, I’m gay and I don’t like knowing that there are people murdering gays because it’s against the law in a lot of countries but that’s literally no reason to attack someone’s religion. Instead you should be attacking the laws of that country, which has nothing to do with the conversation about what’s going on right now.

  51. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @True the country of Brunei enacted an Islamic law making it legal to flog and stone LGBTQ people to death. And it’s not the only country to have the death penalty on the books: A few others include Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iran. According to Equaldex, a range of gay activities are illegal in 71 countries.

  52. Raj Sharma

    Raj Sharma15 days ago

    She’s shit , she’s don’t this many times . With Muslims and their hijab and now this. She just wants attention lol. Like there’s no other topic to incorporate in fashion than religion lol. If she has such a big team of people working for her , why not spend some money to educate yourself? It’s clear she doesn’t care about people’s sentiments. So we have right to call her shit.

  53. Daniel Ewenkhare

    Daniel Ewenkhare15 days ago


  54. Ingrid Nicolau

    Ingrid Nicolau15 days ago

    I love Rihanna but I get why people are mad

  55. Claude Carter

    Claude Carter15 days ago

    My thoughts on this Ri Ri should educate herself more about religions so that she doesn't offend people just a suggestion .

  56. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @True You honestly think killing lgbtq people in Syria and Afghanistan and Islam as a religion aren’t connected

  57. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @True Islam also has fewer divorces than Christianity because of domestic abuse

  58. True

    True15 days ago

    @Food 1Upper Christianity exists in countries where it’s legal to be gay. Why do you think Middle Eastern countries can not do the same? You can complain about the law in a country without attacking an entire community for their religion. You can change the law even if you don’t change people’s religious beliefs. You’re talking about human rights, which yes religion doesn’t have a great understanding of. But human rights is a law act meant to protect humans, your problem is with the law not the religion.

  59. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    The problem is if people educate themselves about certain regions and the regions the follow those religions they might not respect them anymore which is why people defend Islam and it’s countries

  60. True

    True15 days ago

    I also think people giving her backlash should only be doing so if they know about the history behind the necklace. If someone only knows that it’s offensive but not why, instead of drowning out the people who are trying to educate, we should hype up their posts so more people see and learn.

  61. Yasmine

    Yasmine15 days ago

    disappointed but not surprised

  62. OBG gamer

    OBG gamer15 days ago

    Celebrity: breathes People: that’s offensive get cancelled

  63. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind11 days ago

    @Food 1Upper that’s not OUR fault...that DOES NOT justify ANYTHING

  64. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @Shruti Dubey if it was a cross nobody would say shit

  65. Shruti Dubey

    Shruti Dubey15 days ago

    But this is clearly offensive. Disrespecting our culture and values like this is offensive. She did a mistake and people are constantly calling her out she should atleast apologize

  66. glow cute

    glow cute15 days ago

    Someone needs to CONFISCATE that necklace because she clearly doesn’t know when to wear it.

  67. avani eve

    avani eve21 hour ago

    It's not your religion and something that you don't know just don't post or comment about it

  68. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    It’s hers tho can’t take it

  69. Savannah Bethea Music

    Savannah Bethea Music15 days ago

    How bout when people wear a crown of thorns...

  70. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    to me that goddess necklace is just a necklace just like to me the Quran and bible are just books not everybody has to believe in what you do and shouldn’t be held the respect a religion they don’t even believe in I’m not saying curse them out or taunt them but it’s just a necklace

  71. avani eve

    avani eve21 hour ago

    It's not your religion and something you know so don't talk about it

  72. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @Maker Re-Upload no why?

  73. Maker Re-Upload

    Maker Re-Upload15 days ago

    Can you shut up

  74. Saraiskies L.

    Saraiskies L.15 days ago

    I saw a thing about how a hindu in Indonesia said Hinduism can be considered a practice rather than a religion and that according to them that it is not actually offensive to for example have a tattoo of a hindu figure or in this case its wearing a necklace. Please dont get angry at me but this was an observation from a literal hindu.

  75. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind11 days ago

    @Saraiskies L. dude read all of them there’s A *CLEAR MAJORITY OF US WHO ARE OFFENDED* ...

