Jojo Siwa's Bizarre BEEF With DaBaby Explained!

DaBaby just explained THAT JoJo Siwa diss lyric from his new freestyle that had fans thinking there was beef between them. Let’s get into it. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:
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  1. Endy Romero

    Endy Romero15 minutes ago

    you are not JoJo Siwa you are a different person JoJo Siwa is better than you because I have never heard your music all your name in my life plus this is not how you treat my friends my friend Britney she's better than you so you better be quiet and shut up your mouth about JoJo Siwa she is the bes 🤮🤢🤡

  2. Lewis Zhou

    Lewis Zhou3 hours ago

    She is basically and adult innit but she looks 12 but her voice is like 50 yr old

  3. Carousel15 Drummond

    Carousel15 Drummond3 days ago

    Wow he needs to grow up disggusting man she only 17

  4. azariya cobbins

    azariya cobbins18 hours ago

    Bruh he wasn’t messing wit ha

  5. Aura Wilson

    Aura Wilson4 days ago

    im a kid

  6. QS Music

    QS Music6 days ago

    🎀 👁 👁 👃 👄

  7. happy boi

    happy boi6 days ago

    idk why but it pisses me off how she says "the baby" instead of dababy

  8. TreFromVa187

    TreFromVa1876 days ago

    Who really think they had beef . You dumb . He not about to shoot at her

  9. Brad Slater

    Brad Slater7 days ago

    I was really confused to like whatttttt

  10. Johny Deep

    Johny Deep8 days ago


  11. Enrico Pucci

    Enrico Pucci8 days ago

    I see jojo and bizarre in the title hmmm...

  12. John Bosman

    John Bosman7 days ago

    Yare Yare Daze!

  13. John Bosman

    John Bosman7 days ago


  14. Hurracane Music

    Hurracane Music8 days ago

    That means his rap lyric was horrible, you can’t just act like it went over everyone in the world head. That honestly means that your play on words was terrible and did not make sense

  15. Njabulo Zimu

    Njabulo Zimu8 days ago

    Jojo Siwa turned off her comments in her videos lmao...


    JPTUS81 GAMING8 days ago

    Yep 2021 right

  17. sad boner

    sad boner9 days ago

    So Jojo part 9 next protaganist is a woman and smokey

  18. Joey Haidar

    Joey Haidar9 days ago

    I went so mad into this and then I heard his tweet and I went "AWHHHHHHHHH THATS CUTE!!!" 😂😂😂

  19. MR. NOBODY

    MR. NOBODY10 days ago

    The TITLE says "Jojo Siwa's Bizarre BEEF with DaBaby Explained!"...then the video says..."Jojo Siwa has not COMMENTED on the situation" is this a beef?

  20. KremedelaKreme84

    KremedelaKreme8410 days ago

    His excuse don't make sense doe 🤔

  21. John Lai

    John Lai10 days ago

    DaBaby where do singers come up with these names? But cool name ether way.

  22. Zuba Yangi

    Zuba Yangi10 days ago

    All my God off to remove James Charles from all this sh**t We can't have another sister scandal am not mentally prepared '

  23. The playboy

    The playboy11 days ago

    Idk what to say speechless I was confused even if dababy did diss her or not jojo ain't saying shit about it because she's a positive girl and she dont get into drama and I love her and dababy apologizes so everybody needs to get over it fr

  24. sophia isabelle

    sophia isabelle11 days ago

    That isn't real beef, though. I think it may just be a comical publicity stunt or something like that.

  25. Potato Pleb

    Potato Pleb11 days ago

    The title should be James and Nikita trying to start beef with dababy

  26. Luis Pacheco

    Luis Pacheco11 days ago

    Ots crazy how people really dont see through his blatant attempt to save his ass from scrutiny. His fans were the ones who gave him the "wordplay" excuse and he ran with it. There was no word play he used a derogatory word that is meant towards women and then went ahead and used her name to try and rhyme. Like he got lucky his fans made excuses for him quickly cause now everybody is acting like he didnt degrade her.

