Olivia Rodrigo RESPONDS To 'SNL' Parody Of 'Drivers License'!

Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett just reacted to Saturday Night Live’s hilarious Driver’s License sketch. Let’s get into it! Watch the latest Clevver News Feed: usloft.info/will/qWfZp5-znYGOkbI/video
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  1. Ali Mannerow

    Ali Mannerow3 days ago

    I can't find the full video of the parody. Where can i find it???

  2. kpop world

    kpop world5 days ago

    This is going to blow your mind but.... How about Olivia's fans stop hating and sabrina fans stop hating. Its common sense people🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. Don Juan

    Don Juan6 days ago

    🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭💯💯 and don't you forget.

  4. Bornali Sonowal

    Bornali Sonowal6 days ago

    I really hope Sabrina and Joshua stay strong during this tough time. All these hate and death threats can definitely have bad impact on their mental health. Hope that they are doing well❤️

  5. JamesJoyce12

    JamesJoyce127 days ago

    absolutely no awareness that they were mocking the song - mocking olivia - mocking josh - this is the best - nothing more obtuse than Gen-Zer

  6. Isa _

    Isa _9 days ago

    Maybe I’m very wrong but I kinda still feel like it’s all big PR stunt 🤷🏼‍♀️ but who knows though

  7. ʟʊƈʏ ɦɛǟʀȶʄɨʟɨǟ

    ʟʊƈʏ ɦɛǟʀȶʄɨʟɨǟ9 days ago

    Honestly can I just say I blame the fans for most of this hate and drama. Olivia's fans attacked Sabrina and Joshua after they saw them together and after a rumour spread about Olivia and Joshua being in a relationship then the fans jumped on the hate wagon for full time after drivers liscene came out. I think Olivia should be able to express how she feels one hundred percent and nobody should bash her for making an amazing song, but Sabrina shouldn't get bashed for sticking up for herself against Olivia's fans. And Joshua shouldn't get bashed either. Fans are acting like it's illegal to break up or something. Some people break up, thats life and honestly people need to get over it. Breakups happen all the time no matter who it is. Also to all those people who said that SNL didn't say they called Sabrina a bastard. They don't have to say it, for people to know who there talking about. But thats just my opinion so...

  8. Julian Adams

    Julian Adams9 days ago

    Yo when Olivia gets to be on SNL, I'd be more excited to see her promo

  9. McKayla Medina

    McKayla Medina9 days ago

    This song is to hyped up and I think tik tok def made it hyped up

  10. Isaac Bobonis

    Isaac Bobonis10 days ago

    I wish Olivia Rodrigo would perform Drivers' License live on SNL.



    congrats to liv omg 😀

  12. 羅邦宸

    羅邦宸10 days ago

    Props for Joshua to sorta make fun of himself in the video... I couldn't have taken it that well if I were him.

  13. Alexus Giamona

    Alexus Giamona10 days ago

    People really need to get a life . Maybe if they put more energy Into themselves, instead of sending hate 👀

  14. Swarada Inamdar

    Swarada Inamdar10 days ago

    I get that Olivia didn't say any of those things but why has she kept mum about all this for SO long? I mean atleast when Sab started getting unholy amounts of hate she should've said something.... Why is it always Sab who's asked shit in interviews and has to clear stuff up tho she didn't ask to be dragged in this teenage drama

  15. Swarada Inamdar

    Swarada Inamdar9 days ago

    @Disha Tiwari well I'm not one of those, but I still do believe that Olivia could've done a little smthing

  16. Disha Tiwari

    Disha Tiwari9 days ago

    @Swarada Inamdar if you go on twitter, there's literally people hating in olivia for celebrating the fact that snl made a sketch about her song. like ag this point it's just sabrina stans nitpicking everything olivia is doing so they can drag the drama for clout, olivia doesn't need to say anything

  17. Swarada Inamdar

    Swarada Inamdar9 days ago

    @Disha Tiwari first of all i have NEVER and I mean never in my life hated on anyone, let alone Sabrina. And I'm not hating on Olivia either. She has a right to express, ofc, but all I'm saying she she should've put something out there when ppl were going after Sab like freaking psychos. Sab is having to clean up a mess she didn't even freaking start!

  18. Disha Tiwari

    Disha Tiwari9 days ago

    why should olivia have to say anything what the fuck? she doesn't wanna name names and everyone saying the song's about joshua and sab are operating on assumptions. also you guys, at first, hate on sab and josh and now hate on liv for not telling y'all to stop hating on them? it makes zero sense and is really hypocritical.

  19. Asherlee Downer

    Asherlee Downer10 days ago

    I watch it was funny even the bridgerton sence especially rege jean signing he can be a singer you guys know he also has agf right so sorry for Daphne fans

  20. Angelina Jones

    Angelina Jones10 days ago

    I’m not watching this because I know it’s gonna be some fabricated drama that doesn’t exist in the slightest but I just wanna ask why the hell would you use that picture of Olivia? What’s wrong with y’all seriously.

  21. Mell Clarice Allen

    Mell Clarice Allen10 days ago

    I just can't believe people think its funny.

  22. Hally Lee

    Hally Lee10 days ago

    Tbh I’m starting to not like Olivia n her fans because it’s giving hate to Sabrina and a part of me feel like she’s happy that Sabrina getting this hate like if u can write a song bout a blonde girl how bout now right write a song bout her again but this time tell your fan stop bullying the blonde girl

  23. kpop world

    kpop world5 days ago

    Come at the fans not the artist. You wouldn't want me to say " I'm starting to hate sabrina and her fans..." no one deserves hate. Not sabrina nor olivia but yeah Express your negative thoughts🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  24. John Lai

    John Lai10 days ago

    I’m happy for Olivia Rodrigo good for her.