  76. M

    M15 days ago

    @aashna gupta thank you for the detailed back story. By far the best explanation. Understandable. I can see where this can upset Hindus. Although, I am aware of some of its practice. I find the gods, statues, culture and icons beautiful.. yeah I get it... to pose semi naked... hmmm

  77. Saraiskies L.

    Saraiskies L.15 days ago

    @aashna gupta I get that but there are Hindu people in the comments saying that Rihanna wasn't being offensive. But thanks for the reply, I just think that if she doesn't mean to offend and that her intentions were to admire the necklace and have it stand out then that probably doesnt warrant a lot of hate

  78. aashna gupta

    aashna gupta15 days ago

    Uhhh...I am a proud proud Hindu and Hinduism can ACTUALLY be seen as a way of life rather than a religion...there’s NOTHING wrong in that...you CAN also get tattoos and even wears them as a pendant...it’s FINE...but what she did was utter disrespect first of Hinduism doesn’t support standing there half naked and POSING for a photo shoot...in Hinduism we’re cautious about the way we dress is respectful...and we do not appreciate the use of a literal lord Ganesha idol as an accessory...When WE wear a pendant it carries religious values with it and it’s basic decency to handle it with respect If she just covered herself....even if she wore like a cropped top with those shorts...IT WAS FINE but posing in a naked photoshoot with such a pious thing dangling from your neck was very offensive...especially in a religion which doesn’t believe in exposing their body... I hope u understood and it wasn’t rude or anything

  79. Princess of Linphea

    Princess of Linphea15 days ago


  80. Lazy Lacy

    Lazy Lacy15 days ago

    Should have wear a cross they wouldnt have cared. I dont agree with the choice girl. 😪

  81. Show Time

    Show Time8 days ago

    But if was to wear the cross upside down 😜 y'all would be mad

  82. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    It is ok to disrespect Christians

  83. glow cute

    glow cute15 days ago

    I lost my respect for Rihanna I actually have lost energy enough to say anything about this anymore.

  84. Show Time

    Show Time8 days ago

    Me too

  85. jamz walkz

    jamz walkz15 days ago

    Not Emilio saying “popcan” it’s pronounced popcawn 🤣🤣🤣 it’s cool though .

  86. Renee Smith

    Renee Smith11 days ago

    Ok yes exactly I was like it popcawn as in popcorn honey 😶😁 it’s funny hearing him speak that patois too😁.

  87. Rowan James

    Rowan James14 days ago


  88. Daniel Ewenkhare

    Daniel Ewenkhare15 days ago

    Ikr, besides he happens to be of Jamaican descent

  89. Sidra Agha

    Sidra Agha15 days ago

    First disrespected Islam and now hinduism. She and her workers should really look into things

  90. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    country of Brunei enacted an Islamic law making it legal to flog and stone LGBTQ people to death. And it’s not the only country to have the death penalty on the books: A few others include Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iran. According to Equaldex, a range of gay activities are illegal in 71 countries. I don’t feel bad tbh especially as a gay man

  91. RiTheReaper

    RiTheReaper15 days ago

    As someone who’s Hindu, she needs to learn about religion. If she had worn the Ganesha necklace with the right clothing it would’ve been fine in my opinion but to just have it on while half naked tryna have it as a fashion statement? Not cool with me

  92. Addison Rae Fanpage

    Addison Rae Fanpage15 days ago


  93. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind15 days ago


  94. Neha Rachel

    Neha Rachel15 days ago

    Ganesha is an important God in the Hindu religion. Its not about the necklace, its pretty common in India. Its about how the necklace was used.... I personally dont think its offensive if she wore the necklace with an appropriate outfit.

  95. momo chan

    momo chan12 days ago

    @Food 1Upper lol u are in every comment throwing hate. it is ok to know or see that your favourite artist has problems or issues. They are normal human being. People make mistakes. We should hope for them to grow and take accountability when they did something wrong. I don't believe in cancel culture as it is toxic anyway 🤷

  96. Neha Rachel

    Neha Rachel15 days ago

    @Food 1Upper ........... okay 'elephant lady' is so very wrong.

