Bella Thorne Admits Zendaya & Her 'Weren't Friends'!

Bella Thorne just opened up about the early days of her friendship with Zendaya. It was not so great. Let’s get into everything she said! Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:
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  1. WOw, sExy

    WOw, sExy5 days ago

    What’s up with all the hate on her?

  2. Anjelique Grant

    Anjelique Grant5 days ago

    i’m pretty sure we all knew the story between them, this isn’t new. we been knew

  3. Jack Dean

    Jack Dean6 days ago

    We knew this-

  4. KTPofficial

    KTPofficial7 days ago

    Zendaya is more talented anyway but Bella talented as well

  5. Malaika Nkemdilim

    Malaika Nkemdilim7 days ago

    The caption kinda broke my childhood

  6. Eleftheria K.

    Eleftheria K.7 days ago

    Everybody knew this

  7. Keithani The midget

    Keithani The midget8 days ago

    Why is this news

  8. Beryl A

    Beryl A8 days ago

    Didn't we already know this???

  9. Gaelle Semaan

    Gaelle Semaan9 days ago

    How to know that society is fucked up? They pit teenage actresses against each other!!!! I can only imagine. Just think of how that would shape them to be!

  10. PullipKisses

    PullipKisses10 days ago

    It's sad how people always try to make it a competition for girls. Who is better? Who is prettier? Who is more talented? That shouldn't matter

  11. Del Picsla

    Del Picsla10 days ago

    Why is everyone obsessed with them, they’re friends and cool now so leave them be. Stop trying to pit them against eachother or cause drama. Like any of the Disney channel stars are even friends, the fact that they still follow eachother on social media is saying that they like eachother so leave it at that

  12. Del Picsla

    Del Picsla10 days ago

    I hate that they’re always putting them against eachother. When Bella’s career took off after Shake it up and Zendaya was still working with Disney nobody really came for Zendaya or shamed her. But now that the roles are reversed everyone hates Bella Thorne and compared them to eachother. I’m glad they’re friends and there’s no jealousy there. They both seem great 👍

  13. Tierra Ellerbe

    Tierra Ellerbe11 days ago

    It’s so sad bc people still do that to this day like people their both different people and they do different things

  14. Jaye Kisses

    Jaye Kisses11 days ago

    Real fans of “Shake It Up” & Zendaya know that her & Bella weren’t friends at first because the people in charge wanted to put them against each other but became friends anyway & continue to be friends

  15. La Loca

    La Loca11 days ago

    We all knew that 😂

  16. Victor Hiciano

    Victor Hiciano13 days ago

    Can't believe they are STILL reporting this

  17. Fran G

    Fran G13 days ago

    I thought we already knew this

  18. Von Bon

    Von Bon13 days ago

    I knew this 4 years ago

  19. Ruby Lillian Potter

    Ruby Lillian Potter13 days ago

    I wish I could retract my view

  20. artofcottonmouth

    artofcottonmouth14 days ago

    this is old news

  21. Merit Pearl

    Merit Pearl14 days ago

    I would have loved it if they're BFF.... Cuz they look so happy back then on shake it up

  22. Emily Pan

    Emily Pan14 days ago

    How is this still news? Both say pretty the same things about their friendship for a while

  23. John Lai

    John Lai15 days ago

    Oaf I’m glad they got past it and are close now.

  24. Ahmed Khaled

    Ahmed Khaled15 days ago


  25. Ahmed Khaled

    Ahmed Khaled15 days ago


  26. Suesanna Aguilar

    Suesanna Aguilar15 days ago

    Old news

  27. myamoe thawthaw

    myamoe thawthaw15 days ago

    Is this surprising? None of the Disney stars were close irl. And that’s ok. They all have different personalities and if you don’t vibe then you don’t have to be friends. To me being friends is like being a family, but by choice. At least they were professional.

  28. Kelly Smith

    Kelly Smith15 days ago

    That title is messed up

  29. Gabrielle Vedder

    Gabrielle Vedder15 days ago

    I use to be a fan ofBella and Zendaya now I'm just a huge fan of Zendaya

  30. Alex

    Alex15 days ago


  31. Jennie Liandra

    Jennie Liandra15 days ago

    And season 2 of shake it up is the funniest FIGHT ME!!

  32. Collin Keyser

    Collin Keyser15 days ago

    Well It Looks Like Zendaya Stood By Her Side During The OnlyFans Scandal.

