Billie Eilish's Terrifying STALKER Situation Gets Violent!

Billie Eilish was granted a restraining order against a man who was accused of "extremely disturbing" and “potentially dangerous” harassment. So scary. Let’s get into it. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:
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  1. Seek out knowledge

    Seek out knowledge8 days ago

    What the hell is going on with celebs privacy!

  2. B E

    B E9 days ago

    Rolled up my sleeves to get ready for action, I don’t want Billie to die by mistake.

  3. Faiza Tahir

    Faiza Tahir9 days ago

    This is just sad.

  4. Kirsten A

    Kirsten A10 days ago

    She needs a security team from Florida or Texas. They’re not afraid to pop pop 🔫 homeboy would already be “taken care of”

  5. Patricia pat

    Patricia pat10 days ago

    if not for @DUMPSGURU where would I be? he saved me from these fake niggas selling dumps, I appreciate you man..

  6. maddie

    maddie10 days ago

    wtf she’s a person giver her the privacy and respect she deserves

  7. BillieEilish Edits

    BillieEilish Edits12 days ago

    billie: Someone is stalking me me: ^goes to store^ ok so can i have a 8inch knife,2shotguns,456Drones,1087,torpedos person: Wtf why me:someone is stalking billie person: take all of it everything empty the shelves have it for free

  8. Sarah Ruane

    Sarah Ruane12 days ago

    I feel so terrible that this would happen to, not only a celebrity, but to another human! To be stalked outside of her own home! I'm the same age as Billie and if this ever happened to me and if I ever received a letter like that, I'd be terrified to walk out of my own house! In my opinion, I don't think it's normal for a 19 year old kid like me to be terrified of walking out of my own house and be threatened like that! I hope she's OK.


    QUEEN KYMANI12 days ago

    People is just weird

  10. CrazyAnxiousCat

    CrazyAnxiousCat12 days ago

    Who is doing this to her?!?!? I just want to know for... um...research purposes? Yea that.

  11. Arris McCarthy

    Arris McCarthy12 days ago

    I feel like so many people forget that celebrities have feelings too. They’re still human, no matter how famous. Everyone deserves privacy and kindness

  12. •Møonlight_StarDust•

    •Møonlight_StarDust•12 days ago

    This is Disgusting, how people being stalked just cause their "popular" I feel bad for her.

  13. Billie Sunlix

    Billie Sunlix13 days ago

    she also received a note from Hearle saying: Hey Billy my name as you probably know as Jhon Hearle Cluiefer. the mereing star. I don't know if you hear the voices. But ive been in *********** for 1.5 month. heri some i found i need you to know IF YOU DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY YOU WILL DIE life comes from growth right? without growth you will sit in a timber of desenifate. you cannot run stable growth without balance of a foundation which extremely is you means straight for unreal and you desire life i already knew but white bonnets might be aventure because human love is fake, its better to be better and you will find your work and effort.

  14. John Lai

    John Lai13 days ago

    Stay safe Billie Eilish this situation is really scary and sadly situations happen like this for celebrity’s a lot hope it gets resolved.

  15. bils. Shark

    bils. Shark13 days ago

    I hope she will be ok 🥺😭

  16. Lincoln KCW

    Lincoln KCW13 days ago

    she's still a teenage girl, just slightly more famous than most of us

  17. That Waver

    That Waver9 days ago

    *sligtly* 😐

  18. Umma Palmer

    Umma Palmer13 days ago

    I hope there okay

  19. Eli MR

    Eli MR13 days ago

    Bueno no se hablar inglés y sólo entiendo 2 o 4 palabras de lo que dise ☹️😅

  20. CCR Verser

    CCR Verser13 days ago

    Invasion of one's privacy is already damning. This really hurts my heart. Celebrity or not, privacy is a basic human right. 💔 Sending love and safety to Billie and her family.

  21. Annie Graham

    Annie Graham14 days ago

    The guy should be arrested, charged and thrown in jail for making threats to take the families lives not just given a restraining order cause he could abuse that and still turn up at the house. I seriously hope that Billie and her family will be protected at all costs with no harm coming to them ever, how frightening my heart goes out to the Eilish family x

  22. Aadvika Srikrishna

    Aadvika Srikrishna14 days ago

    God, like is privacy too much to ask? Give her a break.

