Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce From Kanye - Details Revealed!

It’s officially official. Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kanye West after seven years of marriage. Let’s get into what we know. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:
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  1. Sussan Mourad

    Sussan Mourad14 days ago

    This really is the end of an era 😢😢 Hope Kim, Kanye & their family are doing ok during this difficult time... love you guys ❤️❤️ @Sussan_Mourad

  2. Tiffany Alleyne

    Tiffany Alleyne12 days ago

    @Amy Fr like wtf

  3. Ryan lex

    Ryan lex13 days ago

    @Amy when did I bring it up? 🤔

  4. Amy

    Amy13 days ago

    @Ryan lex why bring race into it?

  5. Ryan lex

    Ryan lex13 days ago

    Look like interracial couple doesn't last long. Lol

  6. John Bartlett

    John Bartlett14 days ago

    It needs more cowbell

  7. Claudia Monje

    Claudia Monje7 days ago

    Que hombre tan feo por these women have the worst taste on men??? They are really blind or lack of self steam...poor children

  8. Anne Antoine

    Anne Antoine9 days ago

    Kim did three marriages already, she's going to do nine (9) more = she's going to get married 12 times and divorce 12 times

  9. Glamour Bella

    Glamour Bella10 days ago

    This shouldn't be a surprised. Most famous people don't last. About 70 percent American get a divorce alone. Sad but true.

  10. Kevin Phillips

    Kevin Phillips10 days ago

    Shame he was a fish from long time then , leaving a real girl for a man, no sah

  11. margareth bagile

    margareth bagile11 days ago

    How convenient that the divorce papers were filed right before those church lawsuits come for kanye. Kim's assers will not be counted.

  12. Jonah Broly Cousins

    Jonah Broly Cousins12 days ago

    Good. So. Happy. 💔

  13. Jean Marie Mugisha

    Jean Marie Mugisha12 days ago

    the kardashians distract us so that we dont focus on what will make us rich like them but they getting richer . guys havent u realised . this is Gods plan so they can go and we focus on our lives and we get richer.

  14. zozo faustine

    zozo faustine12 days ago


  15. R R

    R R12 days ago

    Kanye was okay until I'm showed up. I'm yet to se any picture of him smiling since they got wedded. She cheated on her husband with Kanye and he cheated on Amber Rose with her.

  16. H Sidd

    H Sidd12 days ago

    "Karma is real" ~ Totally not Taylor Swift 👀

  17. Swiftie

    Swiftie12 days ago

    Obviously not a huge fan of K&K. but, even being a swifite feel for THE kiddos. that’s sad

  18. John Lai

    John Lai13 days ago

    A darn shame but probably for the best.

  19. RANDOMfacts

    RANDOMfacts13 days ago

    I guess you could say they have bad blood

  20. Hajra Zeeshan

    Hajra Zeeshan13 days ago

    It was long time coming

  21. throi padilla

    throi padilla13 days ago

    Kim K is the only person that Kanye followed on his Instagram

  22. Phillip J Knight

    Phillip J Knight13 days ago

    Lucky him....

  23. Lifeisg8

    Lifeisg813 days ago

    i feel bad for them especially kim because hasnt she been married 3 times

  24. Super Nova

    Super Nova13 days ago

    I think they had a good run. Both of them got wanted out of the marriage and now agree to part ways. Kanyé elevated Kim’s status and got her into the world of high fashion and she started to have other interests like Law and prison reform . I think they will both continue to live the life they choose. Both would have learnt something from each other.,

  25. Adriana Monserrat

    Adriana Monserrat14 days ago

    I actually never thought this would happen I always thought they’d be together

  26. Starbuck

    Starbuck14 days ago

    Kanye 2024

  27. Charlie Pechota

    Charlie Pechota14 days ago

    She is so beautiful!

  28. uwu

    uwu14 days ago

    When is she gonna return her yeezys 😔

  29. Li Ha

    Li Ha14 days ago

    Kick the can down the road Kanye. See ya and wouldn't want to be ye !

  30. Mio Yuuki

    Mio Yuuki14 days ago

    Kanye Can't keep up with the Kardashians

  31. Susan Koech

    Susan Koech14 days ago

    How will this help the situation in Texas?