  33. Neshai Taffe

    Neshai Taffe15 days ago

    I knew it!

  34. Edgar Cañalita

    Edgar Cañalita15 days ago

    Bella really district her career. I remember she's was all over movies like. She's known compare to zendeya, but when she went down hill, she's messed up.

  35. Meloncool Eeeh

    Meloncool Eeeh15 days ago

    I hate that people can't see actors the way they see people in all other industries, they don't need to be friends, they were co workers

  36. Sushi Ojo

    Sushi Ojo15 days ago

    I mean... they were there for work 🤔

  37. Denny Jones

    Denny Jones15 days ago

    Honey she has talked about it for year this is old news

  38. bris_charms

    bris_charms15 days ago

    Just bc u don't pay attention to a celebrity, doesn't mean they're not popular. When people said Bella went downhill, it's obvi they only paid attention to Zendaya bc just google the movies Bella been in: like 20+💛

  39. Sunnygirlrai Rai

    Sunnygirlrai Rai15 days ago

    It’s like me with some of my friendships in high school

  40. Jojo margaux

    Jojo margaux15 days ago

    Ppl tried to paired them together, expected them to be bestie, then they tried to pit them together and it’s just horrible. Just stop putting these amazing talents against each other.

  41. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick15 days ago

    I mean that I have a feeling that zendaya and bella wasnt even friends as portray to be on the Disney channel show and even have a close relationship in a real life. At least they got really closer in the later seasons.

  42. Hope Lawrence

    Hope Lawrence15 days ago

    I mean I know that they was friends in the TV show❤️ but they've been talking or telling all this nonsense like they was actually friends in the first place on and offset 🤨now she's admitting that they're not friends in the first place OMG🙄🤨😒😑😶

  43. Ellie L

    Ellie L15 days ago

    Long lasting co workers have ups and downs. I think a good example is Drake and Josh or the Friends cast. I personally think Bella and Zendaya are happy for each other and don’t compare their lifestyles or career choices at all.

  44. lov er

    lov er15 days ago

    Nobody cares about a Jefree Star 2.0 And Tana ended her career

  45. Babii Guru

    Babii Guru15 days ago

    Tana is not a good person either so

  46. lov er

    lov er15 days ago

    Tana ended her career so ...

  47. Mr MakeShft

    Mr MakeShft15 days ago

    K...At least they weren’t Sam n Cat of the 2010

  48. Girl houdini

    Girl houdini6 days ago

    I Heard their friends!

  49. Me We

    Me We15 days ago

    Who would be your friend 🙄

  50. Me We

    Me We2 days ago

    @kachi 23 supposedly

  51. kachi 23

    kachi 233 days ago

    @Me We they are friends tho (sry I'm one week late)

  52. Me We

    Me We15 days ago

    @kachi 23 don't say that

  53. kachi 23

    kachi 2315 days ago


  54. Jeremy Ndumbi

    Jeremy Ndumbi15 days ago

    I love how Bella Thorne cares about her best friend Zendaya! Women supporting women!😁😁


    AIAI GRIM15 days ago

    Honestly why are people mad and plus clever news you've already talked about this before like a year ago

  56. Emily ZoZo

    Emily ZoZo15 days ago

    I always know Zendaya will be more popular then her anyway.

  57. kiki venegas

    kiki venegas3 days ago

    ur literally proving their point

  58. MJ

    MJ6 days ago

    Same lmao even though Disney tried so hard in S1 to make Bella the main star.

  59. Del Picsla

    Del Picsla10 days ago

    Congrats..? I always liked them both and didn’t think like that as a young kid

  60. UnofficialBeauty Queen

    UnofficialBeauty Queen11 days ago

    It’s like you didn’t even watch the video. 🤣

  61. Steven

    Steven13 days ago

    This is part of the problem and literally what Bella AND Zendaya talked about.

  62. Xo!

    Xo!15 days ago

    They put their differences behind and made my childhood. THATS ALL THAT MATTERS!

  63. Tatiana Ragland

    Tatiana Ragland15 days ago

    Well....DUH! I BEEN knew that shit! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You're the weird white girl who wants to be Miley cryus but who will NEVER be! And Zendraya is the classy black girl with ACTUALLY Talented.