  25. Lucia Van Den Heever

    Lucia Van Den Heever10 days ago


  26. Jenna Jackson

    Jenna Jackson10 days ago

    Define hilarious

  27. Heather Lynsey

    Heather Lynsey10 days ago

    I’d be so honored to be considered a theme of an SNL skit 🤣🤣

  28. GraceFashion4Ever

    GraceFashion4Ever11 days ago

    Keenan looks so done😂

  29. Lissette Saucedo

    Lissette Saucedo11 days ago

    The bridge of our lives!!

  30. ~Alyssagggghik~

    ~Alyssagggghik~11 days ago

    Are people really judging her for being excited that drivers license was a skit like she’s not reignited drama she’s just excited she was on snl. And the skit wasn’t disrespectful to josh and Sabrina they’re just being funny and I think they both know that and can laugh about it. If they have a problem with it they can tell us ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  31. Taryn Mashoko

    Taryn Mashoko11 days ago

    i low-key for got about her

  32. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls11 days ago

    Joshua and Sabrina had to take down a song called "we both know" written months back from the Ep because they didn't want drag the drama and didn't want to spread hate anymore. The next day Olivia has fueled the drama by retweeting this. So I would advice Josh and Sabrina to release the collab because anyhow this girl will be trying some ways to keep the drama thriving.

  33. Jeliana Fulache

    Jeliana Fulache10 days ago

    I mean liv was just celebrating how her song was in snl. If Skin was on snl and Sab retweeted it, don’t you think people would be commenting negative things too? And a whole lot of people would have been saying that she kept the drama going also. Plus liv didn’t tell snl to make a skit about her song.

  34. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls11 days ago

    As an adult day of one, Olivia did the immature thing ever. Hope she becomes mature from now on.

  35. kpop world

    kpop world5 days ago

    @Dontsub Pls I think she was happy because her song was on there. I don't think it had nothing to do with sabrina.

  36. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls5 days ago

    @kpop world snl called sabrina a bastard and Olivia said it is her best birthday present

  37. kpop world

    kpop world5 days ago

    What did she do?

  38. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls11 days ago

    From the moment Drivers Locence was out, hateful comments and death threats were given to Sabrina and Josh. It's more than a month. They are also young and this show also didn't leave them. Imagine if a public show publicly bashes them, how much hate these people might have undergone.

  39. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls5 days ago

    @Tyrus yes for months of hate

  40. Tyrus

    Tyrus5 days ago

    Actually they’ve been receiving death threats/hate waaaayyy before driver’s License came out, when they were spotted hanging out and at a blm protest.

  41. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls11 days ago

    Sorry Olivia, you should have watched the whole video before retweeting

  42. raccoon

    raccoon11 days ago

    It's rude of Olivia to stay quiet when Josh and Sabrina get death threats from "the" people, she should have told them not to like Sabrina did

  43. jaelyn kate

    jaelyn kate4 days ago

    i’m sure it’s only because olivia shouldn’t have gotten the blab from sabrina when she didn’t say one rude thing about sabrina but she said rude things about her even if it wasn’t her intent.

  44. Bornali Sonowal

    Bornali Sonowal6 days ago

    So true. She should learn something from Selena. Selena defended Hailey when people were hating on her after "lose you to love me" was released

  45. Sim Luv.

    Sim Luv.7 days ago

    @Priscilla V using something your going through doesn’t automatically mean you enjoy getting death threats 😕 to be honest if you don’t know her and truly believe what you said that’s extremely disgusting and disrespectful

  46. Amanda H

    Amanda H8 days ago

    Nah she ain’t gotta do nothing for them

  47. ChAsE RoSeEs

    ChAsE RoSeEs9 days ago

    Not really lol

  48. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls11 days ago

    Olivia has to take notes from Ariana, Selena , Sabrina and Taylor Swift. They stood against online bullying and harassment. I haven't seen a single post of Olivia saying no hate to anyone.

  49. kpop world

    kpop world5 days ago

    @raccoon not good to downgrade another artist to bring up another. Be mature sis. She doesn't need to take notes from no one. Sabrina didnt deserve the hate but Olivia doesn't need that neither. Her and sabrina are cool with each other. It's just the fans that do the most from both sides. Smh but yeah FuCk OlIvIa 🥱😒

  50. joann platko

    joann platko10 days ago

    Maybe bcuz most of it isn’t true...glorified media gossip

  51. raccoon

    raccoon11 days ago

    Stan Sabrina she's better than olive oil

  52. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls11 days ago

    If the roles were reversed u would bave torn Sabrina and Josh into pieces. How hypocritical people are

  53. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls11 days ago

    Saying Olivia didn't write the skit is so absurd, she approved by her retweet and literally called as the best birthday present

  54. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls11 days ago

    Have seen Olivia's true colours. Success gotten into her head


    GRACE E PGE11 days ago

    Can't take leave this as a show or joke, this show sucks.


    GRACE E PGE11 days ago

    First of all people saying sabrina isn't called a bastard, she is indirectly compared to bastard. Even if it's not the case, they shouldn't have mentioned Sabrina and Josh's name. And Olivia is fueling the dying drama again. Incase if u want to ignore hatred given to innocent people for no reason, you are that Enzo b*stard, just kidding like them.