  97. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @Raj Sharma then you can’t say what is culturally important to a non Hindu if she doesn’t believe she doesn’t have to follow your “sacred” text

  98. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @Neha Rachel because elephant ladies are cool

  99. Neha Rachel

    Neha Rachel15 days ago

    @Food 1Upper Then why own it in the first place? She doesn't have to be a believer, but she has to respect it. Especially considering the fact that she's a public figure with fans from all over the world.

  100. Tanya Gupta

    Tanya Gupta15 days ago

    What the fuck is HINDU FASHION? Did you mean Indian Fash-?

  101. Saikyou

    Saikyou15 days ago

    The way you pronounced 'Popcaan' be killing me😂 🇯🇲 greetings from the Caribbean

  102. Devine Mattis

    Devine Mattis13 days ago

    And when he was reading the caption? 😭😭😭😭😭 I can't 😂

  103. Eduardo Jecari

    Eduardo Jecari15 days ago

    The problem with today’s society is that people have become SUPER SENSITIVE, let people choose whatever they want to wear, Rihanna is a free spirit and she can do whatever she wants, we all make mistakes. Smh everyone wants to be so politically right and religiously right now a days but don’t practice what they preach themselves bunch of HYPOCRITES!! 😂

  104. Varthini Us

    Varthini Us10 days ago

    @Eduardo Jecari please don't consider yourself a hindu

  105. Alissa Herzog

    Alissa Herzog12 days ago


  106. Jay Williams

    Jay Williams14 days ago

    @Eduardo Jecari If you read my comment carefully you would have realised youre directing all this energy to the wrong person cause I wasnt disagreeing with anything you said in the first comment

  107. Eduardo Jecari

    Eduardo Jecari14 days ago

    @Varthini Us whatever opinions others might have shouldn’t affect you in any way you are way too sensitive, it’s like white people telling other people from other countries not to speak English because it’s their language, pretty silly isn’t it?? 😂🤣

  108. Eduardo Jecari

    Eduardo Jecari14 days ago

    @Jay Williams I’m Hindu what are you speaking about? If Rihanna wears a Ganesha necklace is that offensive how does that affect your daily living? Or does it affect the way you walk? Lol 😂 she is only stating she worships Ganesha probably more than most of us Hindu people 😂🙏🏼

  109. pikaagirl

    pikaagirl15 days ago

    Rhianna is really messing with religion. First Islam and now Hinduism

  110. Emin Zec

    Emin Zec14 days ago

    Food 1Upper when you stop categorizing about 2 billion people as hateful based on the actions of a few, someone might take you seriously

  111. Tima

    Tima15 days ago

    @Food 1Upper for wearing a hijab in a porn vedio which is completely against our religion so she deserved the critisim but the death threats is way too far.

  112. Draw with Raaz

    Draw with Raaz15 days ago

    What is your Islam when 9/11

  113. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    When Muslims stop attacking Mia khalifa I’ll feel bad

  114. glow cute

    glow cute15 days ago


  115. Cliffy Paíge

    Cliffy Paíge15 days ago

    People are way to sensitive, comedians can’t even make jokes in this generation without someone getting offended

  116. aashna gupta

    aashna gupta15 days ago

    Okay so my religious sentiment is equal to a joke?? You as non Hindus DO NOT GET TO SAY WHAT IS JUSTIFIED AND WHAT IS NOT.....ITS NOT YOUR CALL TO TAKE

  117. Nyla Williams

    Nyla Williams15 days ago

    Man how many times has this girl been accused of cultural appropriation

  118. Nyla Williams

    Nyla Williams11 days ago

    @Alissa Herzog Yeah that was just in the past few months but what about in the years before

  119. Alissa Herzog

    Alissa Herzog12 days ago

    2 times lol

  120. Anwesha Mohanty

    Anwesha Mohanty12 days ago

    @Food 1Upper it is. Not just a necklace pal, there's a reason why people are offended by her wearing it.

  121. Zuhra Ahmadi

    Zuhra Ahmadi14 days ago

    @Food 1Upper What does Islam has to do with Rihanna disrespecting Hinduism? This has nothing to do with Islam.

