Here's How To STAR In 'Euphoria' Season 2

Euphoria is officially casting for the upcoming second season and they’ve issued a public casting call in search of their newest lead role, so spread the word, y’all! Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:
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  1. Samantha Gonzalez

    Samantha Gonzalez10 days ago


  2. maya mariee

    maya mariee11 days ago


  3. Nia Error

    Nia Error11 days ago

    Lmg why bish u dont want a new lead rols rn u want rue to be still tge lead role wtf who can play a lead role better then zendaya ? Yes nobody can ty for listening

  4. Gloria Justice

    Gloria Justice13 days ago

    I'll ask my brothers hehe 🤧 Bet they won't say yes😭

  5. Lakayah Williams

    Lakayah Williams14 days ago

    Bruh Rues not dead isn't she the one telling the story 😂

  6. Harish Kumar Parmar

    Harish Kumar Parmar14 days ago

    i'mma not into acting that's why whoever is auditioning all the best to 'em 👍🏻🙏🏼

  7. Craigyy P.

    Craigyy P.14 days ago

    So the only way to audition is through backstage?


    JHIANNA BARNES14 days ago

    If Rue dies...that's when they find out most people only watched for Zendaya and Hunter...

  9. Marie Tee

    Marie Tee12 days ago

    Lmaoo exactly

  10. Edith Dudley

    Edith Dudley14 days ago

    I honestly just can’t wait to see the outfits!

  11. Ahlamm -

    Ahlamm -14 days ago

    If only I was a male aged between 18-25

  12. lmfe

    lmfe14 days ago

    i doubt they want a ugly 13 year old :(

  13. Indyai Jean-Baptiste

    Indyai Jean-Baptiste14 days ago

    I am in Haiti😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Eva Belle

    Eva Belle14 days ago

    Damn, black male 🥲

  15. J’anne brown

    J’anne brown14 days ago

    Rue likes girls not boys

  16. Marie Tee

    Marie Tee12 days ago

    She never said she like boys or girls

  17. Ophelia

    Ophelia14 days ago

    I think she likes the 'person' regardless of the gender.

  18. J’anne brown

    J’anne brown14 days ago

    Rue can’t die because she one telling the story

  19. Emilio Dominik

    Emilio Dominik4 days ago

    @Ronin Jadiel checking it out now. Looks to be working.

  20. Ronin Jadiel

    Ronin Jadiel4 days ago

    dunno if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!

  21. Nia Error

    Nia Error13 days ago

    @Dany yes but you know a lot of people just watch euphoria for zendaya

  22. Dany

    Dany13 days ago

    @Nia Error There are enough Series who worked without their former main Characters. A new main Character takes their place then. No Problem at all.

  23. Nia Error

    Nia Error13 days ago

    @J’anne brown same

  24. Mady O

    Mady O14 days ago

    Me, a latina thinking I had a chance.....

  25. nightcore99

    nightcore9914 days ago

    It’s a black man/NB person

  26. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick14 days ago

    Lmao I wish It could be me but I'm young they dont want any young character lol😂

  27. Esther AJAYI

    Esther AJAYI14 days ago

    I know I wont get in, but imma try cos meeting zendaya tf!!@

  28. WeGotHeatTv

    WeGotHeatTv14 days ago

    lol why make this video when 90% of your demographic is underage girls....🤓

  29. viiusa 212

    viiusa 21214 days ago

    shit i'm a white girl 😂

  30. Lucas Orlando

    Lucas Orlando14 days ago

    Um how can rue be dead literally both rue and Jules episode take place after the end of the first season showing that rue did not die

  31. mia_mw_.x

    mia_mw_.x15 days ago

    this isn’t even denial but there’s no way rue is dead 😂

  32. RoyalDiamonds

    RoyalDiamonds15 days ago

    I haven’t even watched the show, I just like this channel!!

  33. Errick Brown

    Errick Brown15 days ago

    I wanna audition

  34. Gabby Velez

    Gabby Velez15 days ago

    LMAOAOAOAO I wish I could but I’m young and they don’t have any young characters 🥲

  35. Nalin

    Nalin14 days ago

    @Audacity OfYouththose shows are so bad tho hbo has all the good stuff

  36. Audacity OfYouth

    Audacity OfYouth14 days ago

    Go watch FreeForm or CW. Get off of HBO, it’s not for people your age anyways. Enjoy your childhood, and don’t rush to grow up.

  37. Nice

    Nice14 days ago

    Except for that little drug dealer boy lol

  38. iTzKevin

    iTzKevin15 days ago

    when your not 18 🥲

  39. Tahj Darling

    Tahj Darling15 days ago

    Why can’t they have younger people on here

  40. Marie Tee

    Marie Tee12 days ago

    @shortcake nyc but there are a lot of younger kids in euphoria like fez lil brother and his a big part

  41. Don Don

    Don Don14 days ago

    Doesn't make a difference to me

  42. Tahj Darling

    Tahj Darling14 days ago

    @shortcake nycthx

  43. shortcake nyc

    shortcake nyc14 days ago

    @Tahj Darling still applies lol. the show is about teenagers , they don’t want more younger people in it cause it’s not about them.

  44. Tahj Darling

    Tahj Darling14 days ago

    @shortcake nyc I’m talking about as like a sibling

  45. Dev Talks

    Dev Talks15 days ago

    Does anyone have a back stage upgrade account and wants to share the discription of the Audition

  46. May Maggie

    May Maggie8 days ago

    Sure, I can help you out!

  47. Daniel T

    Daniel T15 days ago

    voir écouter Sussan Mourad est déjà très important. Euphoria ! je ne connaissais pas, n'en ayant pas encore regardé. apparemment les personnages les plus importants sont des Filles, elles ont tendances a tout connaître, l'homme deviendrait le confident de leur savoir, sans devoir d'intervenir. J'essaierai d'en regarder un sur USloft. Merci a vous Sussan. seeing Sussan Mourad listen is already very important. Euphoria! I did not know, not having looked yet. apparently the most important characters are Girls, they tend to know everything, the man would become the confidant of their knowledge, without having to intervene. I'll try to watch one on USloft. Thanks to you Sussan.

  48. ZO DIAC

    ZO DIAC15 days ago

    Lol I wish it could be me

  49. M0m's Spagh3tt1

    M0m's Spagh3tt114 days ago


  50. Dillan Xavier

    Dillan Xavier15 days ago

    How do I apply ???

  51. lmfe

    lmfe14 days ago

    @Dillan Xavier hope you get it

  52. Dillan Xavier

    Dillan Xavier15 days ago

    @Dev Talks thank you,wish me luck

  53. Dev Talks

    Dev Talks15 days ago

    Through the back stage app

  54. Adam Padilla

    Adam Padilla15 days ago

    Insta@ adamdeflur

  55. Lebogang Molahloe

    Lebogang Molahloe15 days ago


  56. Cutie apple pie Cenat

    Cutie apple pie Cenat15 days ago


  57. Катерина Таро

    Катерина Таро15 days ago


  58. Maya M

    Maya M15 days ago