    GRACE E PGE11 days ago

    First of all people saying sabrina isn't called a bastard, she is indirectly compared to bastard. Even if it's not the case, they shouldn't have mentioned Sabrina and Josh's name. And Olivia is fueling the dying drama again. Incase if u want to ignore hatred given to innocent people for no reason, you are that Enzo b*stard, just kidding like them.

  58. Lila Rose

    Lila Rose10 days ago

    Right, it’s just a gateway for more hate. Why adults are talking about teen drama is beyond me.


    GRACE E PGE11 days ago

    First of all people saying sabrina isn't called a bastard, she is indirectly compared to bastard. Even if it's not the case, they shouldn't have mentioned Sabrina and Josh's name. And Olivia is fueling the dying drama again. Incase if u want to ignore hatred given to innocent people for no reason, you are that Enzo b*stard, just kidding like them.

  60. Trilegy •B

    Trilegy •B11 days ago

    First Billie Ellish and now her, this song was cheeks

  61. mia Rosie

    mia Rosie11 days ago

    Nothing can be funny anymore...damn Everyone has to have a problem.

  62. xdlxc

    xdlxc11 days ago


  63. Harish Kumar Parmar

    Harish Kumar Parmar11 days ago

    the sketch was hilarious!! well done boiis ❤️

  64. Lila Rose

    Lila Rose11 days ago

    coming for her in the comments when the shady lines are directed towards her ex Griffin Gluck.Btw Olivia didn’t do anything wrong and I’m not saying she did. I love liv and her music just hate the hate for Sab

  65. Arbien John Pajaron

    Arbien John Pajaron11 days ago

    i've watched the sketch, it's just simply boring. the only time i smiled was the "i got my driver's license 50 yrs ago" part

  66. Lila Rose

    Lila Rose11 days ago

    The rude parts of skin are for Griffin Gluck her ex with a racist homophobic ex. Can’t believe people think she would say that to liv. Locals

  67. Lila Rose

    Lila Rose11 days ago

    People skin is all about Olivia and skin is clearly towards her ex Griffin with a racist and transphobic past. When will the hate end!

  68. Vaderfett

    Vaderfett11 days ago

    1:32 after his rambling they actually quoted her.

  69. Me We

    Me We11 days ago

    I was so proud, she really is there

  70. Ethan Andrews

    Ethan Andrews11 days ago

    If she doesn’t win a Grammy in going to be so pissed!!!

  71. kpop world

    kpop world5 days ago

    @Jane O please say that's your opinion lol

  72. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls11 days ago

    @Ethan Andrews she will get but not now.

  73. Ethan Andrews

    Ethan Andrews11 days ago

    @Dontsub Pls well I love it and I hope she gets one !! 🥳

  74. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls11 days ago

    Just becoz one song got so much hype it doesn't mean that deserves a Grammy. She need to release more good songs

  75. Ethan Andrews

    Ethan Andrews11 days ago

    @Jane O yes it is!! She was number 1 for almost a month if not so ... 99/100 thinks it’s a amazing song you are that annoying 1 hahah but it’s ok

  76. Didn’t Ask

    Didn’t Ask11 days ago

    Not people getting pissed over a comedy sketch. Take your miss informed asses back to Twitter

  77. Nissi Vlogs

    Nissi Vlogs11 days ago

    If you Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins you will be saved! He who is sinless died on the cross for our sins just so we could be here. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords from generation to generation! Read your bible daily and Repent!! God bless you and your family!💜

  78. Prince Leke Owolabi

    Prince Leke Owolabi11 days ago

    Amen sister Amen

  79. Mike Ackles

    Mike Ackles11 days ago

    Llamenlo como lo llamen eso fue muy irrespetuoso para ambos artistas... Considerando que se supone que ellos son los adultos 🤦🏽‍♀️

  80. Kyrien Perdomo

    Kyrien Perdomo11 days ago

    and that's what you missed on glee

  81. Hope Lawrence

    Hope Lawrence11 days ago

    This love triangle nonsense hage to go like seriously it's driving me crazy😵 cuz now theirs death threads and people calling Sabrina Carpenter a bastard and stupid it's crazy Olivia Rodrigo wrote this song driver's license maybe for a certain person or no one but these people are jumping into conclusions this have gone way too far for real at this point y'all just need to chill course but no matter the consequence at the end of the day we still love you Sabrina this just needs to end but for real the songs that Sabrina Carpenter wrote meant no harm in fact it was no hatred in it y'all just really need to chill out

  82. claire o'neal

    claire o'neal11 days ago

    ok ok this is one of my fav sketchs that snl has done however i don't think they were call sab a b*stard. mikey day's character was calling one of the characters 'enzo' a b*stard for stealing his girl. lmao the skit is actually really funny when grown men in thier 30s are vibing to a song, espically when bowen pops up. please take the skit with a grain of salt bc it's not meant to hurt anyone.

  83. Addison Rae Fanpage

    Addison Rae Fanpage11 days ago


  84. Jane O

    Jane O11 days ago

    Sorry but Drivers license is the most overrated song in history 😬

  85. Suhani Singh

    Suhani Singh11 days ago

    @Jane O common now. It's not that great and just as overplayed as DL.

