Malia Obama's Big Hollywood Career Move REVEALED!

Malia Obama is stepping into the world of Hollywood as she just signed to a new project with Donald Glover. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:
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  1. Mal King

    Mal King10 days ago

    That’s epic

  2. Super Nova

    Super Nova12 days ago

    Hi Emile!

  3. Emma Bee

    Emma Bee14 days ago

    Oh wait that other one was in tpwk mv

  4. Mr MakeShft

    Mr MakeShft15 days ago

    When theirs a name please share the name

  5. D C

    D C15 days ago

    Last names finish first

  6. Livvy10981

    Livvy1098115 days ago

    Obsessed with this!

  7. Me We

    Me We15 days ago

    🙄🙄she better be good

  8. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick15 days ago

    What are Malia and sasha major in college.

  9. Sumair Shirazi

    Sumair Shirazi15 days ago

    Obviously when ur parents of a celebrity and former president.

  10. Катерина Таро

    Катерина Таро15 days ago


  11. Charlotte Đ

    Charlotte Đ15 days ago

    Another celebrity kid getting the career for free whats new

  12. Krysti Bush

    Krysti Bush12 days ago

    @Charlotte Đ I don’t think she needs a scholarship... just sayin

  13. Mariah

    Mariah15 days ago

    Sound a little salty

  14. Charlotte Đ

    Charlotte Đ15 days ago

    @Sadies Loya if you think you and her competed for a scholarship for example in school and you are obviously a better candidate thst you would get it youre delusional Its not just her, us regular people cant just point to a career like a toddler points at a toy and just get it like they can (all the celebrities kids who are models, actors etc.)

  15. Sadies Loya

    Sadies Loya15 days ago

    They're not "gods gift" and just because they have famous parents doesn't means its handed to them shes in school working hard and making it happen

  16. Charlotte Đ

    Charlotte Đ15 days ago

    @Oliver Garrick cause its literal bs. Are the celebrities' kids god's gift to earth so they all have to become famous as well

  17. Rahma Abdi

    Rahma Abdi15 days ago


  18. Steve C

    Steve C15 days ago

    Everybody knows the "Obama" girls are really the Nesbitts. Michelle "Michael" is obviously a man, and Bathhouse Barry is gay. Stop lying you Libtards... be proud of who you are.

  19. good mythical painus

    good mythical painus15 days ago


  20. Connie Zeng

    Connie Zeng15 days ago

    What did Malia and Sasha major in collage .

  21. anthony cheesman

    anthony cheesman15 days ago

    Nobody cares

  22. Madikéra Island

    Madikéra Island15 days ago

    @anthony cheesman Then why the f*ck are you watching ?

  23. Connie Zeng

    Connie Zeng15 days ago


  24. Victory Ben

    Victory Ben15 days ago


  25. Rianna Rigsby

    Rianna Rigsby15 days ago


  26. Rianna Bailey

    Rianna Bailey15 days ago


  27. Cristian Sanchez

    Cristian Sanchez15 days ago


  28. MP L

    MP L15 days ago

    you are first