  122. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @True if you’re allowed to be offended by the elephant necklace then I’m allowed to be offended by Islam’s treatment of lgbtq people ok cool 🏳️‍🌈

  123. v Queen

    v Queen15 days ago

    To all the those people saying "it's just a necklace" you're not a Hindu don't tell us what that necklace means to us. Stfu and move on

  124. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick15 days ago

    Maybe Rihanna did not know she wearing the hindu necklace so It not my business because I'm black 🤦🏽‍♂️so gonna sit this one out

  125. Zuhra Ahmadi

    Zuhra Ahmadi4 days ago

    @Aisha Mohamed I know she disrespected Islam and the Muslim community read the comments before you call me dumb...

  126. Aisha Mohamed

    Aisha Mohamed8 days ago

    @Zuhra Ahmadi you dumb she disprected them to

  127. Alissa Herzog

    Alissa Herzog11 days ago

    @Mega Mind and u dont need to exaggerate, i replied to 4 or 5 comments

  128. Alissa Herzog

    Alissa Herzog11 days ago

    @Mega Mind well thats what fans do, dumbass

  129. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind11 days ago


  130. L S

    L S15 days ago

    Lmao as a Buddhist, I hate that everyone uses the Buddha in restaurants, aesthetics and even in bathrooms. More buddhists need to be Louder to stop making Buddha a fashion trend !!

  131. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @L S can we go to war over it?

  132. L S

    L S15 days ago

    @Mega Mind absolutely agreed. Christians and Muslim’s make such a fuss when their religion is used out of context and yet we just sit and let it happen. I’m happy the Hindus spoke against Rihanna’s necklace! 🙏🏽

  133. L S

    L S15 days ago

    @Cademan Caden I’m sorry? And who are you to tell? Are you Buddhist? You think we just sit under trees and meditate? You’re asking me to not be aggressive because it’s not Buddhist of me, yet I’m suppose to watch uncultured people like you use my statues and symbols in restaurants and spas?? Please. Sit down

  134. Varthini Us

    Varthini Us15 days ago

    @Mega Mind true

  135. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind15 days ago

    I as a Hindu FULLY SUPPORT YOU....our religions hv become SO INDEFERENT AND SO TOLERANT...ITS TOXIC

  136. Angel wears prada

    Angel wears prada15 days ago

    In her position she should be more careful about religions. They used a Quran verse as their music on the podium walk , which is very wrong in Islam. Later they apologized and I see that they still do not take religious values ​​seriously.

  137. Knez Fikol

    Knez Fikol7 days ago

    In Western culture it is completely alright to mock their religion, which is watered down Christianity. They pose nude next to crosses, do all sorts of things. Western culture is desensitized of any form of respect for religion(s). However that is not an excuse. She should educate herself more.

  138. Emin Zec

    Emin Zec14 days ago

    Kororo Pocoro religion really is not. First of all it’s a human right which needs to be protected. Second of all, religion is not bad. It’s the twisting bad using religion to justify one’s actions which lie outside the religion itself that is bad. Basically, religion is not bad, humans are.

  139. Kororo Pocoro

    Kororo Pocoro14 days ago

    @Emin Zec religion is the problem.

  140. Emin Zec

    Emin Zec14 days ago

    Food 1Upper while it’s horrible any sort of discrimation or killing occurs around the world, by endorsing discrimination in other aspects you’re making yourself part of the problem. You are associating disrespecting a whole religion of about 2 billion people with an progressive view of gay rights?

  141. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    the country of Brunei enacted an Islamic law making it legal to flog and stone LGBTQ people to death. And it’s not the only country to have the death penalty on the books: A few others include Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iran. According to Equaldex, a range of gay activities are illegal in 71 countries. As a gay man I don’t feel bad 🏳️‍🌈 🤷🏾‍♂️

  142. Minx Hill

    Minx Hill15 days ago

    I don’t know about y’all but Aneesa’s looking good!😱

  143. Renee Smith

    Renee Smith11 days ago

    Right that’s some necklace alright. 😶

  144. High Priestess Angelique

    High Priestess Angelique15 days ago

    Embrace your Divine Feminine Sovereignty

  145. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind15 days ago

    God she NEEDS to stay away from India Rn...she’s LITERALLY INTERFERING IN SOMETHINGshe shouldn’t first the toolkit thing along with Greta and now this...she’s literally getting out of her fûcking place

  146. That's the Tea

    That's the Tea15 days ago

    People are just so sensitive these days 🙄 (and hateful for no reason) She probably didn't know this, but instead of educating her, y'all are quick to cancel her and hate on her.