  23. Kristina Corley

    Kristina Corley14 days ago

    OMGGGG stay safe Billie ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  24. Layla Schoot

    Layla Schoot14 days ago

    Omg this is terrible please respect people and especially Billie and her family! I love you Billie,Finneas,Maggie,Patrick,and Shark,and so on! I have been a fan for maybe three years now! I love you stay safe everyong

  25. Plantation D

    Plantation D14 days ago


  26. billie .drawingss

    billie .drawingss14 days ago

    oh god i really hope she stays safeee

  27. NightWraith76

    NightWraith7614 days ago

    I’m no major fan of Billie, but this is fucked up. No one deserves this shit.

  28. Caitlin Frawley

    Caitlin Frawley14 days ago

    This shit is so scary. Nobody should need to go through this at all. I am glad Billie and her family are okay and safe.

  29. Austin Hitt

    Austin Hitt14 days ago

    I hope the requested protective orders for her parents are put in place too! I have no idea what the current security protocols are but there should definitely be security at the house whether Billie is there or not. Some rly crazy ppl come for the loved ones of a target instead of the actual target.

  30. gladysglad orlino

    gladysglad orlino14 days ago

    Tell that privacy statement to paparazzis

  31. Spiryt Wrld

    Spiryt Wrld14 days ago

    Sorry about that. I can't imagine what that is like. I pray to the Creator that your are protected. We love u, Billie!

  32. Ruby Alberona

    Ruby Alberona14 days ago

    I would just move out to the outside of town... where no one can see u or anyone around and with friends or family.

  33. Nai

    Nai14 days ago

    So upsetting and disappointing, leave my baby alone!! SMFH

  34. *DevyDev*

    *DevyDev*14 days ago

    Damnnnnnnnnnn can y’all like leave her tf alone

  35. I'm Noctin

    I'm Noctin14 days ago

    "you cant get what you want, unless what you want is to die for me. You will know that soon the water will rise and you might very well will die." Wtf does that even mean? Who does this guy think he is? 😐

  36. CurtTks

    CurtTks13 days ago

    Probably talking about climate change like bruh

  37. E Guyatt

    E Guyatt14 days ago

    She need better security

  38. C James

    C James14 days ago

    That piece of shit should be locked up in jail, he deserves way worse than a restraining order. The hell is wrong with people

  39. HARDK1LLA Dumb ideas

    HARDK1LLA Dumb ideas14 days ago


  40. Denise Vazquez

    Denise Vazquez14 days ago

    Damn I feel bad for her, this is a scary situation.... I hope they are protected at all times, and I hope nothing bad happens to them

  41. Nicole Schaller

    Nicole Schaller14 days ago

    So upsetting. I hope she feels safer with the restraining order

  42. Harish Kumar Parmar

    Harish Kumar Parmar14 days ago

    I hope she's fine. 🙏🏼

  43. Julia Woody

    Julia Woody14 days ago

    At this point someone please wrap this poor woman up in a mattress. I love billie sooooo much and idk why someone would do that.

  44. Sinister1986

    Sinister198614 days ago

    It's fans like these that ruin it for the rest of us, this isn't just some love sick fan. What makes this worse isn't just the fact this guy needs help, what's worse is that he just wants attention. That's why he's going after her and not someone normal.

  45. Kalyani Suneetha

    Kalyani Suneetha14 days ago

    Honestly dont know what to say! I'm so shocked that people get treated that way.

  46. whatever idc

    whatever idc14 days ago

    This breaks my heart 😭😭😭

  47. AdleyUwU

    AdleyUwU14 days ago

    As a biggest fan of her, my anxiety for her is really way too high. I'm so so so so SO worried about her. I just wanna say to the stalker that PLEASE STOP THIS, THIS ISN'T FUNNY ANYMORE AND JUST LIVE THIS ANGEL FREE. I BEG YOU. I hate people stalking Billie. It's not flipping necessary.

  48. Russ Spurlock

    Russ Spurlock14 days ago

    I'm so sorry Billie Eilish

  49. Denise Reyes

    Denise Reyes14 days ago

    People's are more scarier than monster

  50. idxntknowhy

    idxntknowhy14 days ago

    Famous of not, nobody deserves to be stalked and to be sent death threats. I idolize Billie so much and she's just always been there for me and thinking about what could've happened made me very emotional. Billie and her family don't deserve this. They're regular people just like everyone else, they deserve privacy and peace.

