Kendall Jenner Accused Of EXPLOITING Mexican Culture!

Kendall Jenner just announced her new tequila brand, but ever since her post, fans on social media have had mixed reactions to the news. Let’s get into it! Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:
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  1. Josefa Tejeda Jadrievic

    Josefa Tejeda Jadrievic5 days ago

    Im sorry but yall americans are out of control with this appropiating and canceling shit, im from latin america and i am absolutely sure no one in mexico cares that celebrities have tequila brands or think they approiating the culture stop getting offended for other people when you dont know shit lol

  2. Anavrin

    Anavrin8 days ago

    How is this appropriating Mexican culture !??? 😒 it’s a drink !!!!!

  3. jennifer stewart

    jennifer stewart9 days ago

    Didn't justin timberlake also make tequila And what about george clooney or all the people that make wine

  4. jane doe

    jane doe9 days ago

    There’s a literal genocide happening right now in East Turkestan but y’all care more about Kendall and tequila 🙄🙄🙄

  5. The Real Deal

    The Real Deal11 days ago

    It's really irritating that a whole SLEW of male celebrities have a Tequila brand and no one said anything about it, before Kendall started one! Rampant freaking SEXISM!!!! People in Jalisco, Mexico are profiting on her venture. She had to have put in a lot of time and work and people should shudup!!!! And I'm not even a fan of her, in general. But the haters should go 🚶 kick rocks. Personally, if I were Kendall I would have started a vodka brand, instead, since it's the biggest selling spirit. But she's a California girl, and Margaritas 🍹are very popular in So. Cal.!!! People need to CHILL and support their preferred Tequila brand!!! Judgemental, whiny az schmucks!!!!

  6. Jocelyn Flores

    Jocelyn Flores11 days ago

    As a Mexican I don’t see how is this appropriating Mexican culture. People are just trying to cancel her because she’s a Jenner/ kardashian

  7. marshmallows

    marshmallows12 days ago

    people get mad at everything these days lmao 😂 i’m honestly just here for the show

  8. Passive Agressive

    Passive Agressive12 days ago

    This is friggin ridiculous

  9. Miranda Nathan

    Miranda Nathan12 days ago

    Who cares they would never get a dime from me.

  10. itchel olivares

    itchel olivares12 days ago


  11. j

    j12 days ago

    *Beer was invented thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia...yet there’s modelo and corona and plenty other “Latin American” brands. Whiskey was invented in Scotland thousands of years ago and drake has a whiskey brand. Vodka was invented in Russia and p-diddy has vodka. Cognac was invented in France and Jay-z has a brand. The list could literally go on forever...why has no one ever complained about those? Just say you hate the kardashian clan and don’t buy from them.*

  12. broker32

    broker3210 days ago

    @NEGOU ツ you just proved the point. There are multiple cultures in "white culture".

  13. NEGOU ツ

    NEGOU ツ12 days ago

    Modelo and corona are mexican, not latin

  14. Elva Es

    Elva Es12 days ago

    I will not be supporting someone who can even spell , its tequila añejo not añejo tequila

  15. Bakersfield California bring criminals to Justice

    Bakersfield California bring criminals to Justice12 days ago

    If I was biracial mix with black and Mexican You're going to tell me I can't make my own tequila...because am not full Mexican People need to understand we have being living in a different world ..I'M MEXICAN AND I AM PROUD I THINK PEOPLE ARE JUST OVER REACTING OVER THINGS 818. THIS IS AMERICA PEOPLE SHE'S HAS THE RIGHT TO MAKE HER OWN TEQUILA, LIKE SOME OF YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND ALL CULTURES HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE THEIR OWN TEQUILA NOT JUST ONE RACE,...... tequila was meant for all culture... when people grow you're weed you don't complain who is growing just light up that son of a b****.... and enjoy it was your alcohol homies...

  16. beetthesystem

    beetthesystem12 days ago

    Kendall is so fucking problematic

  17. Stasy Love

    Stasy Love13 days ago

    I hope one day people can learn to share their culture it would help with so many things .

  18. I am Marilyn

    I am Marilyn13 days ago

    oh please! let her be, if you want to support her is ok too! Dejen la changueria.

  19. EastCoast BeachBum

    EastCoast BeachBum13 days ago

    If your attacking kendal than attack everyone with a tequila brand in Hollywood. I'll likely try 818 but I'll stick to el jimidor

  20. magdivamexican

    magdivamexican13 days ago

    Not even THALIA has her own tequila 😾😾😾why kendall?🙅🙅🙅noooo

  21. Solo Traveler - Off The Beaten Path

    Solo Traveler - Off The Beaten Path13 days ago

    Cultural appropriation has to be one of the most cringe concepts ever. People appropriate each other‘s cultures all the time. Anyone who is not of English ancestry is appropriating English culture by speaking English. Nobody is screeching about that though.. I would never buy this tequila, simply because it is produced by Kendall Jenner, whom I despise. Has nothing to do with me being “offended” or anything though. I just want authentic Mexican tequila made by the professionals who have been doing it for generations.