  147. Alissa Herzog

    Alissa Herzog11 days ago

    @anandita dixit she hasnt posted in almost a week lmao, she didnt continue

  148. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind11 days ago


  149. OBG gamer

    OBG gamer15 days ago

    @anandita dixit maybe she just isn’t online maybe she just doesn’t go on ig 24/7 and find something to hate on like y’all do but mean she is a superstar after all

  150. OBG gamer

    OBG gamer15 days ago

    Exactly smh

  151. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind15 days ago


  152. 123 456

    123 45615 days ago

    let’s be honest... she probably didn’t even know what the necklace means. huge celebs like her have stylists and people who prepare their outfit so she probably didn’t do it knowingly. and she already explained the fashion show incident-

  153. Meghana

    Meghana10 days ago

    @Alissa Herzog backstabbing?do you even know the meaning of backstabbing?second we want her to own up to her mistake and then at least half the hate will go,Yes some hate will remain but that's how the internet is,I'll definitely forgive her if she apologises,but are you hindu?if you are not then i don't think you should be speaking on this

  154. Alissa Herzog

    Alissa Herzog10 days ago

    @Meghana how should she apologize if yall keep hating and backstabbing her? i think she lerned her lesson, bc how yk she hasnt been active for over a week. maybe she will apolgize, the time will come

  155. Alissa Herzog

    Alissa Herzog10 days ago

    @Meghana well, u dont know that so chill

  156. Meghana

    Meghana10 days ago

    @Alissa Herzog yeah,I don't think she is genuinely sorry if she can't say sorry by now

  157. Alissa Herzog

    Alissa Herzog10 days ago

    @Meghana ofc i hope she will apologize or at least say something

  158. Катерина Таро

    Катерина Таро15 days ago


  159. tae kookies

    tae kookies15 days ago

    People on internet are so jobless smh

  160. Show Time

    Show Time8 days ago

    @Food 1Upper what the hell

  161. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind11 days ago

    @tae kookies you didn’t even understand what I was trying to say...you called all the internet users jobless as if you aren’t one of them.... boi you’re *HERE COMMENTING ABOUT SOMETHING YOU DON’T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT* ....you’re the one whose pointless here..🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  162. Alissa Herzog

    Alissa Herzog12 days ago

    yeah ur right. As if they don’t have their own problems like wtf

  163. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @v Queen I’m a gay Hindu I’m drastically offended by this

  164. v Queen

    v Queen15 days ago

    @tae kookies half of them are not even Hindus. Calm down. And the reason she was dragged was because Hindus felt it was offensive.

  165. luna Gibbs

    luna Gibbs16 days ago

    It's a necklace. A NECKLACE!. Get over it.

  166. avani eve

    avani eve21 hour ago

    @Food 1Upper you are not a hindu and sthu if it's not your religion

  167. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @Aravind Chintalapudi as a Hindu I couldn’t afford school you offended me

  168. Aravind Chintalapudi

    Aravind Chintalapudi15 days ago

    @Mega Mind True that 💯 😂😂😂

  169. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind15 days ago

    @luna Gibbs Baby YOU’RE THE ONE who’s soooooo affected by a one-liner that you GOTTA write a Paragraph when u could’ve easily IGNORED IT.....awwww lost your pacifier my honeysuckle

  170. Lilly

    Lilly15 days ago

    @luna Gibbs how ignorant do you have to be to not have even the bare minimum of empathy? 🤦‍♀️

  171. anthony cheesman

    anthony cheesman16 days ago

    We need to stop acting like 4 people on twitter speak for an entire religion most people dont care in the real world lol.

  172. Cademan Caden

    Cademan Caden16 days ago

    She doesn't care.