  32. Tromp Entertainment

    Tromp Entertainment14 days ago

    The kardashians ruined Kanye west and made his mental health worse to boost their lives and brand

  33. Depressed Shit

    Depressed Shit14 days ago

    What are you talking about? Kanye have said that kim wants him to get help. But he do NOT want to and also not wanting to take his meds. He ruined himself by not wanting to help himself and not taking his meds

  34. Baymax

    Baymax14 days ago

    I think this is karma for trying to ruin Taylor Swift's life.

  35. N A

    N A12 days ago

    Yeah..but their kids are still pretty innocent..I feel sorry for them and I think you and every swiftie would probably feel that too despite the wringer their parents put Taylor under

  36. Efsa Sude Büyükkorkmaz

    Efsa Sude Büyükkorkmaz14 days ago

    Karma is real✨

  37. Corrinne Lindsey

    Corrinne Lindsey14 days ago

    Damn! It’s like all of the Kardashian sisters have bad luck in love Tristan cheats on Khloe twice Kourtney and Scott never had a chance Kylie and Tyga they just never stood a chance but she’s happy with Travis Scott Kendall’s linked to so many celebrities it’s basically a joke at this point It’s like Kris is the only one in the family who never had relationship problems on the show except for Bruce becoming Kaitlyn. And she’s currently happy with Corey Gamble I think it’s funny but also sad

  38. gray

    gray14 days ago

    she’s better off lol

  39. Rumbi Mzhari

    Rumbi Mzhari14 days ago

    how many times does she file for divorce ? Kim is too weak!

  40. Marvene Martinez

    Marvene Martinez14 days ago

    He needs conservatorship. Seriously.

  41. Mascha Kucher

    Mascha Kucher14 days ago

    She didn't deserve him anyway

  42. gray

    gray14 days ago

    yea she deserved MORE, that man needs help but he just won’t accept it.

  43. Sonika

    Sonika14 days ago


  44. Abigail Christine

    Abigail Christine14 days ago

    Aww man I like totally shipped them. I grew up with divorced parents and it was just different and I don’t want that for their kids. But it’s their choice and I can’t and won’t stop them.

  45. Ayaati Sarda

    Ayaati Sarda14 days ago

    “Past me I wanna tell you not to get lost in these petty things Your nemeses Will defeat themselves before you get the chance to swing”

  46. Lance Navarra

    Lance Navarra2 days ago

    A fellow Swiftie I see.

  47. Diana Janna

    Diana Janna14 days ago


  48. Kay Naudé

    Kay Naudé14 days ago

    This is really sad

  49. swiftie magic

    swiftie magic14 days ago


  50. swiftie magic

    swiftie magic14 days ago

    karma hit

  51. Vow Selfington

    Vow Selfington14 days ago

    My my my... I was really hoping these two would eventually decide not ti do it. So sad. Meanwhile, Khloe is holding on to her trash baby daddy. 😒

  52. L S

    L S14 days ago

    I knew this would come lol

  53. Donné Ashley Kritzinger

    Donné Ashley Kritzinger14 days ago

    Some of these comments are just straight up heartless.

  54. John Bartlett

    John Bartlett14 days ago

    She finally got sick and tired of seeing his pubic hair in the shower drain lol Haha Haha Haha

  55. Meghna Kundu

    Meghna Kundu14 days ago

    This actually makes me sad

  56. Karishma

    Karishma14 days ago

    Taylor already knew it. "The world moves on, another day another drama, drama But not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma And then the world moves on, but one thing's for sure Maybe I got mine, but you'll all get yours"

  57. Raycapone The Art Designer

    Raycapone The Art Designer14 days ago

    Is this a L for kayne ? I’m not judging the brother

  58. Tarun Mahesh

    Tarun Mahesh14 days ago

    LMAO now they'll over-dramatize this for the final season of their show and get more money. Its all about the $$ people. Now there will be renewed interest, who gets the kids ?? who gets the estate??? who caused the divorce ?? = more publicity! Kinda smart business if you think about it.