  27. Selena Gold

    Selena Gold11 days ago

    So why call it beef?

  28. Julles Rue

    Julles Rue11 days ago

    Honestly I'm just here to see people talk about the jojo reference

  29. Harish Kumar Parmar

    Harish Kumar Parmar11 days ago

    the tweet was so sweet as well as crazy 😂❤️

  30. A'Mari WheelerReynolds

    A'Mari WheelerReynolds11 days ago

    Y’all need help SIWA-SEE WHY

  31. Emilee Ward

    Emilee Ward11 days ago

    I understand if people were confused because he straight up used her exact name so how are people suppose to know it had an alternate meaning to him? Still no reason to hate though if no one knew whatever the beef would have been and he got to defend himself.

  32. Jordan Lee

    Jordan Lee11 days ago

    Hes Cool

  33. orion newman

    orion newman11 days ago

    Must be running outa shit to say if he's playing on words with children's entertainers.... fuckin lame.

  34. Tracy Mudzingwa

    Tracy Mudzingwa11 days ago

    Am I the only one that heard her say shorty instead of shawty

  35. Young J-Mo

    Young J-Mo11 days ago

    Dababys not a JoJo siwa fan he said his 3 yr old daughter is dummy

  36. Dora boss

    Dora boss11 days ago

    I fine it funny too😂😂😂

  37. Me We

    Me We11 days ago

    Oh so it's recent

  38. bass kingetc

    bass kingetc11 days ago

    It wasn't a diss the first time I heard it I already know. He was putting their names together if y'all don't know how to rhyme y'all wouldn't understand.😂

  39. sxundz.0rg

    sxundz.0rg11 days ago

    POV: you came from Snapchat

  40. Big BOI Si

    Big BOI Si11 days ago

    why are they censoring the video? Not like little kids watch this shit

  41. pj45queen

    pj45queen11 days ago

    The fact that some of y’all think this is beef is comical & proves how much y’all know about rap.

  42. pj45queen

    pj45queen8 days ago

    @Johny Deep Huh? Your question is kinda hard to understand

  43. Johny Deep

    Johny Deep8 days ago

    do you think all people on world shit understood wordplay/fans rap music?

  44. Kid D Chamberline

    Kid D Chamberline10 days ago

    Faxxxx 😂

  45. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick11 days ago

    Dababy wasnt beefing with jojo swiwa he was play on his name because it name was similar as jojo swiwa 🤦🏽‍♂️

  46. lamelllyy

    lamelllyy11 days ago

    she is literally richer , taller , and younger and she’s doing better 😂😂

  47. pj45queen

    pj45queen10 days ago

    @Kid D Chamberline What does the LGBT community have to do with this?! Y’all are triggered because y’all don’t understand rap or wordplay 😂

  48. Kid D Chamberline

    Kid D Chamberline10 days ago

    @pj45queen YALL are triggered cuz yall have a problem with it obviously. Always the LGBT community

  49. pj45queen

    pj45queen11 days ago

    Awww someone is triggered!

  50. Breezy Films

    Breezy Films11 days ago

    😭not you mad

  51. Nana Ama Bedua Mensah

    Nana Ama Bedua Mensah11 days ago

    There’s no beef between them y’all

  52. Imad Soussi

    Imad Soussi11 days ago

    Okay, dababy’s tweet for Jojo was the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen on twitter

  53. Debra Slack

    Debra Slack11 days ago


  54. Alexia Danielle Anast

    Alexia Danielle Anast11 days ago

    I don't believe him.

  55. Siena

    Siena11 days ago

    @Sandra Ramirez You must be new to hip hop or not familiar with Dababy. He isn’t going anywhere. Sorry hun. Y’all gotta try something different.