  173. DiscoBallSack

    DiscoBallSack8 days ago

    @Show Timeare you really that dumb? Rihanna is the richest female musician lmao she doesn’t care.

  174. Show Time

    Show Time8 days ago

    @DiscoBallSack she will care when her album is going low

  175. Pallavi Harishchandre

    Pallavi Harishchandre15 days ago

    @DiscoBallSack she should care... She's a celebrity, people look up to her and disrespecting other religion is not "cool"

  176. Varthini Us

    Varthini Us15 days ago

    @DiscoBallSack she should its not her religion we are the ones offended her not people like you

  177. DiscoBallSack

    DiscoBallSack15 days ago

    @Pallavi Harishchandre no she shouldn’t

  178. RoyalDiamonds

    RoyalDiamonds16 days ago

    Nice hair by the way!! 👌

  179. Tanisha Ghosh

    Tanisha Ghosh16 days ago

    Rihanna actually lost millions of respect including mine.

  180. Tanisha Ghosh

    Tanisha Ghosh15 days ago

    @Food 1Upper Then make them stop making them....because we don't make them

  181. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @Tanisha Ghosh how about human people don’t make necklaces of sacred goddesses

  182. Tanisha Ghosh

    Tanisha Ghosh15 days ago

    @DiscoBallSack My culture is not your aesthetic.....she needs to know she's wrong.

  183. Noon Styles

    Noon Styles15 days ago

    @Maker Re-Upload umm I'm 16? I can't pay my own bills but the sales of her albums(which I've bought) docpay her taxes. So yes. Yes we pay her taxes , that's literally how this works

  184. Maker Re-Upload

    Maker Re-Upload15 days ago

    @Noon Styles can you even pay your own? She’s not forcing you to support her lmao

  185. Omar Ortiz

    Omar Ortiz16 days ago

    Who else is early

  186. Pirelle Francis

    Pirelle Francis16 days ago

    First islam now hindu, lol she's tryin so hard to be creative

  187. Emin Zec

    Emin Zec14 days ago

    Food 1Upper you’re really commenting islamophobic replies on every single comment. Some Muslims may have done that, does that include every single Muslim then? Could you please rethink your phrasings and realize that it’s not okay to categorize billions of people on the actions of a few? A life lived openminded is an easier life to live

  188. Emin Zec

    Emin Zec14 days ago

    Food 1Upper there are a lot of religions that I don’t believe in yet I still respect them? Basic human decency isn’t that hard

  189. It's just me

    It's just me15 days ago

    @Colton Colton ok if you don't anything about the situation i.e. you're a non Hindu pls don't speak know your place , wt she did was wrong and unacceptable no matter how much you'll defend her our opinion's are going to change and stop worshipping celebs .

  190. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @Pirelle Francis this is no different then Muslims calling for the deaths of artists for depicting Muhammad in cartoons

  191. Food 1Upper

    Food 1Upper15 days ago

    @Pirelle Francis a religion she doesn’t even believe in

  192. Theo

    Theo16 days ago

    Rihana Disrespecting a religion ?? *pretends to be shocked

  193. Lisztomania

    Lisztomania10 days ago

    @Mega Mind umm, first of all. please talk with respect, stop randomly shouting at strangers on the internet, when you didn't understand what i was trying to say. i've very well read about the homosexual references in ancient indian literature, thank you very much. i'm a closeted bisexual hindu indian, and while what you're saying is partially correct, our mindsets are set to believe as though homosexual or any form of sexuality apart from hetero, is a crime. and i'm very much against that as you can tell.

  194. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind11 days ago


  195. Uma S

    Uma S12 days ago

    @Lisztomania Well I’m Hindu(and South Asian like you) as well. I’m pretty sure our religion itself doesn’t say anything bad about it. However, the majority of the followers (mostly south Asian) don’t support it. But I feel that’s because of cultural reasons than religious.

  196. Lisztomania

    Lisztomania12 days ago

    @Uma S nope, being a hindu and indian citizen, i can very well confirm, that a wide part of hindus *do not* accept homosexuality, or any other form of sexuality apart from heterosexuality.

  197. Uma S

    Uma S13 days ago

    @Zuhra Ahmadi I think Hinduism and Buddhism are fine with it. It’s the Abrahamic that aren’t.