  59. Gospel Singers

    Gospel Singers13 days ago

    You are right

  60. Hope Lawrence

    Hope Lawrence14 days ago

    You know what before I was a total fan of the Kardashians😄 but now seeing how everything has turned out I am not liking them anymore😒with all this drama well one thing's for sure they love and probably most always going to be the center of attention🙄😅😒

  61. Hope Lawrence

    Hope Lawrence12 days ago

    @sama lama it's k 🙂 I can see how you misunderstood that tho

  62. sama lama

    sama lama12 days ago

    @Hope Lawrence yea lmao thats their jobs, but it sounded like you said the divorce was fake. sorry if i misunderstood.

  63. Hope Lawrence

    Hope Lawrence12 days ago

    @sama lama well no but I totally agree with you the divorces is totally different but I'm just pointing out the fact that there's always something going on with them either if it's a divorce or if they accused of something they always are on the spot

  64. sama lama

    sama lama12 days ago

    wow are you saying this divorce is a attention seeking action. anyways they do stuff like that but divorces are totally different

  65. Miss Katz Life

    Miss Katz Life14 days ago


  66. Xela Rosie Vlogs

    Xela Rosie Vlogs14 days ago

    Taylor wins!

  67. nemo pouncey

    nemo pouncey14 days ago

    well to tell you the truth nobody can keep a kardashian. seen what happened to lamar.

  68. nemo pouncey

    nemo pouncey14 days ago

    boo hoo hoo.

  69. nemo pouncey

    nemo pouncey14 days ago

    at least kanye managed to keep a kardashian longer than anyone else.

  70. nemo pouncey

    nemo pouncey14 days ago

    so who's gonna get custody of the kids?

  71. Tayla Maria

    Tayla Maria13 days ago

    Both of them

  72. nemo pouncey

    nemo pouncey14 days ago

    saw this coming from a mile away.

  73. Caro Land

    Caro Land14 days ago

    It probably also had something to do with the pandemic. Suddenly having to spend a lot of time together after years of working a lot and not seeing each other that much, must have had an effect during the lockdown. People change over time amd when they suddenly have to spend more time together than they‘re used to, they notice the changes and start realizing that something that worked years ago suddenly doesn‘t work anymore. Then came the campaign which was the last straw that lead to the dicision to file for divorce. At least that‘s what I think what happened

  74. R R

    R R12 days ago

    They were separated the entire covid season . This relationship was over since December 2019,but y'all know the Kardashians how they are used to faking stuff up.

  75. ONY

    ONY14 days ago


  76. Jean Luney

    Jean Luney14 days ago

    Are you kidding? What would make ANYONE think these two people would stay together???

  77. Random girl

    Random girl14 days ago

    Ngl I was expecting this for some reason-

  78. evolutionofwords

    evolutionofwords14 days ago

    Dang, call me crazy but I actually thought they would last. I never saw this coming. Even with Kanyes issues. I guess it’s worse than we thought. Kim doesn’t seem to be the type to quit easily either. Wish them the best. They all need time & healing after this. Her, him, the kids.

  79. usernames are overrated

    usernames are overrated11 days ago

    Same I don't like them but I thought they actually loved each other a lot I still think they do but I think Kim deserves better

  80. tshomed dem

    tshomed dem14 days ago

    Me too...I thought they will last longer...

  81. Karen Hardie

    Karen Hardie14 days ago

    She made it 7 years. A lot longer then her first two marriages. She didn't need him anymore. She only wants fame and money.

  82. Sara Palczynski

    Sara Palczynski14 days ago

    Kim probably said eww you can keep Wyoming thanks

  83. Romney Ranjo

    Romney Ranjo14 days ago

    why do i feel like crying for them? 😭 I don’t like their individual decisions but I’ve always thought they were good partners

  84. moonlight salvatore

    moonlight salvatore14 days ago

    ok but I actually shipped them aw:(

  85. Kayla Famp

    Kayla Famp14 days ago

    I really hope kanye gets the help he needs and i hope they both have peace during this hard time, divorce is not easy at all, but lets hope they both are happy at the end, wish them all the best 🤍

  86. Rock star Dude

    Rock star Dude14 days ago

    I did not know mr west could have kids?? Divorce is horrible. Who gets the silverware?? Thank God they don't own a picasso!!