  22. Elizabeth Galyean

    Elizabeth Galyean13 days ago

    THIS IS FUCKING DUMB. Getting mad at a celebrity won’t change shit. Our entire country including our own government hire ppl from other other countries for low wages to make their products(typically ones that aren’t of their own cultural background, just the same). As for her creating a Mexican branded tequila, that to me seems like a huge compliment.

  23. Jasmine Tea

    Jasmine Tea13 days ago

    As a Mexican, I hate this. It’s sad that people think this “isn’t important”. The reason people are mad at Kendall specifically is because she is already known for cultural appropriation. The Kar/Jenners are “trend setters” by stealing once looked down upon cultures and making it acceptable in a white western society. So this, literally profiting off of the backs of Mexican works that get barely livable wages is wrong. She couldn’t even butter us up by showing an appreciation of Mexico and it’s culture first before the announcement (not just vacay pic of Cancun or Cabos). But then she couldn’t even do the bare minimum of showing cultural appreciation instead of appropriation by labeling the bottles correctly in Spanish.

  24. Maggie Hetrick

    Maggie Hetrick13 days ago

    pls there’s so many white people who have a tequila wtf


    MYGOD JOSE13 days ago

    If you’re not Mexican, you have no say or a opinion in this situation.

  26. Chepy Vazquez

    Chepy Vazquez10 days ago

    lets not add race, im mexican and anyone has the right to make tequila


    MYGOD JOSE13 days ago

    Her commercial is going to be her handing a shot of tequila to the immigration border control.

  28. John Jones

    John Jones13 days ago

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!!! What’s next we can’t make tacos at home without being accused of cultural appropriation?! This woke liberal society is bullshit!

  29. C Cooke

    C Cooke13 days ago

    50 Cent's Effen vodka is okay, but this isn't?

  30. Max Brown

    Max Brown14 days ago

    not one latino celeb cosigned lol

  31. Beauty B

    Beauty B14 days ago

    Mexi shouldn't care they appropriate American culture get over themselves

  32. ServetheTea

    ServetheTea14 days ago

    White people have no respect over culture

  33. Maria A

    Maria A14 days ago

    Geeezzzz LET HER BE

  34. Amanda Chavez

    Amanda Chavez14 days ago

    Kendall Jenner I’ll support your tequila brand!!!! All day everyday! Could you say “VIVA LA RAZA”? 🍾🍾🍾🎊♥️🎊♥️🎊🍾🍾🍾!!!!

  35. Miranda Rose

    Miranda Rose14 days ago

    People are mad because 818 area code is Mexican cali kid culture. San Fernando valley Search up 818 on insta and it’s a bunch of kids accounts who grew up in the valley and some in parts of the valley that are more poverty stricken

  36. Terry Santacruz

    Terry Santacruz14 days ago

    Her tequila brand is very unoriginal but it’s fine as long as she pays her employees and I really hope she pays fairly

  37. 4 Real

    4 Real14 days ago

    Tequila should only be made by Mexican people. Anybody who produces tequila without honoring its heritage and tradition is just exploiting my culture.

  38. broker32

    broker3214 days ago

    The people in Mexico that either sold their land, leased their land, sold their crops or recipes to Kendall begs to differ

  39. Veronica C.

    Veronica C.14 days ago

    Stupid, they're just giving her free publicity.

  40. Happy Life

    Happy Life14 days ago

    I'm Mexican, and I don't care about it! Good For Her! do what makes you happy.

  41. Happy Life

    Happy Life9 days ago

    But Good for u though.

  42. Happy Life

    Happy Life9 days ago

    @Alfredo Alcantar I Don't Like Alcohol. LOL

  43. Alfredo Alcantar

    Alfredo Alcantar11 days ago

    Facts. But still not going buy it is just a cheap version of tequila. Will stick with himadores