  64. Larissa Jenkins

    Larissa Jenkins15 days ago

    Bella is beautiful but, so is Zendaya like stop fucking putting shade on them

  65. L S

    L S15 days ago

    If I were zendaya I wouldn’t be friends with that mess lol

  66. 1 2

    1 214 days ago

    @Virgo August okay I don’t even know what only fans is and I don’t know who Tana is either. I honestly don’t care that much for Bella Thorne, I am a zenday fan however I don’t feel the need to rip apart another woman online to prove I’m a fan of zendaya. Zendaya has never said anything bad about Bella or their friendship on Disney so why are others getting involved

  67. Virgo August

    Virgo August15 days ago

    @1 2 Go away! Go like Bella somewhere else! I love how you keep defending her even though she had no problems messing up onlyfans for sex workers, she barely did the promo she promised to do, and she’s was dating Tana who is known problematic and racist. You’re defending that? Lol wow.

  68. 1 2

    1 215 days ago

    “That mess” has gone through to much and is mother victim of being put in a toxic industry without any support. Zendaya had the support of her family while on Disney. Also Zendaya has spoken about the hate Bella gets and the stigma around child stars “going crazy” and she doesn’t agree with the way people inline or the media treats people who suffer mentally after exposed to fame at a young age. So if you were zendaya you wouldn’t have made that ignorant comment

  69. Joshua

    Joshua15 days ago


  70. Elaine&alive

    Elaine&alive15 days ago

    This is such old news though, she keeps bringing it up

  71. Stasy Love

    Stasy Love13 days ago

    People keep asking her about and it's her choice if she wants to talk about it or not leave her alone.

  72. Jassy Jones

    Jassy Jones15 days ago

    Well people keep asking her about it

  73. Rayan Cox

    Rayan Cox15 days ago


  74. Move Forward

    Move Forward15 days ago

    Of course they took her words out of context and put it like they hate each other or something. I hate when you make clickbaits like this. Thats is wrong in my opinion

  75. Ernest Kace

    Ernest Kace8 days ago

    @Arthur Ronnie Sweet website! doesnt look very fancy but it really worked :P

  76. Arthur Ronnie

    Arthur Ronnie8 days ago

    not sure if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for instaportal account hacker xD

  77. itz. josephine

    itz. josephine12 days ago

    Omg tyy

  78. Tiffany Cummings

    Tiffany Cummings12 days ago

    I agree it is misleading

  79. Disney65Fan

    Disney65Fan15 days ago


  80. rockstar B

    rockstar B15 days ago

    Why are people mad at her for speaking about this. Zendaya spoke on it as well....not to mention this all takes place before the bella hate train so all the hate honestly looks dumb asf.

  81. Danna Martinez

    Danna Martinez15 days ago

    how is this possible. they were the closest thing to sisters

  82. Ophelia

    Ophelia15 days ago

    That's how Disney wanted it to look. It's all acting.

  83. Janae Johnson

    Janae Johnson15 days ago

    Everything is not what it seems (in my Alex Russo voice)

  84. Tom Lawal

    Tom Lawal15 days ago

    Tia and tamera

  85. Катерина Таро

    Катерина Таро15 days ago


  86. Lauren

    Lauren15 days ago

    she does make a good point people really do need to quit pinning them against each other that's literally the definition of how hollywood treats women BOTH bella and zendaya are doing quite well with their careers IT DOESN'T MATTER WHETHER YOU HATE BELLA OR NOT JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T AGREE WITH WHAT SHE'S DOING you just better be happy she's still alive BOTH BELLA AND ZENDAYA ARE THE QUEENS AND THAT'S THAT

  87. Saa Shaa

    Saa Shaa7 days ago


  88. Saarah Ali

    Saarah Ali15 days ago

    @Lauren oh ok I agree with that

  89. Lauren

    Lauren15 days ago

    @Saarah Ali because if something happened to her then NO ONE would be saying how "trashy" she is and they would be saying how "sorry" they are or they'd be "praying" for her recovery or some bullshit when they know they don't give a fuck about her just like lindsey and britney suddenly people feel "sorry" for them for giving them so much shit in the past

  90. Saarah Ali

    Saarah Ali15 days ago

    I agree with you, but what do you mean still alive?