  87. Latoneice Delisser

    Latoneice Delisser14 days ago

    I am not a fan of the Kardashians but I wish them all the best ❤

  88. Luscious Lisa

    Luscious Lisa14 days ago

    I think it's so sad that Kim and kanye are ending their marriage but Im just worried about the kids that there gonna be OK but their young enough they don't understand but North does.Its a sad situation God Bless The West Family🙏🏻❤🙏🏾

  89. Weston Ding

    Weston Ding14 days ago

    Things have been rough for them. Give them some peace and time.

  90. your friendly neighborhood Misci

    your friendly neighborhood Misci14 days ago

    To the people commenting "maybe I got mine but you'll all get yours 🌹✨✨✨", stop it. There are FOUR innocent kids involved. They don't deserve that.

  91. somebody a person

    somebody a person14 days ago

    @your friendly neighborhood Misci yes ofc. and it’s not like we don’t feel bad for those kids cause we really do. or at least I do. and I know what it’s like too. it’s a really unfortunate situation and I really do feel bad for those kids.

  92. your friendly neighborhood Misci

    your friendly neighborhood Misci14 days ago

    @somebody a person I get it I'm not saying that Kim and Kanye are good people. I'm just saying, since I know what I'm talking about (my parents divorced when I was 4) that the ones suffering the most are gonna be those kids. And I wouldn't want to wish that upon them

  93. somebody a person

    somebody a person14 days ago

    that’s not what we’re saying. Kim edited a video to make Taylor look bad. she then decided to go public with it knowing that it would ruin Taylors life. and it very well did. everyone was tweeting basically saying that Taylor should kill herself. it was #1 trending on Twitter. do you know how many people need to tweet that they hate you for that to happen? a lot. we all feel so sorry for those kids. I feel bad that they have to be raised in the spotlight and by those snakes in the first place. so when people say “baby I got mine but you’ll all get yours” they are saying the truth. because Taylor got hers. she got the whole world hating her and disappeared from society because she thought that’s what everyone wanted. but she came back stronger than ever before. now since they did that to her, their karma is coming back to them.

  94. venisshaa chenduru

    venisshaa chenduru14 days ago

    Well, I'm a swiftie and there are some of us who do feel sorry for the kids. I've read some comments. We just don't have that sympathy towards the parents though. They didn't have any for Taylor.

  95. Red Curtis

    Red Curtis14 days ago

    It was only a matter of time. Their divorce is foreseeable.

  96. Bershanned Willson

    Bershanned Willson14 days ago

    My grandmother said this would happen 7 years ago...its so sad

  97. Jade

    Jade14 days ago

    Bro my wifi was also upset with this news

  98. Celtic Witchypoo

    Celtic Witchypoo14 days ago

    She’s married to a man who needs help but won’t accept it. Don’t blame her one bit.

  99. omer swift

    omer swift14 days ago

    Karma is real

  100. Abirami

    Abirami14 days ago

    why are they getting divorced though??

  101. Alpha Omega

    Alpha Omega14 days ago

    She just filed! This is a sad day for America 🇺🇸! Its royal family 👪 is breaking up!!! 😶

  102. ThisisSarah 81585

    ThisisSarah 8158514 days ago

    Sending them love. Divorce is always painful, even when you know your relationship is over 💔

  103. Lovely Miyah

    Lovely Miyah14 days ago


  104. Rafealia Mckenzie

    Rafealia Mckenzie14 days ago

    WOW....I mean I saw it coming but Its hard to believe.

  105. Maninform

    Maninform14 days ago

    Good for him

  106. ᄏᄑᄆ

    ᄏᄑᄆ14 days ago

    Wishing the best for both of them and the kids.

  107. Jade Ogunsola

    Jade Ogunsola14 days ago

    i thought we were joking about them splitting-

  108. Princess Diana

    Princess Diana14 days ago

    Yes yes yes😆😆😆😆 but I prey those kids are alright and doing fine😟😟😟😟

  109. DP FILMS

    DP FILMS14 days ago

    I know everyone hates kanye now, but I'll be forever grateful to him. His music has changed my life, and I hope one day he can get some help. I wish nothing but the best to both of them.