  44. Don Ramiro

    Don Ramiro14 days ago

    I’m Mexican-American and I do plan on creating my own brand someday as I do have land in the Los Altos Sur/Cienega region. I won’t say exactly which municipio it’s in but by my photo you can probably determine whereabouts. So, here are my thoughts. Firstly, I have always been against celebrity tequila brands. I don’t deny their right to create a brand, I’m just not going to ever purchase it and if I ever were to own my own restaurant/bar, none of it, including Patron would be available in my establishment. Also, there’s ignorance on both sides. Someone tweeted about the “brown hands” that make it in Jalisco. Whoever that person was is a straight up ignorant fool. Los Altos is heavily populated with people who are almost entirely if not 100% of European stock. I myself am of 75% European stock and do not consider myself “brown.” I am what I am. At the same time, this rush on the part of celebrities to get into the tequila industry is just lame. Anyone who is a fan of this Kendall Jenner Kardashian person needs to ask themselves what she ever did to make them become fans of hers. I’ll leave that-at that. I think, also, there are deleterious effects to these “celebrities” getting into the industry. It makes it tougher for real Mexicans like myself to get out products placed on shelves but it will make me work that much harder to kick their asses in the marketplace. Clearly, she has no clue how tequila is to be enjoyed and is showing herself to be a fraud huckster just out for the money. Lastly, I wouldn’t call it “cultural appropriation.” She has a right to bring a brand to market and I have a right to avoid it like the plague, which I will. I will also never give her the time of day once my brand takes off but I will also afford all the other Hollywood hypocrites like Clooney and Cranston and the rest with the same amount of indifference that I would to her. He dicho.

  45. Genesis

    Genesis14 days ago

    As a Mexican, I don't care..I just roll my eyes and won't buy it because we know where the good stuff is at. Even though- I hear the reason to why people say it is culture appropriation and it makes sense, but ultimately I prefer the freedom than limitations this 'cultural appropriation' thing brings. It's too micro managed. You can't even dress up freely on Halloween without offending the internet anymore.. God forbid you wear a sombrero and a mustache if you aren't Mexican. Where was the outcry when P Diddy launched his own Vodka line... uh oh! Watch out Russians. Like what?! lol This is too much.

  46. Does it matter

    Does it matter14 days ago

    its crazy how people always come up with the excuse “there’s other small businesses that deserve more hype ughh” when someone creates a businesses.. like obviously but if she wants to try and make a successful business she sure as hell can. and congrats to her for doing it because a lot of people don’t prioritize their goals

  47. Nyasha Msipa

    Nyasha Msipa14 days ago

    Y'all doin the most now

  48. F I L

    F I L14 days ago

    She should give back a portion of the profits to poor mexican families.

  49. Gina Mendez

    Gina Mendez13 days ago

    @Meika Meeks exactly

  50. Meika Meeks

    Meika Meeks14 days ago

    i wonder if Mexican tequila makers do the same? lol

  51. Ansh Sharma

    Ansh Sharma14 days ago

    Well they're just mad because it's a woman instead of man, they didn't do this when George Clooney or Dwayne Johnson did the same thing! TOXICITY AT ITS WORST...

  52. Isabela Suey

    Isabela Suey15 days ago

    People saying it’s ok because other celebrities did it too NO IT IS NOT OK EITHER! First tequila blanco not the other way, second how are you going to taste with ice, third what makes her an expert. She should have come out with a wine or some moonshine, but producing in California is too expensive it is better to exploit Mexicans and pay them shitty ass pay and that way she makes more money!!!!!!

  53. Penny M

    Penny M15 days ago

    The Latinos in the comments who support this know nothing abt the tradition of tequila making and the families who've spent generations and 100s of years selling and perfecting their product.

  54. 4 Real

    4 Real14 days ago

    How dare Americans think they can produce tequila. 💯% agree with you. Tequila should only be made by Mexican people. Anybody else who produces tequila, is just producing piss.

  55. Penny M

    Penny M14 days ago

    @Meika Meeks not a big deal to people who don't take the tradition of tequila making seriously or who don't value it, but to others such as myself, it's relatively important because she's making it seem like hers is the best even though other tequila brands such as Gran Centenario have won countless awards and have had to build their reputation over the course of almost 200 years. She doesn't know how to properly consume tequila or even compare them to one another, and she'll clearly make a lot of money from her ignorant fans by using her social status and her family name. It's just a huge mockery of what actually goes into making tequila. Edit: it's also upsetting how she takes business opportunities away from other distilleries that are fully family owned since most tequila companies are owned by the latter, such as the 1800 Tequila company.

  56. Meika Meeks

    Meika Meeks14 days ago

    good? that means kendall's will be crap and no one will buy. its literally not a big deal.

  57. Seveni S

    Seveni S15 days ago

    When you live in a world all together and your style, food, drink, hairstyles etc are on display for the rest of the world to see, hear, try etc. what do you think? You play and sell music to the world and people will love it and try it and sometimes use the cool beats in their own music. You cook Mexican food for people to try and you to make money but you think people don’t want to learn how to cook it? All this appropriation is bs. If you could spaghetti guess what? Yes you’re appropriating. Either we’re in the world together sharing learning buying and imitating the things we love or keep all those cultural contributions to yourself and don’t share or try to make money off them etc. Everyone is victim it’s ridiculous.

  58. dave l

    dave l15 days ago

    Get in line to hate Americans, Mexican's now, who's next.