  86. Oops What did you say

    Oops What did you say11 days ago

    I am sure you jealous of her because of break record

  87. Oops What did you say

    Oops What did you say11 days ago

    Bad Guy by Billie Eilish was broke the whole global record that because you are Ariana Grande stan thinks she shouldn't have a win, Olivia deserves to win and recognition in the world!

  88. Jane O

    Jane O11 days ago

    @ Suhani Singh um no! That song/ album was an introduction of the music that is going to happen in 2020's it's very good for a artist who was under the radar 🤨✋🏼

  89. Suhani Singh

    Suhani Singh11 days ago

    Blinding Lights says hi.

  90. mia_marie 97

    mia_marie 9711 days ago

    Sabrina was NOT called a bastard. He said that about the character enzo. AND THIS IS A SKIT/JOKE.

  91. nicole

    nicole11 days ago

    Sabrina is not a bastard. She is a talented, kind young woman. So is Olivia. Get a life for petes sake

  92. Ryann Dawson

    Ryann Dawson10 days ago

    @Lilian Pavon Ummm no Enzo in that situation was "the other girl" calling him a basically that bastard who was the other person. Sabrina was used as a reference to again "the other girl"

  93. Lilian Pavon

    Lilian Pavon10 days ago

    @Ryann Dawson yeah but they were basically comparing her to Enzo, so she was indirectly called a bastard, they did the same to Joshua-

  94. Ryann Dawson

    Ryann Dawson10 days ago

    No one called Sabrina a bastard they were talking about the character Enzo-

  95. Chloë Brown

    Chloë Brown11 days ago

    I'm going through the comments and I just wanted to say if you rewatch the sketch nobody called Sabrina a bastard they were talking about Enzo some of y'all really love turning nothing into something 🙄

  96. Unknown Words31

    Unknown Words3111 days ago

    I think I’m the only one in the world that hasn’t heard it

  97. Narmeen Farhan

    Narmeen Farhan10 days ago

    @Unknown Words31 awesomeee

  98. Unknown Words31

    Unknown Words3111 days ago

    @Narmeen Farhan I listened to it as soon I finished watching this. It’s a beautiful song!

  99. Narmeen Farhan

    Narmeen Farhan11 days ago

    I think you are.

  100. Fangirl

    Fangirl11 days ago

    Guys, please educate yourself before posting a public comment. They didnt call Sabrina a bastard. They didnt bad mouth Sabrina at all. They were talking about the character enzo. *Not* Sabrina.

  101. Destinee Herrera

    Destinee HerreraDay ago

    Exactly people twist things around though you just gotta listen.

  102. Fangirl

    Fangirl9 days ago

    @Shehroz Islam oh yeah I am 😂

  103. Shehroz Islam

    Shehroz Islam9 days ago

    Omg your the gurl from the comment on 'worst things people have done" ... This is a weird convincident

  104. jana saab

    jana saab11 days ago

    Bruh they didn’t call Sabrina a bastard they called the character Enzo

  105. Lia

    Lia6 days ago

    ikr! besides a bastard is a man who has no father why would they call sabrina that.

  106. literally nina

    literally nina11 days ago

    I don’t think liv was trying to send any hate to josh or sab. I think she was just excited to see her song on SNL

  107. Janessa Anne

    Janessa AnneDay ago

    @Tendou Stalker i can debunk that bc sabrina didn’t make a diss track. she has stated it in many different interviews. as someone who likes sabrina, u should know that she has dealt w an ongoing issue when it came to her relationships and i stand by that

  108. Tendou Stalker

    Tendou StalkerDay ago

    RIGHT. And Sabrina made a whole diss song saying "I'm happy and you hate it" She's insecure, crying her eyes out. There was no need to make a diss song. And as a person who likes both Sabrina and Olivia I can say that.

  109. literally nina

    literally nina7 days ago

    @Janessa Anne I wouldn’t have said anything either. The way many fans took the drama was SUPER dramatic, and if any three of them said anything to stop it, they’d get attacked. I alr feel so bad for sab bc of the death threats she got. If they said anything, the fans would be dramatic and twist their words to turn against each other. Staying quiet it the most reasonable option right now. Plus, all three of them did say that watching fans make assumptions about them was kinda funny- ex. Joshua in some interviews

  110. Disha Tiwari

    Disha Tiwari9 days ago

    @Janessa Anne also she didn't say the drama was funny so don't spread false info

  111. Janessa Anne

    Janessa Anne10 days ago

    @Billie_millie_1fan 011 it’s about taking responsibility of what u started !!! imma say it again, it would’ve been the right gesture. now i cant really respect her as much as i did before for letting sabrina get this much hate

  112. Gbekeee

    Gbekeee11 days ago

    I’m happy for Olivia but why does this all have to be at the expense of Sabrina and Joshua :/

  113. Shay C

    Shay C5 days ago

    @Nano PERIODT!! I fully concur. Everything you wrote was everything I've been thinking since this shit has happened but I couldn't have put into better words than you.

  114. Phoebus Garcia

    Phoebus Garcia9 days ago

    @Kahdeja Bailey-Gordon my replies are never deleted nor edited. Feel free to find more holes 🕳👩‍🦯

  115. Phoebus Garcia

    Phoebus Garcia9 days ago

    @Kahdeja Bailey-Gordon well then okay, you make it seem like i attacked him or sumn. Saying that he "capitalized off the drama" is different than "urging on liv's toxic fans" as you claim i've said. Clearly, this drama works to his benefit and he's obviously getting along with it. Only here in youtube, you can see the views and likes for his video spike. Videos of people reacting to his vocals are also everywhere, and he's named as olivia rodrigo's ex right in the thumbnails and titles. That was what I said in that one reply and never talked about it because he was passive, so I talked about Sabrina who actually knew more things to do about it. You make it sound like I'm a basher, when you're really just here trying to ✨whinge✨ about everything. Sorry for your inconvinience.