  51. Denny Jones

    Denny Jones14 days ago

    Oh my god this is horrible why would somebody ever do that to a person that’s just wrong truly wrong like I think that they need to make the courts have a psychiatric evaluation on this guy because I have no idea and what mine would make somebody think that that was OK

  52. Micah WiseTFUp

    Micah WiseTFUp14 days ago

    "Well just like everyone else"( in ur annoying voice) they get no fuckn privacy!! you're welcome!

  53. Debra Slack

    Debra Slack14 days ago

    I love Billie, this is so sad.

  54. billies abi

    billies abi14 days ago

    this guy is just jealous of billie because she has an big carrier and this man is probably just a trash man!

  55. Charles Reyna

    Charles Reyna14 days ago

    This is so fu**ed up.

  56. Claire Hayes

    Claire Hayes14 days ago

    Billie Eilish deserves better!

  57. Blank Dragyn

    Blank Dragyn14 days ago

    Stalker situations have ended really badly for past entertainers and I'm hoping she stays safe

  58. Aubrey

    Aubrey14 days ago

    Poor thing, I cannot imagine the fear and anxiety she and her family have been going through. My prayers are with Billie and her family

  59. Just_CC !

    Just_CC !14 days ago

    Poor billie!! Stay safe!!

  60. Peter Mertes

    Peter Mertes14 days ago

    Can they just lock up this idiot? I mean death threats are a crime???

  61. Cassandra Callahan

    Cassandra Callahan14 days ago

    I hope Billie and her family stay safe ❤️💚

  62. Hannah Banana

    Hannah Banana14 days ago

    poor billie :(🤍

  63. Deborah Idehen

    Deborah Idehen14 days ago

    Poor baby:(

  64. Louise Barrowman

    Louise Barrowman14 days ago

    I remember Jlo’s stalker filmed himself inside her property! Fckn psychos, the lot of them! Poor women, men, anyone, that has to go through this bs! My heart goes out to them!💞

  65. Sasa Ramona

    Sasa Ramona14 days ago

    Always take care billie keep security on your own whenever you go stay safe 🙏😇❤️🤗

  66. Eve Walker

    Eve Walker14 days ago

    She is still a young woman. Nobody should go through this but especially not someone so inexperienced in life

  67. lexi lex

    lexi lex14 days ago


  68. Addison Rae Fanpage

    Addison Rae Fanpage14 days ago

    OMG! This is so bad! Leave the queen alone! Isn't prifacy real anymore?


    DJ SUMMER STREETS.14 days ago

    Hope she's ok,love u billie!💚

  70. Dr. Grayson

    Dr. Grayson14 days ago

    In my country, creeps usually ceases of existence after ignoring the third warning. They end up, missing...

  71. Tiny Toons

    Tiny Toons14 days ago

    Y’all better attack such “stalking” behaviors with the same energy people attack celebs for doing some normal things that might seem weird for others, stalking anyone is a shitty behavior and death threats are THE WORST.

  72. luna jack

    luna jack14 days ago

    Some people are just fucked up

  73. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick14 days ago

    I'm not celebrities but I'm a big fan of billie eilish but I hated the idea of being stalked let alone of being violent I'm so glad Billie eilish got a restraining order people should have privates whenever they are famous or not.

  74. Haybe Mohamed

    Haybe Mohamed14 days ago

    I'm just extremely happy that they are safe

  75. Shark’s Mystery Octopus

    Shark’s Mystery Octopus14 days ago

    You mess with Billie, I come killie. And that’s on periodt.

  76. CrazyAnxiousCat

    CrazyAnxiousCat12 days ago


  77. Ilomilosh._

    Ilomilosh._14 days ago

    I hope she‘s ok :(



    Omg . Sending love and prayers.. be safe everyone

  79. A G

    A G14 days ago

    Susan is so beautiful🤍😭😭and also poor Billie

  80. Oskar Budzynski

    Oskar Budzynski14 days ago

    What the hell! Stay strong billie!

  81. nice gal

    nice gal14 days ago

    Why she being stalked though Stalking someone ain't cool guys😥😒🙄

  82. Jam Ardinez

    Jam Ardinez11 days ago

    Jealousy 🤪

  83. Emiliano Mejia

    Emiliano Mejia14 days ago

    I honestly see Billie eillish becoming irrelevant soon

  84. Emiliano Mejia

    Emiliano Mejia6 days ago

    @Shark’s Mystery Octopus oh like snake 🐍

  85. Emiliano Mejia

    Emiliano Mejia6 days ago

    @Shark’s Mystery Octopus what does that mean

  86. Shark’s Mystery Octopus

    Shark’s Mystery Octopus14 days ago


  87. RoyalDiamonds

    RoyalDiamonds14 days ago

    Billie Eilish is my favourite singer and she is ALWAYS the victim of something horrific, firstly with the body shaming and now with this weirdo sending creepy letters to her house? Y’all need to mind your own business.