  59. 4 Real

    4 Real14 days ago

    You’re racist.

  60. viiusa 212

    viiusa 21215 days ago

    Yeah and you have to be Russian to sell Wodka 🤦🏼‍♀️

  61. Isaiah castaneda

    Isaiah castaneda15 days ago

    Not the white people telling Mexicans how to feel about this y’all wouldn’t say that shit if she was appropriating black culture YALL would be canceling her...,,

  62. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda15 days ago

    No reason to cancel her it’s just fucked up that the Mexicans harvesting really most likely won’t make shit

  63. Steph G

    Steph G15 days ago

    Uugh ok Kendall Boredom Jenner now has a Tequila brand ...omg nobody cares about her except the no life sheeps of the world ! The Plastic kardashian-Jenners are soooooo irrelevant right now ! Idk why the media even bothers talking about them ? Can you talk about people and events that REALLY matter Clevver News ? 🙄Ok thanks, appreciate !

  64. Honest Caro

    Honest Caro15 days ago

    Calm down people!! Is just strategy marketing for promoting the tequila, I don’t think she gonna make so much money 💰, people don’t drink nowadays

  65. Jose Padilla

    Jose Padilla15 days ago

    Most people will stil buy the cheap one anyway haha. Also, not sure if the "on her" was a play on the word "honor"🤣

  66. Alejandro Mejia

    Alejandro Mejia15 days ago

    I'm Mexican, born, raised and leaving in Mexico, I'm not offended. Tequila actually can only be made in Jalisco, Mexico.Stop moaning about everything and get out of your little bubble, we live in a global world, she is creating new jobs so good for her and the people that are getting a job in the process!

  67. xMantra Ns

    xMantra Ns15 days ago

    God it’s like people are just waiting to be offended by anything i dont even like kendall buy this is so stupid

  68. Suri Mendez

    Suri Mendez15 days ago

    I mean..... I dunno we gotta support my Latinos as we should. But let’s call out everyone not just her

  69. Alyssa Vargas

    Alyssa Vargas15 days ago

    As a Mexican I do not support Kendall Jenner’s decision to make a tequila brand. To be clear, I am not speaking for all Mexicans, as it is clear from this comment section alone that Mexicans are divided on this issue and many others. Also, I would like to state that the purpose of my post is not to present an ad hominem attack against Jenner but to critique this single business venture and to explain why I disagree with the arguments I see in defense of Jenner. Firstly, I would like to say that every non-Mexican celebrity who created a tequila brand of their own in the past was wrong in doing so, and that they deserved as much backlash as Jenner is currently receiving. Yes, Jenner is partly being criticized due to her family name, her participation in an ill-conceived Pepsi ad, and the known business practices of her family members. And yes, it could also be true that she is receiving more criticism than a man would in the same situation due to her sex. However, Jenner is also receiving criticism because the current political climate has given Mexicans and other minorities the courage to voice matters which exploit them, and Jenner’s newest business venture is one such matter. The other non-Mexican celebrities who created tequila brands before Jenner created hers were fortunate to have done so at a time in which the issues Mexicans and other groups face were not given as much concern or understanding. The point stands today that celebrities who attempt to profit off the sale of cultural products from cultures they do not belong to are unjustified in doing so, especially if they do not state any intention to give back to the impoverished communities which provide the labor to produce said products. As coronavirus continues to devastate México and further impoverish a country that already struggles with immense poverty and violence, I believe that every dollar rightly earned from Mexican labor should stay in México. It remains to be seen whether or not Jenner’s company will adequately pay the laborers producing her product. However, if history has taught me and other Mexicans anything, it is that those working for Jenner’s tequila brand will most likely be significantly shortchanged for their back-breaking work. Even if Jenner’s tequila company procedes to provide adequate pay to its laborers, it does not change the fact that an American company has no business selling a cultural product of México. Finally, I would like to state that on this issue, Mexicans alone will decide if Jenner’s business decision is or is not cultural appropriation. It is my own opinion that the consumption of a cultural product is not necessarily appropriation, but that the intent to profit off another culture’s historic products is cultural appropriation/exploitation. As a side note, I would also like to state that it is inappropriate to comment such things as “why do I have to care about these people,” “what about my people,” or “what about x or x?” Every disenfranchised group deserves to have a separate spotlight placed on the issues specific to them, without other groups trying to downplay or exploit said spotlight. Every culture gets to decide for itself, at any point in time, how much they would like to share with non-members, or whether to share anything of their culture to non-members at all. It is not the responsibility nor obligation of any member of a culture to give non-members access to their culture.

  70. Ameri Can

    Ameri Can15 days ago

    That's like saying you can't own a pizza joint, unless you're Italian. The asteroid can't come soon enough.