  116. Kahdeja Bailey-Gordon

    Kahdeja Bailey-Gordon9 days ago

    @Phoebus Garcia first of all don’t lie because actually I was talking about your previous comment when you said josh and Sabrina where taking advantage of the publicity all I was replying to that josh wasn’t we don’t see any evidence there only Sabrina so don’t say you never said anything about him maybe not this conversation but I’m not gonna talk about one comment because I find flaws in all the ones you make their are so many holes in your story all I wanted to do was uncover it and make you understand but like I said people like you stay ignorant if that’s how you wanna stay then fine by me have a good day 😊

  117. Phoebus Garcia

    Phoebus Garcia9 days ago

    @Kahdeja Bailey-Gordon lmao i dont know what's your thing with josh but i literally discussed him nowhere in my replies i dont understand why u feel so butthurt about that (urging? Wtf i thought we were talking about skin and dl). Also, no im not feeling sorry for anything except that my comments were too long for you to read and understand so now you're here blabbering while being mad at me for things i didnt claim. Just shut up if youve got nothing to counter or sumn

  118. xJeremy

    xJeremy11 days ago

    This isn’t good to have a song this big earlier because most people can’t deliver after that big song

  119. xJeremy

    xJeremy9 days ago

    @Oops What did you say and saying she signed to the same label as Billie Ellish is so irrelevant to this

  120. Oops What did you say

    Oops What did you say10 days ago

    @xJeremylol you are so stupid, the songs are not released we don't know in the future chart. She will become the famous artist, she also sign with the same label with Billie Eilish.

  121. xJeremy

    xJeremy10 days ago

    @Oops What did you say yes I am jealous the songs shit in my opinion and I want someone to dethrone her I even made a tweet to Mr.Beast about but obviously he’ll never see it 😢

  122. xJeremy

    xJeremy10 days ago

    @Isadora Carvalho Vieira you want my opinion now DL isn’t my cup a tea so I wanted ur opinion on if they were gonna chart well if they got released and you couldn’t even telling me that. I’m not attacking you what so at all and I know you said they haven’t been released yet

  123. xJeremy

    xJeremy10 days ago

    @Oops What did you say I know they aren’t released but I said, will they chart well? Like that person saying how they good and isn’t gonna say they will chart will

  124. Be Kind

    Be Kind11 days ago

    Olivia is sooooo overrated

  125. Suhey Alvarez

    Suhey Alvarez11 days ago

    @Camila Vega facts, is so overplayed overall in tiktok but cannot deny is such a bop that will remain for so many years, besides her other songs are soooo good

  126. Camila Vega

    Camila Vega11 days ago

    Not really. You haven't checked all of her amazing stuff. Maybe drivers license is overplayed but not overrated.

  127. Jane O

    Jane O11 days ago


  128. Suhey Alvarez

    Suhey Alvarez11 days ago

    i guess you havent hear her unreleased songs haha

  129. potato

    potato11 days ago

    okay but when is there more songs of olivia coming ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  130. potato

    potato11 days ago

    @Suhey Alvarez ohw okay

  131. Suhey Alvarez

    Suhey Alvarez11 days ago

    When you have such a hit it is better to wait so the success that the song has earned it continues

  132. Kasra Sadrehashemi

    Kasra Sadrehashemi11 days ago

    😞bunch of adult taking about song made for teens .sad.

  133. Erika Zimney

    Erika Zimney11 days ago

    And FYI I just clicked on you..tons of comments on videos about this..an adult obsessed with Disney kids 😱lol im grown and I find this drama entertaining . If you were really bothered you wouldn't be watching and commenting on 397 olivia videos 🤣🤣

  134. Erika Zimney

    Erika Zimney11 days ago

    Not sad at all. The 3 of them being mentioned on SNL is a huge thing..they are no longer only known by kids watching Disney Channel. I would bet .. all this talk and drama is going to be the catalyst for their adult careers and success. So many kids on Disney never go any further. Practically Everyone in the world is hearing Olivia Sabrina and Joshua..and most of us had no clue who they were last year. they are gaining so much ..they are not bothered lol their careers just skyrocketed.

  135. Jane O

    Jane O11 days ago

    What's sad is that you look about 42 and writing this comment... practice what you preach 😑

  136. Gina Vu

    Gina Vu11 days ago


  137. lexi lex

    lexi lex11 days ago


  138. Damian Colón

    Damian Colón11 days ago

    I’ve always thought Olivia could play a younger chole Bennett they look so much alike.

  139. Megan Connelly

    Megan Connelly11 days ago

    I was just thinking the same thing!

  140. Jamie Chiu

    Jamie Chiu11 days ago

    People sent death threats to Sabrina for “hating” on someone 3 years younger but are laughing when 30 yr grown ass men are actually hating on a 21 yr. people have different standards for different people and it’s not right. Don’t call Sabrina a “bastard” when she did nothing wrong. Don’t name drop when you know that the aftermath of the topic effected those people in negative ways. Don’t name drop in general

  141. Jamie Chiu

    Jamie Chiu9 days ago

    Y’all. Even if they didn’t call Sabrina a bastard, they still compared her to one smh

  142. K C

    K C10 days ago

    @Julianna Bartolome Bruh... I’m not even one of the “offended” ppl. I watched the skit and enjoyed it actually. I just thought the way you worded your comment was off. Someone said “so and so is getting death threats” and you were all like “[they called her a bastard] just take a joke”. I just thought that was odd. Olivia 110% deserves this.