  91. lov er

    lov er15 days ago

    Lmao tana ended Bella

  92. Samihah Yasmin

    Samihah Yasmin15 days ago

    Emile's hair looks really nice

  93. A G

    A G15 days ago

    Funny how one of them made it out of child stardom in their right mind and one of them went thru hell and lost their mind

  94. A G

    A G15 days ago

    @Matio Williams yea i get what you mean and I see mean ppl on the internet all the time. It really bugs me

  95. Matio Williams

    Matio Williams15 days ago

    @A G oh my bad. It's just that I see all these people in the comments thrashing a person who they haven't even met. People are calling Bella trash left and right when even zendaya herself wouldn't be so mean. Zendaya would be so disappointed in these fans, its almost like we people have forgot how to show empathy or kindness to people

  96. A G

    A G15 days ago

    @Matio Williams I'm not being mean I'm just stating the truth, bad things happened to Bella and she got real messed up bc of it. Its not all her fault

  97. Matio Williams

    Matio Williams15 days ago

    You guys on the internet are so mean it's crazy. Zendaya would be disappointed in all of you

  98. Alyssa Willie

    Alyssa Willie15 days ago

    I mean I kind of had a feeling they weren’t as close as Disney tried to portray them to be. Not every costars who play best friends on a show will be best friends or even have a close relationship in real life. At least they got closer in later seasons.

  99. Mark Hayser

    Mark Hayser12 days ago

    Well during the making of Shake It Up season 1 they had a beef because they just knew each other but the more they knew each other very well the more they get along, and I'm happy with that

  100. Angel’s Life

    Angel’s Life13 days ago

    Just like Miley Cyrus and Emily osment . Miley admit that she and Emily weren’t friends they just played best friends on screen but off screen they’re arguments in Miley’s autograph book .

  101. Alyssa Willie

    Alyssa Willie15 days ago

    @Mini Yeah Miley and Emily didn’t become closer until a little bit before the show ended. And Demi and Selena were an example of how childhood best friends aren’t forever best friends.

  102. Mini

    Mini15 days ago

    Didn't miley and Emily also not get along during Hannah Montana? And selena and demi stopped being friends all together

  103. Timothy Wright

    Timothy Wright15 days ago

    @Imastan they are now

  104. lexi lex

    lexi lex15 days ago


  105. Ameleii Zane

    Ameleii Zane15 days ago

    Zendaya wasn't her friend because she's trash. Next.

  106. Jor J

    Jor J14 days ago

    If you’re insecure and you’re really the trash here just say that 😩but damn couldn’t even be upfront about it instead ur just projecting your insecurities onto others. Must suck. sounds kinda trashy to me. Next;)

  107. 1 2

    1 215 days ago

    Zendaya would probably disagree with your comment. Since she’s spoken about how she disagrees with the way the media and fans treat people who where exposed to fame at a young age

  108. Gani Villa

    Gani Villa15 days ago

    I mean I gotta admit Zendaya has accomplished lots more than Bella but I mean you just called one of Zendaya’s BEST FRIENDS trash... Like cmon! She isnt THAT bad... Right..? ALSO 2:14 is SO sweet!!! Bella is so supportive so I dont l know how you would think she is trash

  109. lov er

    lov er15 days ago

    @Ameleii Zane facts

  110. Ameleii Zane

    Ameleii Zane15 days ago

    @lov er She kinda did that on her own. The only thing she has left is has destroying ppl then playing the victim for attention.

  111. o r a n g e

    o r a n g e15 days ago

    not friends in the first seASON ☝️ i am taking my view back. >:[

  112. Marta Rodrigues

    Marta Rodrigues15 days ago

    almoust first here before 100 views

  113. Autumn Short

    Autumn Short15 days ago


  114. Jordan Lee

    Jordan Lee15 days ago

    Well at Least they became friends in season 2 and are still friends

  115. Ken H

    Ken HDay ago

    @Mark Hayser just saying Zendaya never unfollows anyone tbh.. and just cuz ppl follow each other on social media doesn’t mean anything if u want the truth I think they’re on good terms but they aren’t rly friends.. it’s obvious they don’t talk to each other much more of just like old friends who keep in touch every now and then

  116. Mark Hayser

    Mark Hayser12 days ago

    The best thing is that they still follow each other on social media. So yeah, I guess they're still friends but don't wanna talk about it in public because they feared that people would misunderstood them

  117. Mor Goodguy

    Mor Goodguy15 days ago

    I can’t by being this early

  118. Nande Nkukwana

    Nande Nkukwana15 days ago

    Last !!