  71. Mach One

    Mach One15 days ago

    She’s a business person. If you don’t like the circumstances then get the F off the cart! Clooney is some kind of philanthropist for Mexican workers? I’d say not.

  72. Jsjsjajansb Dudhusja

    Jsjsjajansb Dudhusja15 days ago

    If this is culture appropriation... what isn’t? This means a minority can’t make an ac company, since a white man made it. A minority can’t make a car company, since a white man made it. A minority can’t make a medicine company, since a white man made it.

  73. matt newman

    matt newman15 days ago

    In other news: Puff Daddy isn’t Polish

  74. broker32

    broker3215 days ago

    Don’t take my pierogies!

  75. Destin Sansbury

    Destin Sansbury15 days ago

    Cancel culture is so TOXIC

  76. Destin Sansbury

    Destin Sansbury15 days ago

    This is stupid. Anyone can make tequila. Y’all liberals ruin everything!

  77. Damaris

    Damaris15 days ago

    It just means more options!

  78. Judith

    Judith15 days ago

    As someone whose parents have an agave field (agave is the plant that is used for tequila amongst other drinks), I find it irritating that all these celebrities want to start a tequila line, not just kendall. I see my dad working hard and taking care of these plants and for some rich white person to come and play taste test and decide to open a brand where they don’t get their hands dirty but end up getting more profit than the actual workers is disgusting.

  79. Judith

    Judith13 days ago

    @broker32 many businesses in mexico have a hard time staying open and/or having resources for their plants, they need investors or someone higher to continue providing them the money for their plants. As well as their income since mexico is very poor. That’s what my father did to continue having his business and so did my tíos, grandpa, etc...

  80. broker32

    broker3214 days ago

    The person that either sold their land, leased their land, or sold their recipe in Mexico doesn’t seem to share your opinion

  81. Alex CC

    Alex CC15 days ago

    As mexicans, we could care less about this, stop calling it "cultural appropiation", the only ones who have trouble with this, is you americans. Seriously, we don't care.

  82. Maria L. Chavez

    Maria L. Chavez13 days ago

    As a mexican, many of us do care.

  83. Alex CC

    Alex CC15 days ago

    As a mexican, the think that upset me is that its probably gonna taste like a reaaally light version of the real tequila, lol.

  84. menna Elzawahry

    menna Elzawahry15 days ago

    Can they do something without getting attacked please 🙄🙄🙄

  85. sean love

    sean love15 days ago

    Nobody says its racist against the french when rappers like JayZ buy champagne brands? Society has gome crazy making everything about race, when no need.

  86. cup

    cup15 days ago

    Wow mcmuffins are so expensive now holy shit and with a hash brown

  87. Tia Kardaras

    Tia Kardaras15 days ago

    they just wanna cancel her cause shes a jenner like pls

  88. Nyla Williams

    Nyla Williams15 days ago

    This is dumb alone. Literally how many people of different race have a tequila brand yet y’all only call out Kendall. This is like saying a person can not have an Italian pizza place because it appropriates the Italian culture. You see how dumb that sounds. If anything why are we not coming after George Clooney for naming his brand Casaamigo Tequila. Y’all hating because she is a Karjenner.

  89. Raquel Giron

    Raquel Giron15 days ago

    It thats the point. None of these celebrities made the tequila, they go to these towns, ask these people who work for years creating their own recipes to sell it to them and then take credit for THEIR work and claim it as their own. And the only reason they get to do it is because the have big money behind them while these distillery farmers don’t. That’s the point. It’s gentrification.

  90. The Real Deal

    The Real Deal10 days ago

    Those people get to sell a whole lot more of their Tequila than they would with their own label! The product still comes from Jalisco, Mexico. Made by locals. Profited upon by locals! Don't you understand sales and basic economics????? Too busy hating!

  91. broker32

    broker3214 days ago

    Gentrification? Do you know what that term means? Check a dictionary

  92. Karina Montoya

    Karina Montoya15 days ago

    Thank you for this comment. Notice how no one has yet challenged your thoughts on this. Everyone is saying “it’s just alcohol and she’s rich she can do anything” or “what abt the other celebs” like as if they’re trying to justify it.

  93. Asier Quiñones Fernández

    Asier Quiñones Fernández15 days ago

    not only is this black history month this is hispanic appropriation month, first Kendal EXPLOITING MEXICAN tequila, then Christopher Logan Paul over here in my island of Puerto Rico trying to film dead bodies while getting extremely low taxes bc he owns a buisness in the US girl we getting colonized all over again 💀

  94. Taurus 03

    Taurus 0315 days ago


  95. IV IV

    IV IV15 days ago

    Tres Generaciones , Don Julio 70 , Clase Azul , even 1942 , real Latinos won’t even drink this shit it’s Garbage

  96. Solo Traveler - Off The Beaten Path

    Solo Traveler - Off The Beaten Path13 days ago

    If you want a bomb tasting tequila that is still very affordable, I highly recommend Cimarron or Espolon.