  143. Julianna Bartolome

    Julianna Bartolome10 days ago

    @K C it’s a skit take a joke it’s a one time thing for Olivia and you guys are dragging her with her support with huge celebs that give her recognition

  144. K C

    K C11 days ago

    @Julianna Bartolome A skit that causes death threats shouldn’t be taken as “a joke”. With that being said, I truly think that they didn’t call Sabrina a bastard, rather, the guy (Enzo) was called one.

  145. reya

    reya11 days ago

    no one called her a bastard they were talking about the character

  146. YLoversCountry Lyrics

    YLoversCountry Lyrics11 days ago

    In my opinion I don’t like the song I been listening to it twice and it not my favourite song for 2021 because it too slow for me I’m more up beat songs

  147. Tyrus

    Tyrus5 days ago

    Did anyone notice that the bridge sounds the same as Conan grays ‘Maniac’ song?

  148. YLoversCountry Lyrics

    YLoversCountry Lyrics10 days ago

    Look everyone has different opinions on the song

  149. Lila Rose

    Lila Rose11 days ago

    @Chleo Smith I never said she wasn’t talented. She is obviously. I’m just saying the Grammies aren’t an indication of success because then smaller artist would get Grammies. But I love Olivia’s music. I want her to release the songs like she has on her insta.

  150. Chleo Smith

    Chleo Smith11 days ago

    @Lila Rose n so does Olivia isn't she popular? She's an icon now🤨🤨🙄😊

  151. Lila Rose

    Lila Rose11 days ago

    @Chleo Smith lol the Grammys are based on popularity not talent. That’s why yummy got nominated over blinding lights.

  152. VexxMusic

    VexxMusic11 days ago

    If this love triangle is real, I don't get how fans could possibly be angry at either Sabrina or Olivia cause it was Joshua's decision to leave Olivia for Sabrina not Sabrina stealing him from Olivia.

  153. Emillee - Vlogs

    Emillee - Vlogs6 days ago

    It's not even a love triangle though that's the thing. It's not two girls fighting over a guy, it's an ex that wrote her feelings, and a girlfriend who had death threats who also wrote out her feelings. The 'fans' are the ones making it a big drama

  154. Teryn B

    Teryn B7 days ago

    @satinstudies oh lol you're fine

  155. satinstudies

    satinstudies7 days ago

    @Teryn B I was actually referencing something completely different and made a sarcastic comment, but I realize that it’s a bit mean and so I’m gonna delete my comment. I was never talking about Josh and liv dating or their relationship. Sorry my fault, oops

  156. Teryn B

    Teryn B8 days ago

    @satinstudies lol I never had a problem with the relationship people just make it seem creepy. Like when they started dating they were both teenagers and once she starts college literally no one would care cause they are in that same age range were they are thinking alike

  157. Teryn B

    Teryn B9 days ago

    @Lilli Pop because it will really matter when she's 18 and him 21

  158. IAmNotUndyne

    IAmNotUndyne11 days ago


  159. IAmNotUndyne

    IAmNotUndyne11 days ago


  160. KJ REACT TV

    KJ REACT TV11 days ago

    Olivia looks like Catriona Gray 🤩😍

  161. Chleo Smith

    Chleo Smith11 days ago

    N Chloe Bennet

  162. Lexi Romero

    Lexi Romero11 days ago

    Ikr 😍 she also kinda looks like a girl version of DanTDM a lil bit ❤❤ shes so cute

  163. melissadaisy

    melissadaisy11 days ago

    The fact that Joshua posted a video about it means he's cool with it I think...?

  164. Lila Rose

    Lila Rose10 days ago

    @Musketeer 1 IKR I wish people would be kind.

  165. Musketeer 1

    Musketeer 111 days ago

    @Chleo Smith Me to I’m tired of Sabrina getting hate that’s all I care about she’s been in the game and people want to switch up once someone’s song gets #1

  166. Chleo Smith

    Chleo Smith11 days ago

    @Musketeer 1 we dunno if it ended badly but people assumed since DL released. Nyway I'm tired of the drama 😂😂😂

  167. Musketeer 1

    Musketeer 111 days ago

    @Chleo Smith If that’s true It says “he got out of a relationship” so he didn’t cheat or nothing he left and moved on

  168. Chleo Smith

    Chleo Smith11 days ago

    @Musketeer 1 I dunno but there's a vid in tiktok that it was deleted saying that the photographer of Joshua on a magazine last year September said that Joshua told her he just got out from a relationship that time that she didn't know who's Olivia he was talking about until she heard the song of Olivia last month whom she wrote a song about him.The photoshoot was taken last year September n was released on October last year.

  169. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick11 days ago

    I'm very excited that she enjoyed it. So glad for how my baby comes I cant wait for season 2 HSMTS 😂😂😂😍



    They did one of me to I will post it here

  171. lolok

    lolok11 days ago

    idk man. I thought the guy on the skit was calling his ex’s new bf a bastard. Not Sabrina. Edit: All of you stans starting stan wars under this comment section are toxic af

  172. Destinee Herrera

    Destinee HerreraDay ago

    Fr they just bored and have nothing better to do accept fan girl over a celebrity!!