  88. Billie is my wife

    Billie is my wife14 days ago

    I totally agree it makes me so worried for her and her family’s safety

  89. Nafeesah Benjamin

    Nafeesah Benjamin14 days ago

    That happened tos omeone else names Park Jimin, but worse

  90. Shark’s Mystery Octopus

    Shark’s Mystery Octopus14 days ago

    The weird thing is I couldn’t sleep last night because I had a gut feeling that something was gonna happen to Billie

  91. Vihani Khanna

    Vihani Khanna14 days ago

    Ayyeee Queen Susan is back!! Sorry im not that punctual or commenting on their videos but Susan is so nice!! I absolutely love Susan!

  92. Girl Anywho

    Girl Anywho14 days ago

    Celebrity or not, we are all human, give us privacy

  93. Laura Feltmate

    Laura Feltmate14 days ago

    200 yards, so.. he can still sit at the school and harass her? That judge is corrupt. Complete bullshit.

  94. Zachary Mitchell

    Zachary Mitchell14 days ago


  95. Zachary Mitchell

    Zachary Mitchell14 days ago

    Seize and arrest instead of all the rap hip hop trash talk but that’s not heat ain’t hate just playa bait

  96. Michelle N. Sirca

    Michelle N. Sirca14 days ago



    ARINATOR 4LIFE14 days ago


  98. Zachary Mitchell

    Zachary Mitchell14 days ago

    You’re welcome then pay yea pay

  99. Yahminah Ain

    Yahminah Ain14 days ago

    Nooooooo! Please leave Billie alone stalkers! 😨😨😨💔💔💔💔😭😭😭

  100. Shadowcat107

    Shadowcat10714 days ago

    that’s terrifying I glad everyone in Billie’s family is safe. no one shouldn’t be stalked famous or not.

  101. Катерина Таро

    Катерина Таро14 days ago


  102. Queen Fu Fu

    Queen Fu Fu14 days ago

    People shouldn’t have to get violent to be granted a restraining order famous or non famous. It literally took my ex breaking in my house for me to get a restraining order. It’s too many hoops you have to jump through just to protect your own life.

  103. potato head

    potato head14 days ago

    i wish you're doing well now❤️

  104. Leroy Farrington

    Leroy Farrington14 days ago

    I hope she stay safe and I hope she has a lot of security around her I love you Billie eilish stay safe

  105. Kadiatu Kargbo

    Kadiatu Kargbo14 days ago

    I gust start watching Who is really to kill that men

  106. DD Bears36

    DD Bears3614 days ago

    I’m gonna be famous and make millions pretty much is the ultimate go fund me page OK it’s the ultimate welfare charity. Everybody has talent so that being said Billie makes money off of us. And there’s going to be crazy fans out there I don’t wanna justify that man’s actions inappropriate but she knew what she was getting into. They all do 100% welcome to your new reality sweetheart

  107. Shark’s Mystery Octopus

    Shark’s Mystery Octopus14 days ago

    That’s basically like saying a driverless car can crank itself and run over people

  108. Rebekah Chapman

    Rebekah Chapman14 days ago

    He is responsible for his own actions. She is not. That's like saying an abuse victim is responsible because they live in the same house as their abuser. She cannot control what he does, only he can and he has CHOSEN to do this. It has nothing to do with the fact that she is famous. Non-famous people get stalked too.

  109. Imad Soussi

    Imad Soussi14 days ago

    I’m no celebrity and i hate the idea of being stalked let alone being v*olent, i would be terrified

  110. Queen Fu Fu

    Queen Fu Fu14 days ago

    Worst feeling ever. I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy and the comes from experience

  111. Aaliyah Bynoe

    Aaliyah Bynoe14 days ago

    I just find it disappointing and utterly disgusting that people think it's ok to invade celebrities privacy just because of who they are it's sick everyone is human and they have their own struggles especially in these times so please just be kind

  112. Elianna Diggs

    Elianna Diggs13 days ago

    Exactly celebrity’s need privacy to do what they like to do

  113. Gracey Jones

    Gracey Jones14 days ago

    I’m glad she got her restraining order granted

  114. ProjectXDiva

    ProjectXDiva14 days ago

    That's so scary. People are creepy