  97. Lykn Del Toro

    Lykn Del Toro13 days ago

    It's Mexican not Latino.

  98. Michelle Montserrat Enriquez Meda

    Michelle Montserrat Enriquez Meda14 days ago

    I drink Don Julio 70. And its a Mexican thing, not a Latinos thing. There will come a time we're not agave will be ready for the process of tequila, because of the exploitation that has faced internationally. What is going to do the people that lives in Tequila? Is literally the only thing they produce, and is the only place the Tequila can be produced.

  99. Mex1canPapi1

    Mex1canPapi115 days ago

    Mex1co 💪🇲🇽

  100. Nagy Gréta

    Nagy Gréta15 days ago

    Omg why do people hate on everything??? Like shes just making tequila. Tons of other white people have tequila brands?? And its not meant to offend anyone its tequila??!!

  101. Brandon Avila

    Brandon Avila15 days ago

    As a Mexican I couldn’t care less. I don’t see the problem here.

  102. Brandon Avila

    Brandon Avila15 days ago

    @Jess C And as I said i don’t care. She made her own tequila so what. The rock did the same shit but no one said anything so why hate on her? Jus cause she’s white? Sounds a lil racist to me lmao

  103. Jess C

    Jess C15 days ago

    Cause ya let the white man exploit you,nothing new yall been letting it pass on for years lol

  104. Smith S.

    Smith S.15 days ago

    Leave this girl alone. You’re only picking on her because of who she is and that is not right. George Clooney, Randy Gerber have a tequila and I don’t see you talking this racist mess to them. And they are THE WHITE-EST men in America.

  105. Helena Johnson

    Helena Johnson16 days ago

    Give the girl a break 😂 she’s not exploiting anyone lmao if you don’t support it don’t buy it end of story 🤷‍♀️ all these opinions on the matter are irrelevant Y’all just want something to be mad about

  106. King King

    King King16 days ago

    Before ya'll say "omg they're such snowflakes" or "omg they're just jealous" first of all, it's sickening how another white celebrity profiting off of other people's culture, if Mexican wants to be angry over this, then it's their right, don't you dare to tell POC how to feel because ya'll white people don't know how it feels to get your culture appropriated since ya'll have no culture and likes to appropriate other people's culture, ya'll don't understand so shut the fuck up and don't compare "how about the pizza store that owned by non Italian person" it's a different thing and story, she said "I've been working hard for 4 years" like what hard work? She doesn't do anything, the people in Mexico did

  107. cup

    cup15 days ago

    And maybe she did work hard. Not as hard because shes already a big name so she probably gets deals and favors easily. But nonetheless its not easy to run a business.

  108. cup

    cup15 days ago

    Irish people have culture. Theyre white

  109. iDonte Perfect

    iDonte Perfect16 days ago

    I understand why ppl are mad but why is she literally the only one getting hate at this point I don’t even think it’s cause she’s a women it’s literally because she’s related to the Kardashians and ppl will find any way to hate so many “popular” mainstream Male artist have made tequilas also and have faced little to no backlash at all and even praise yet when she does it ppl are randomly mad, I understand you can be annoyed at someone taking something known from your culture and making profit off of it however if that’s the case how are you gonna be cherry picking which celeb is ok and what ones get called out for doing the same thing

  110. Denice Gomez

    Denice Gomez16 days ago

    Many celebrities have Tequila brands even Tesla has tequila. She’s not exploiting Mexican culture. Cancel culture is so fucken toxic. It’s NOT culture appropriating, it’s appreciating our culture.

  111. Jay Hollywood

    Jay Hollywood16 days ago

    I’m Mexican not just Mexico Mexican, but from the state of Jalisco where there has been a shortage on agave, where tequila is originally made and I’m definitely supporting Kendall, go for it Kendall and ignore the negativity people now a days are just so ignorant!

  112. Alexis Cardenas

    Alexis Cardenas16 days ago

    As a Latina. I’m not about to call her Tequila Queen or anything but go on, Kendall. Get your money.

  113. Nancy Herrera

    Nancy Herrera16 days ago

    I think if they are paying the workers right and not taking advantage I see no reason for anyone to be mad. Other celebrities have done this and no one made such a big deal.