  173. Bornali Sonowal

    Bornali Sonowal6 days ago

    Well, he did imply Sabrina as well enzo which means he ultimately implied her as bastard

  174. Mini

    Mini10 days ago

    @lolok I am NOT pitting them against each other. I love them both and want them to succeed. If anything, I'm coming after Olivia's fans (and I have every right to) because they are being extremely immature with how they are treating Sabrina. Olivia is really starting the decade off w a bang and I couldn't be happier for her (especially since she's a swiftie like me)

  175. lolok

    lolok10 days ago

    @Mini why you gotta pin them against each other so hard. Sabrina and Olivia are both great artists in their own right and there wouldn’t be beef if there weren’t people like you. Olivia is also doing fairly well for herself, her label promotes her and even if they said nothing about her; she’s doing pretty well on her own with one of the most popular songs of the year.

  176. Lila Rose

    Lila Rose11 days ago

    @Nano they just want to be rude. It’s better to not reply. I agree Liv could have told her fans to stop the aggressive hate but oh well. Just leave its a waste of your time and energy to argue with them. They just want to bash Sabrina and it’s pretty clear. Let’s just keep supporting Olivia and Sabrina and get out of this mess.

  177. RoyalDiamonds

    RoyalDiamonds11 days ago

    This whole love triangle is a PR stunt and nobody is gonna change my mind!!

  178. Jasmine Jones

    Jasmine Jones5 days ago

    @Jane O well neither are the fans who turned all the songs about fake drama that we don’t even know if they dated or not or if there’s any drama at all just saying 🤷🏾‍♀️

  179. Jane O

    Jane O7 days ago

    @ Jasmine jones how do you know!? You are not close with any of them?😐

  180. Jasmine Jones

    Jasmine Jones9 days ago

    @Jane O she didn’t do anything it was the fans that made the drama

  181. Lindsey Cassella

    Lindsey Cassella11 days ago

    @Ashley Corona this!

  182. usernames are overrated

    usernames are overrated11 days ago

    @Jane O honestly I don't think that's true maybe it's her team I mean she is still in a contract but yeah let's agree to disagree

  183. Love Bear

    Love Bear11 days ago

    I've been a fan of Olivia Rodrigo since Bizaardvark, I'm so happy for her.

  184. John Bartlett

    John Bartlett11 days ago

    More Cowbell !!!!!

  185. Grace Jones

    Grace Jones11 days ago

    They called Sabrina a bastard on SNL and Olivia retweeted it like sis wtf is going on and she hasn’t even come out to say anything 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’m not surprised tho cuz when her fans were going online bullying Sabrina and sending her death threats Olivia didn’t say anything to stop them but it was Sabrina was told her fans not to send hate to Olivia. To the ppl saying Sabrina made a whole song about a Teenage girl, let me just say that Olivia is the reason why Sabrina was brought into the drama so u can’t blame her for defending herself against the haters when Olivia had a two weeks to come out and say Driver License wasn’t about Sabrina but she didn’t instead she let her fans bullied that girl for days so yeah Sabrina had the right to tell her side of the story. Also imagine someone writing a song about how they still love your boyfriend like wtf did y’all want Sabrina to do 🙄 lastly when Sabrina was asked about Olivia song during her interview she literally made Olivia the good person and said it wasn’t her place to talk about someone song but y’all just want to hate Sabrina for no reason.

  186. kpop world

    kpop world5 days ago

    How about we stay out of people's lives and focus on supporting them both. Dont blame Olivia for the fans actions. And he didnt call sabrina a bastard. I think we should just throw this aside and stop making up things and this also goes to those olivia fans out there too that dragged the whole situation on. You dont have to like Olivia nor do you have to like sabrina, but keep that to yourself please🙂. No hate to non of them. I'm proud of them both for making it this far :)

  187. sceunoia kh

    sceunoia kh10 days ago

    @Jane Doee most of the sabrina stans know that DL isn’t about sabrina. i agree that it had nothing to do with sabrina but all the olivia stans and other people made it about sabrina by calling her the “blond girl” !! and you don’t know if some lines in skin are directed towards olivia. and if there were some lines towards olivia then what’s the problem with that? the lines that could be towards her are not shady at all. and every singer is always singing about someone.

  188. Jane Doee

    Jane Doee10 days ago

    @sceunoia kh just like how sabrina stans say skin isn’t all about olivia, y’all need to understand that just bc there’s one line in DL that says blonde doesn’t mean it’s about sabrina. DL was about olivias heartbreak, it had almost NOTHING to do with sabrina. sabrinas song on the other hand...i’m not saying the whole song but some lines were literally directed towards olivia.

  189. Jane Doee

    Jane Doee10 days ago

    @Strawberry Stefani Yeah literally, the song is shady to Olivia and it’s so obvious.

  190. Jamie Chiu

    Jamie Chiu10 days ago

    @Strawberry Stefani good luck in school if you can’t comprehend simple song lyrics

  191. joseph moreno

    joseph moreno11 days ago

    To be honest, I really don’t even like it, even where one of the guys called Sabrina Carpenter A bastard, that really disgusted me, I’m sorry but it’s so stupid, I’m happy for Olivia however, but this love triangle nonsense has to stop, it’s so unwanted and uncalled for, drivers license is not about the love triangle, so get your goddamn minds over it and never talk about it again. Just listen to it like a normal person and ever bring it up again, but we are still proud of Olivia though ❤️

  192. Siddhi Choudhary

    Siddhi Choudhary11 days ago

    @Suhani Singh yeah of course I know they are being funny I have watched a fair few SNL sketches myself but that was not my point.