  56. pj45queen

    pj45queen11 days ago

    @Sandra Ramirez Cancelled by who? Lmao y’all ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Jojo fans? 😂😂😂😂 He ain’t going nowhere boo! You’re so slow you think he was dissing her! Weirdo 😂😂😂

  57. Sandra Ramirez

    Sandra Ramirez11 days ago

    @pj45queen girl bye , this is his reputation he could get canceled so it don’t matter he scared tf 🤡, he could get canceled and then he really back on the streets so yea 💀👏🏽

  58. pj45queen

    pj45queen11 days ago

    @Sandra Ramirez Girl bye Dababy is from the streets! He caught bodies! You think tweets scare him? Lmao y’all funny. It’s called WORDPLAY!

  59. Sandra Ramirez

    Sandra Ramirez11 days ago

    Honestly like maybe they him met jojo and he saw how everybody reacted and then was like oh shit what did I do 💀

  60. Kenny Gray

    Kenny Gray11 days ago

    He didn’t diss her

  61. Mamenkun sherif

    Mamenkun sherif11 days ago

    How was this even beef

  62. Yaliaa harris

    Yaliaa harrisDay ago


  63. Lakayah Williams

    Lakayah Williams11 days ago

    It's not really beef everyone getting offended for no reason lmao

  64. jinxer !

    jinxer !11 days ago

    *cough* Jojo made 320 million in 2018 from her bows alone *cough*

  65. Me We

    Me We11 days ago

    @pj45queen dang

  66. pj45queen

    pj45queen11 days ago

    @jinxer ! Cover your mouth covid is still out here!

  67. jinxer !

    jinxer !11 days ago

    @pj45queen let me say it again *cough cough* 😷 🤧

  68. pj45queen

    pj45queen11 days ago

    So what ? It’s not beef weirdo

  69. Caz Laming

    Caz Laming11 days ago

    I wouldn’t call it “beef” JoJo hasn’t even mentioned it or said anything, she’s just living her life and filming her movie right now. I don’t think she will comment on it since most of her fans are kids and his rap has bad language in it, her videographer/best friend Nate commented on it on his Instagram story and he said it sounds like it’s just rhyming words and he and JoJo know that Dababy’s daughter is a fan and Nate said JoJo would take it as flattery

  70. Sarah White

    Sarah White11 days ago

    He doesn't know jojo Lmao she's 17 so..

  71. Anthony Young

    Anthony Young11 days ago

    Y’all are so used to mumble rap y’all forgot what the fuck word play is 😂😂


    JHIANNA BARNES11 days ago

    Lmao, I love how fans didn't come at him but were just confused...

  73. SnowyIce ShadowClaw

    SnowyIce ShadowClaw11 days ago

    I figured this but I wanted to hear it from him bc I just needed to make sure

  74. Sarah White

    Sarah White8 days ago

    @iiAnonhxt ii and he lying

  75. Sarah White

    Sarah White8 days ago

    @iiAnonhxt ii cuz rappers are dumb duh

  76. iiAnonhxt ii

    iiAnonhxt ii9 days ago

    @Sarah White why would a grown man diss a tenage girl and on top of that his daughter love her😂

  77. Sarah White

    Sarah White10 days ago

    @Kid D Chamberline and shows how much you don't know him lmao

  78. Kid D Chamberline

    Kid D Chamberline10 days ago

    @Sarah White yall getting mad at this shows how much yall know about rap. 😂😂

  79. Iwatchdemvideosss

    Iwatchdemvideosss11 days ago

    I thought it said JoJo’s bizarre advenure I immediately clicked lol

  80. Kaila Trice

    Kaila Trice11 days ago

    OMG !! it's not a fucking beef. It's called slang idiots. I swear this generation don't know shit about hip hop & rap culture whatsoever.

  81. pj45queen

    pj45queen11 days ago

    You know who they are 😂

  82. pj45queen

    pj45queen11 days ago

    Seriously like only certain people are upset.