  114. Rudra Chowdhary

    Rudra Chowdhary16 days ago

    Whatever these people do they always get backlash, the public expects them to do everything and perfect If they start out a business venture Suddenly they are accused of not promoting small businesses If they buy a certain item which is expensive suddenly they are accused of spending a lot of money and not helping the people in need Like I get the fact that yes they should use their platforms to help others as well But we should not forget that at the end of the day they are people too who are looking out for themselves by either starting new businesses or doing something now Or even buying something expensive time and again And it's not just Kendall Many celebrities and personalities are targeted like this Its ok they are people too They don't have to be perfect, just imagine having a life in which If you go on a vacation or drink a certain kind of drink it comes up on the news the next day Please be kind ❤️❤️

  115. Isaac .X

    Isaac .X16 days ago

    People get mad at everything. Who actually cares ? Embarrassed to be part of this “woke” generation.

  116. Richards Family

    Richards Family16 days ago

    Only Racists SEE something wrong with this. Believing you own an inanimate object, food, or drink because of your race or skin color is just plain STUPIDITY.

  117. Martinezyoyo

    Martinezyoyo16 days ago

    So for the past year while we’re all in a 😷pandemic and no socializing, Kendall and her friends were all tequila tasting? Hmmmmm

  118. Hope Lovegood

    Hope Lovegood15 days ago

    @cup 💀💀😭😭

  119. cup

    cup15 days ago

    I was tequila tasting too

  120. gcmacyman

    gcmacyman16 days ago

    Absolutely stupid, Oh, so should Black women who wear wigs and weaves that look nothing like their own natural hair (let alone be able to even grow it) be called culturally exploitative of another culture, even the Latina women who cut their hair and sell it for other Black women to get woven into their own? Even better, should they not wear BLONDE wigs and weaves on their heads because they are exploiting European culture???. Sean Diddy owned big stock in a Tequila company? Is he exploiting? Give me a break.

  121. dre27321

    dre2732116 days ago

    So people know that to have tequila it has to legally be made in a certain section of Mexico right? That means she had to do business with the people there to even get this product made in the first place. So how is she appropriating the culture of she literally has to do business with them to get it made? If it’s a problem then the Mexican manufacturers that allowed her to make it should be at fault

  122. Estefania Chavez

    Estefania Chavez15 days ago

    @dre27321 okay so i understand that majority of people don’t understand why tequila genuinely is a part of Mexican culture. But Kendall branded her tequila as Mexican with Spanish labels and she got the labels wrong. Reposado, blanco, And añejo go after tequila. Now she can easily correct that which i don’t have a problem with but she named it 818 which yes Calabasas technically is part of that area code but the rest of that areas is predominantly poor areas which Mexican Americans live in. So Kendall and her family is making money off of a drink that means so much to majority of Mexicans, marketed and branded her tequila as Mexican but didn’t care to get it right or even highlight and share the process of how tequila is made. At least that’s how i saw it. The plant the drink is made of takes 6 to 8 years to grow so it’s ready to be used to make tequila and there is so much more that goes into making it and she didn’t care to see how it’s made or learn how it’s made, at least that’s how it seems and is most likely not going to even pay the manufacturers a good portion of her profits. And the reason i think she got called out instead of the other celebrity owned tequila brands is because of her branding and because her family is known for profiting off of products that represent something in other cultures and it’s fine if share how they appreciate and understand why that product means so much to that culture instead of making it seem like a cash grab. And the reason it’s triggering is because of the history of how white people treated my people and only care about the culture and not the people and we carry that trauma and it just bothers some of us to see people exploit our culture for profit given the history of how our people were and still are being treated. At the end of the day nothing is going to stop her from selling it and I’m not going to hate her for it. I don’t agree with it so I’m just not going to buy it end of story. But I’m also going to give my opinion. You may not agree with it and that’s completely fine. That’s what makes us humans. It would be so boring if everyone agreed on the same things but i just ask that you respect why it’s important to my culture that’s all. And don’t invalidate our opinions just because to you it seems like we are over reacting when if you knew the history behind how our people were treated then you would understand why people don’t like when someone tries to profit off of something that is important to our culture and brands it as a Mexican tequila without showing her appreciation for the culture. If the other celebrities branded it wrongly then Im sure they would have been called out and also the kardashians and jenners are just so relevant that’s why it sparked controversy. That’s all.

  123. dre27321

    dre2732115 days ago

    @Estefania Chavez what’s wrong with her branding

  124. Estefania Chavez

    Estefania Chavez15 days ago

    The manufacturers aren’t to blame for her branding. The branding is what people have an issue with which is why they have an issue with her making tequila in the first place but i also know that people can’t stop her from making tequila so just like for all the other celebrities who have made tequila, i personally won’t buy her tequila and that’s it. She’s going to do it anyways and I’m not going to send her hate for it i just wish people actually understood why tequila is really important for most Mexicans and why it’s part of our heritage and is more than just a drink. Kendall Jenner is a smart business women but i just wish she branded it differently. I think if she branded it differently no one would call her out. But maybe it’s just me thinking that.