  193. Suhani Singh

    Suhani Singh11 days ago

    @Siddhi Choudhary You know I'd be a little pissed if someone said that about me but SNL is a comedy show and they guys didn't mean it. Assuming that you are from India because of your name, the cast of The Kapil Sharma show do sketches too, they roast their guests and and others but nobody gets offended because it's a comedy show and a comical sketch. In the end, I'm very sure the whole Olivia-Joshua-Sabrina thing is just a PR stunt and all of them are benefiting from it.

  194. Siddhi Choudhary

    Siddhi Choudhary11 days ago

    @Suhani Singh But I guess that is a way of calling her a bastard indirectly because like he did compare Sabrina and enzo. That’s just my point of view.

  195. Lindsey Cassella

    Lindsey Cassella11 days ago

    @Fangirl the drama comes from the fans and the drama channels

  196. Nati DeLos

    Nati DeLos11 days ago

    @Angela Luna yes, it's like "I don't know the song" then "oh yeah, I've heard it but I don't care about that song" and they ended up loving it and even knowing the rumors about the song. That's the joke. They even take sides.

  197. Miguel D

    Miguel D11 days ago

    Salvation is a completely free gift. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done. Believing is enough. ❤️

  198. Horse Lover

    Horse Lover11 days ago


  199. Nora Jane Palmer

    Nora Jane Palmer11 days ago


  200. Nana Ama Bedua Mensah

    Nana Ama Bedua Mensah11 days ago

    I’m very glad that she enjoyed it. So glad for how far she’s come

  201. Queen queen

    Queen queen11 days ago

    I wish Olivia could just enjoy her success without all the drama. :(

  202. Saba Khan

    Saba Khan11 days ago

    *Olivia and Conan is my inspiration!! if I got 500 likes on my (Overdrive By Conan) cover song!! It will be a great help! You guys can help me!!*

  203. Kulsoom Fatima

    Kulsoom Fatima11 days ago

    Who is here before 2k views ?? 👇

  204. ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ

    ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ11 days ago

    Driver's license is the biggest song of this decade Y'all need to chill and learn how to respect others opinions

  205. Dontsub Pls

    Dontsub Pls11 days ago

    Won't agree

  206. ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ

    ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ11 days ago

    @Gbekeee i am living with it for now it is one of the best songs

  207. Gbekeee

    Gbekeee11 days ago

    Y’all gassed that song way too much. The decade just started

  208. ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ

    ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ11 days ago

    @izeultx oof please

  209. izeultx

    izeultx11 days ago

    @ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ omg do you not know the definition of a fact? This is exasperating

  210. Lala Ross

    Lala Ross11 days ago

    tbh her song wasn’t even all that🧍🏾‍♀️

  211. Lala Ross

    Lala Ross10 days ago

    @Ayesha jahir this is the funniest thing anybody has ever said to me💀🤚

  212. Lala Ross

    Lala Ross10 days ago

    @usernames are overrated w huh

  213. usernames are overrated

    usernames are overrated11 days ago


  214. usernames are overrated

    usernames are overrated11 days ago

    @Ayesha jahir you were now expressing opinion you were basically judging him for not liking a song I am not trying to be rude you could have worded it better

  215. Ayesha jahir

    Ayesha jahir11 days ago

    @usernames are overrated ok then that was also my opinion!

  216. Ava Watson

    Ava Watson11 days ago

    Girl gonna far

  217. ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ

    ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ11 days ago

    Pop princess

  218. ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ

    ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ11 days ago

    New pop star

  219. Rylan Stafford

    Rylan Stafford11 days ago

    that song is awful

  220. Chleo Smith

    Chleo Smith11 days ago

    @Queen queen no one said ALL duh. Maybe u r the pathetic1🤨🙄

  221. Queen queen

    Queen queen11 days ago

    Not all the Ariana stans hating on this song 🤣 y’all are so pathetic

  222. Chleo Smith

    Chleo Smith11 days ago

    Whatever u guys say but u can't deny the fact that it's a BOP 😉 Bop to the top 😊😊

  223. Jane O

    Jane O11 days ago


  224. Could be Sister’s

    Could be Sister’s11 days ago

    Not y’all thinking you hating doing something

  225. Milena Xx

    Milena Xx11 days ago

    i can’t wait for season 2 of hsmtmts 😁😁

  226. Jade Boothe

    Jade Boothe9 days ago

    @Melissa Mikaelson May 14th !!

  227. Melissa Mikaelson

    Melissa Mikaelson9 days ago

    When was it coming back?

  228. brianna benitez

    brianna benitez10 days ago

    Same, I've been waiting since season 1 ended and they announced it was renewed

  229. Ny

    Ny10 days ago

    Fr thooo it is going to be amazing

  230. Stannis Stewart

    Stannis Stewart11 days ago

    that’s exactly what they wanted

  231. ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ

    ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ11 days ago

    Love her

  232. ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ

    ᴀs ɪғ ɪᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴡᴀᴘ11 days ago

    She is such a cute angel

  233. Christina Sander

    Christina Sander11 days ago

    Just saw Joshua Bassets tiktok 😂

  234. Tiki

    Tiki11 days ago

    @Bon Bon fr. I just report them for spam

  235. Bon Bon

    Bon Bon11 days ago

    @Saba Khan these are the only replies I ever see anymore.