  83. Kaila Trice

    Kaila Trice11 days ago

    Jojo stands for = Jonathan his real name Siwa stands for = See Why

  84. Brian Martin

    Brian Martin11 days ago

    Lets get this comment 1,000 likes

  85. Sushi Ojo

    Sushi Ojo11 days ago

    Lmaooo, jojo's winning here tho, he gave her free publicity, free advertisement 😂😂😂

  86. Johny Deep

    Johny Deep8 days ago


  87. Mr la grille ❼

    Mr la grille ❼8 days ago

    They weren’t beefing to begin with

  88. jeniel cross

    jeniel cross10 days ago

    @Jacob Gray go to hell

  89. Jacob Gray

    Jacob Gray10 days ago

    @jeniel cross you a goofy

  90. jeniel cross

    jeniel cross10 days ago

    @Jacob Gray who care

  91. Ronan Crane Van Cleave

    Ronan Crane Van Cleave11 days ago

    Dababy is a baby he's trash

  92. Daddy Dank

    Daddy Dank11 days ago

    Jojo fan🤡

  93. Melisa james

    Melisa james11 days ago

    @Me We ?

  94. Me We

    Me We11 days ago

    @Melisa james ??

  95. Melisa james

    Melisa james11 days ago

    Bro If you dont have anything to say then shut up

  96. sandi idnas

    sandi idnas11 days ago

    People really don’t know what wordplay is...

  97. Johny Deep

    Johny Deep8 days ago

    do you think all people on world shit undertood word play?

  98. EliteSzn

    EliteSzn11 days ago

    @kjdnyhmghfvb i mean right before he showed a picture of T.I so you not making a point

  99. kjdnyhmghfvb

    kjdnyhmghfvb11 days ago

    so, people got wordplay, the confusion came when he held up a photo of Jojo Siwa. People were like wait, did he really mean jojo siwa, not jojo see why?

  100. Tg Triple

    Tg Triple11 days ago

    This sounds like click Bait 😂😂😂😂😂

  101. Chad

    Chad11 days ago

    Ah so true

  102. Angelica M. Lopez

    Angelica M. Lopez11 days ago

    Something smells fishi here🤨

  103. Катерина Таро

    Катерина Таро11 days ago


  104. Nikitha Bostwick

    Nikitha Bostwick11 days ago

    Change the title - Dababy having bizarre BEEF with Jojo Siwa 🤣

  105. MP L

    MP L11 days ago

    100% agree

  106. jamileth Vargas

    jamileth Vargas11 days ago


  107. Tyrell White

    Tyrell White11 days ago

    It’s not even a beef! God this generation gets offended by anything. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  108. Yaliaa harris

    Yaliaa harrisDay ago

    @Sarah White goofy -

  109. Sarah White

    Sarah White10 days ago

    @Luiza Marcos Reis girl bye

  110. Luiza Marcos Reis

    Luiza Marcos Reis10 days ago

    @Sarah White I’m 14 and I grew up learning not to be this hard because it’s stupid so he/she must be mature enough to understand their so I really don’t think that the age matters anymore

  111. Melisa james

    Melisa james10 days ago

    @Tyrell White i knw thats why i repeat it

  112. Tyrell White

    Tyrell White10 days ago

    @Melisa james sounds pretty racist bruh

  113. Lala Ross

    Lala Ross11 days ago

    its not even beef. y’all trippin💀

  114. Johny Deep

    Johny Deep8 days ago

    do you think all people on world shit undertood wordplay?

  115. Mr la grille ❼

    Mr la grille ❼8 days ago

    That’s what I’m tryna say

  116. PrimeNation2

    PrimeNation28 days ago

    For Real

  117. Rickayla Nicholas

    Rickayla Nicholas11 days ago


  118. arrii bacon

    arrii bacon11 days ago


  119. JustNero !

    JustNero !11 days ago

    Is the click bait for me

  120. Chris J. Long

    Chris J. Long11 days ago

    @Fahdah A lol

  121. Fahdah A

    Fahdah A11 days ago

    I Have 2% charge this is not worth it thanks 😂

  122. Larissa Jenkins

    Larissa Jenkins11 days ago


  123. Avinash Pitambar

    Avinash Pitambar11 days ago

    Yoooooo whatup

  124. amberxskiies

    amberxskiies11 days ago