  125. Emy Velazquez

    Emy Velazquez16 days ago

    Envy is the sincerest form of flattery!!!! Good luck Kendal

  126. Kylie Smith

    Kylie Smith16 days ago

    Doesn’t drake also have one lol? Why isn’t anyone saying anything to him?

  127. Choruz Vargas

    Choruz Vargas14 days ago

    @Kylie Smith you the one thinking it's racist. You in the wrong page of thinking bby but I will not waste my time anymore

  128. Kylie Smith

    Kylie Smith15 days ago

    @cup and yeah of course it does. Especially from a certain race of women lol. They are very jealous and racist people it’s horrible and it’s acceptable for some reason.

  129. Kylie Smith

    Kylie Smith15 days ago

    @cup she’s not Armenian. Kim, Khloe and kourtney have a different father from Kendall and Kylie. Kim, Khloe and kourtneys father is rob kardashian who is Armenian but Kylie and Kendall’s dad is Bruce Jenner who is white. And their mom is white so yeah.

  130. cup

    cup15 days ago

    @Kylie Smith and shes still white , but shes Armenian or had armenian blood. And alot of the hate comes from women ive noticed.

  131. Kylie Smith

    Kylie Smith15 days ago

    @cup LITERALLY. Ofc kendall gets hate cause she’s white. People are so racist to white people these days and the sad thing is, no one sees anything wrong with it.

  132. Asa Asura

    Asa Asura16 days ago

    Shes not the only one with a tequila brand tho, why is she the only one getting dragged?

  133. Asa Asura

    Asa Asura15 days ago

    @Estefania Chavez Thank you for explaining, I understand better now.

  134. Estefania Chavez

    Estefania Chavez15 days ago

    A lot of people don’t know how important the tequila business and process is to Mexicans. A lot of people may not understand or get how important it is to our culture and even people in our culture don’t think it’s that important to them but that doesn’t mean we get to invalidate the people who do care about tequila. I think ,and it’s just my opinion, that the reason she is getting “dragged” for it is her branding of the tequila brand. So because not a lot of people know this but in order for a brand to have their liquor product legally named tequila it must be made in tequila, Jalisco in mexico. If it’s not made their or in any other places that is certified in Mexico then they can only call it an agave product or something like that i don’t remember the correct term. But my point is she labeled her products wrong, misspelled some terms, and she named it after an area code that has predominately Mexican Americans living there while they are suffering in poverty. Kendall is marketing and branding her tequila as a Mexican brand and her first mistake is getting the labels wrong, profiting off of Mexicans and most likely won’t bring light to the culture and actually share her knowledge about the process of tequila. And like the video mentioned there has been a shortage of agave in Jalisco for years so distilleries will produce the big brands, all these famous celebrities brands first which means these other authentic Mexican owned brands will have shortages which can lead to business loss and they live off of the income they make from their brands. These celebrities won’t loose anything if they stop producing tequila. So in retrospect she is unknowingly hurting the people that make her tequila. And the reason it sparked controversy is because she is branding it as Mexican and claims her tequila is the best out of all the tequilas which to me reads as a white persons tequila is better than an Mexican owned tequila and it may just be me reading into it but with the history of how America treated our people and overtaken things related to our culture just rubs me the wrong way. Americans take Cinco de Mayo as a day to just get drunk without actually knowing what that day meant and represents in Mexico, they dress with sombreros and mustaches without realizing they are amplifying the stereotype that that’s how Mexican look and dress, they take taco Tuesday and make it their thing. From my point of view Im tired of white people taking things from my people and making it “trendy” without actually appreciating the history behind those things and sharing it and uplifting it. And not to mention a good part of white people like our culture but don’t like that our people want to come to the US for a better life. Instead it seems like a cash grab thing. Sorry this is way to long but i hope this explains why she is getting called out instead of the other celebrities. I guess my point is that the other celebrities didn’t brand their tequila the way she did which triggered a good portion of Mexicans.

  135. Attract Positivity

    Attract Positivity16 days ago

    We still love you Kendall! 🥰🥰

  136. Lisa Karlsson

    Lisa Karlsson16 days ago

    What even is this? Are people seriously THIS sensitive? This is the reason why reddit and 9gag are the only good social medias left...

  137. fallon carrington

    fallon carrington16 days ago

    Yall are acting as though she’s holding a gun to your head for you to buy it. Don’t like that she’s selling it? Don’t freaking buy it. Out here looking real stupid...

  138. Desiray Wright

    Desiray Wright16 days ago

    I’m a little confused...Nick Jonas has tequila and so does George Clooney. Sexist much? I am NOT a KarJenner fan at all. I can’t stand them, but I’m not understanding the problem with her creating her own brand. 🤔

  139. o

    o16 days ago

    I'm Mexican and those Twitter people are toxic, there is nothing wrong with this and everyone knows it please stop promoting the negativity