  198. Abena Brago

    Abena Brago16 days ago

    First dislike😌

  199. Abena Brago

    Abena Brago16 days ago

    Uhm I'm early and uuhh I ain't got nothing to post I'm so stupid lmao

  200. True

    True16 days ago

    *THIS POST HAS BEEN EDITED PLEASE READ FULL POST BEFORE COMMENTING.* Most of the people complaining are just jumping on the band waggon. I bet most of the people complaining know nothing about Indian culture. They’re just looking to hate. *EDIT* I took some time to think about this situation. I realise what I said ^^ first was extremely ignorant. I won’t delete what I said (unless anyone asks) because I’m not going to cover up my stupidity. I’m autistic *(which is not an excuse)* and I’m only now putting the work in to articulate myself better. What I mean from what I originally said, was that a lot of the people talking have no idea about the culture or religion. I just feel like it would have been better to see people who actually know about Ganesha to explain why it’s offensive, but instead I kept seeing comments from people about how they were no longer going to support her, and I took that to mean the majority of people giving backlash were those “woke” people. I realise that’s not the case now, I would have liked to see more of the comments from people explaining what the necklace is and what Ganesha represents and why it’s offensive, a few people on the comments to this post did explain but, I didn’t listen before now. This experience has taught me from now on to take a step back, look at all the facts and take another step back to make sure I’m have the right understanding to comment. So to anyone I have offended I hope you can forgive me. *Also* it was ignorant for me to call it ‘Indian’ culture but before I can correct myself properly I will be looking it up and making sure I at least have basic knowledge on the situation.

  201. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind11 days ago


  202. True

    True14 days ago

    @v Queen I’m a girl, but I will be better from now on.

  203. v Queen

    v Queen14 days ago

    @True thank you sir!! If only we had people like you!!!!

  204. True

    True15 days ago

    @Food 1Upper I’m gay and even I understand that even people who aren’t religious can be homophobes and people who are religious can be allies or even gay themselves. Like I said, your problem is with the law of those countries, not their religion.

  205. True

    True15 days ago

    @Raj Sharma I’d like to apologise for my first comment and all the ignorant comments after that. I have edited my post. But long story short, I know now why I was in the wrong and why I should spend more time thinking about what I say and try to see every angle of a situation before commenting. I’m sorry for the offence I have caused. And I future I will be listening to people instead of speaking over them.

  206. Acacia Caruth

    Acacia Caruth16 days ago

    Oh lord rihanna not again bebe

  207. galify

    galify16 days ago

    Hey whats up ya?

  208. pritika ravichandran

    pritika ravichandran16 days ago

    as a hindu and indian im not even offended or enraged . go off riri (damn this really started a war)

  209. Alissa Herzog

    Alissa Herzog11 days ago

    tysm for this, ppl are kind of sensitive

  210. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind11 days ago


  211. Varshini Satish

    Varshini Satish12 days ago

    @Food 1Upper if you’re an atheist stfu... this isn’t your place to talk... spew your hate elsewhere

  212. Priya Ramesh

    Priya Ramesh14 days ago

    Lol yall think its cool to not care as Hindu and Indian huh? Sit down

  213. Esha Sudheer

    Esha Sudheer15 days ago

    i think indians just found a reason to cancel her after her famous tweet about the farmers protests. also, im genuinely confused, but pictures and sculptures of hindu goddesses does have nudity rt?... (dont come at my necks u guys, im a hindu, a confused one)

  214. Call me alix

    Call me alix16 days ago

    Second comment i think

  215. istrone

    istrone16 days ago

    First comment!

  216. istrone

    istrone11 days ago

    @Tyreke Hylton I believe you can do it one day!

  217. istrone

    istrone11 days ago

    @Mega Mind they're just jealous 😓

  218. Mega Mind

    Mega Mind11 days ago

    Lol why are yall so passive aggressive for *no reason* ...they offended NO ONE

  219. OBG gamer

    OBG gamer15 days ago

    Congratulations no one cares

  220. Layeba Taher

    Layeba Taher15 days ago

    Congratulations! You won at life