  110. julie nicole

    julie nicole14 days ago

    ✨"Maybe I got mine, but you'll all get yours”✨ (Edit: thanks for all the likes y’all! stay safe;)

  111. Liberty Bee

    Liberty Bee13 days ago

    @julie nicole Hahaha well (maybe a directioner sickness)

  112. spiteful dream

    spiteful dream13 days ago

    yeah right!! ( but i still feel bad for their children )

  113. julie nicole

    julie nicole14 days ago

    @Liberty Bee haha you sound like Lou 😂💕 “sorreh luv but i dont really care”

  114. Liberty Bee

    Liberty Bee14 days ago

    @julie nicole welcome luv

  115. julie nicole

    julie nicole14 days ago

    @Liberty Bee Aww thank you ☺️ I love 1D too

  116. An Dy

    An Dy14 days ago

    I mean she and her kids shouldn’t have to deal with his bs


    MUFASA'S DAUGHTER14 days ago

    She knew what she was getting into $$$$$ don't always equal happiness

  118. Sara Palczynski

    Sara Palczynski14 days ago

    Lol my screen is cracked I read bs as abs and went wait what? Oh bs. I agree. I’m not a fan but yeah.

  119. Eva Belle

    Eva Belle14 days ago

    While it has been anticipated for awhile now, even though I’m not a fan of any of theirs, I kinda thought that they could be the one couple in the family to last

  120. Jessica Redmond

    Jessica Redmond12 days ago

    Same & now I’m sad

  121. Lidia R

    Lidia R14 days ago

    Damn you Jeffree

  122. Caitlin Frawley

    Caitlin Frawley14 days ago

    Not a fan but I hope they are well and luckily they are not having an angry custody battle over the kids. Thank god it’s peaceful. I am wishing them the best for the future.

  123. Vee Versace

    Vee Versace14 days ago

    Finally. Kim can do wayyyyyyyyyy better than kanye

  124. Maninform

    Maninform14 days ago

    Than Kanye ? Lol you must be insane to think so No one would have her

  125. Jean Vernet

    Jean Vernet14 days ago

    Thank god, those kids are the only thing left that is pure and wholesome for Kanye. It would have been clown behavior for asking for "supervised visits" when they already have a team of nannies for four kids. They are already supervised with or without the divorce. The only thing left is what they are going to do to his reputation after the divorce. STay woke people. Always be aware when a Caucasian want attention during black history month.

  126. Natali Angeles Muro

    Natali Angeles Muro14 days ago

    Beautiful Sussan is back ❤️💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙❤️❤️

  127. Weston Ding

    Weston Ding14 days ago


  128. Natali Angeles Muro

    Natali Angeles Muro14 days ago

    @Clevver News ❤️💙❤️❤️❤️❤️

  129. Clevver News

    Clevver News14 days ago


  130. Jordan Stabler

    Jordan Stabler14 days ago

    It’s the no one asked or cared for me🙄

  131. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick14 days ago

    I not surprised kim and kanye were both toxic and narcissistic we all know that kim is glad because she can move on and date a new rich man we all know how Kardashian move from man to man so who care .🤷🏽‍♂️

  132. ONY

    ONY14 days ago

    Wooow this just screams pure hatred and is psychotic at best. Are you okay?? A majority of people aren’t a big fan of either Kim or Kanye but this just sounds shallow at best. Chill

  133. Stephanie Enc

    Stephanie Enc14 days ago

    Wishing both parties a peaceful transition and the best for the kids 🙏🏼

  134. Karmo Komara

    Karmo Komara14 days ago

    It had to happen

  135. George Sofield

    George Sofield14 days ago

    Best thing she did for her family!!

  136. Be sweet and kind but take no shit!

    Be sweet and kind but take no shit!14 days ago

    Someone said that apparently Kim and Taylor talked... some of the lyrics of mad woman kinda makes it seem like but who knows. Don’t come for me I just saw a comment and I’m just putting this MAYBE information! Lol