Kim K's Plan To Serve Divorce Papers Surfaces!

Amid Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s ongoing divorce speculation, new reports are now claiming that Kanye is deeply struggling as reality begins to set in… Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:
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  1. Hope Lawrence

    Hope Lawrence14 days ago

    Well tell me anyone else didn't see this coming cuz I surely did like seriously we all knew that this was going to happen sooner or later but guess it happening now huh 🙄😅

  2. Alpha Omega

    Alpha Omega14 days ago

    She just filed! This is a sad day for America 🇺🇸! Its royal family 👪 is breaking up!!! 😶

  3. G R A C E Y

    G R A C E Y14 days ago

    I’m sure this is a publicity stunt... they’re probably going to release a new yeezy shoe 😆

  4. Gloriana Connolly

    Gloriana Connolly15 days ago

    I know this is totally off-topic off the video but is it just me or did Shailene Woodley delete her insta account?

  5. John Lai

    John Lai15 days ago

    Probably for the best for them both.

  6. M QK

    M QK15 days ago

    I feel so bad for Kim.God knows she tried to stand by Kanye's bipolar stuff

  7. Ahmed Khaled

    Ahmed Khaled15 days ago


  8. Ahmed Khaled

    Ahmed Khaled15 days ago


  9. Ahmed Khaled

    Ahmed Khaled15 days ago


  10. tshomed dem

    tshomed dem15 days ago

    Or they might try to act like they r filing for divorce and at the end they will reconcile again for the last season of KUWTK...🤔🤔🤔

  11. tshomed dem

    tshomed dem15 days ago

    @Brie Leiyattah it?? 🤣🤣 Tht mns they r really filing for divorce...

  12. Brie Leiyattah

    Brie Leiyattah15 days ago

    Last season is already filmed lmao it premieres next month

  13. Mel Sandoval

    Mel Sandoval15 days ago

    Its for final season promo no one has confirmed so i seriously doubt it.

  14. Heather and Maxx_oops Maxx moved out King

    Heather and Maxx_oops Maxx moved out King15 days ago

    As messy and sad as this will next year....i am feeling everyone involved will be so so very happy and relieved they did decided best to divorce when they did before even more difficulties they couldve thrown at each other. I think Kim will cringe about how long she married to him ....and the wifely duties when the love gone and feelings are only regarding how much he freaks her out..........that sounds tough...and weird. Right, well..just imagine for a sec a year from now.,.....NONE Of this a factor, no news on them, the show, much less news on Kanye unless he does a crazy whatever the news picked up on......Kind of overal.....CRICKETS........y'all may have several hours of the day you will have back after a long decade plus of the Kardashian/Jenners who media mind implanted into your brain 24/7...what will yall do with all the extra time ?

  15. ShahZaib Khan

    ShahZaib Khan15 days ago

    These kardashians sisters are so disastrous

  16. suzzette1980

    suzzette198015 days ago

    Feel bad for Kanye, everyone warned him about kim and didt listen. All that drama with Amber Rose for nothing. He would probably have had a better life had he stayed with Amber Rose

  17. Abby Martinez

    Abby Martinez15 days ago

    I wish the best for them. I wish it wasn’t ending. :

  18. Kurt Ng

    Kurt Ng15 days ago

    I bet anyone that they will file right on March 17/18 cus that’s when the last season willpremiere

  19. Azra anvar

    Azra anvar15 days ago

    You know too much to not care

  20. Anxious Alien

    Anxious Alien15 days ago

    How many colors do you own that ugly sweater in?

  21. Sussan Mourad

    Sussan Mourad15 days ago


  22. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick15 days ago

    I dont think kimye is getting a divorce they are doing this for a publicity stunt and want to be in the news 🤔

  23. Eve Mcklein

    Eve Mcklein15 days ago

    I just have one word for this horrible woman KARMA, you deserve it Kim. Yeahhhh

  24. Itzshiy

    Itzshiy15 days ago

    I swear there gonna get a divorce right before the premier of kuwtk 💀😭😭

  25. asfia asha

    asfia asha15 days ago

    question why does she want to study to become a lawyer?

  26. Gaius Omens

    Gaius Omens15 days ago

    Her pops I guess

  27. Reena

    Reena15 days ago

    I do not know

  28. Liz Sowerby

    Liz Sowerby15 days ago

    2020 had ruined lots of relationships, they probably spent too much time together and they probably hadn’t before like most couples in 2020

  29. Joni sullivan

    Joni sullivan15 days ago

    O V E R

  30. Me We

    Me We15 days ago

    Speculation but you say that there's divorce papers 🙄

  31. Goddess Traveler

    Goddess Traveler15 days ago

    It’s all fake because records are public & they still are married

  32. Goddess Traveler

    Goddess Traveler15 days ago

    I still don’t believe this

  33. Public Beats

    Public Beats15 days ago

    Man..they can’t even blink without someone reporting on it. That would be miserable.

  34. Anija

    Anija15 days ago

    It's all planned if they're gonna have a divorce they're gonna give it so attention for the publicity and for thier reality show

  35. Heather and Maxx_oops Maxx moved out King

    Heather and Maxx_oops Maxx moved out King15 days ago

    you love it

  36. Denny Jones

    Denny Jones15 days ago

    Facts their whole life is public knowledge

  37. jesse paul

    jesse paul15 days ago

    nobody cares everyday same drama

  38. Sam Gumedze

    Sam Gumedze15 days ago


  39. L S

    L S15 days ago

    Who actually cares lol

  40. Kuhleese Williams

    Kuhleese Williams15 days ago

    Doh wanna sound rude but i don't think anybody really cares its prolly just for publicity anyways


    İREMKEE15 days ago

    İ hate kim Kardashian

  42. yasmine

    yasmine15 days ago


  43. cassidy styles

    cassidy styles15 days ago

    I don’t even believe they are getting a divorce. They have yet to say anything about it it’s only “sources” Like until they say something this is all fake news

  44. CrystalVibes 21

    CrystalVibes 2115 days ago

    The sources are usually the celebrity

  45. Ashley Mailer

    Ashley Mailer15 days ago

    I’m pretty sure its all marketing

  46. Mackenzie Peel

    Mackenzie Peel15 days ago

    I feel like the fact that they aren’t squashing the rumors make it true

  47. Norah Karlsson Filbey

    Norah Karlsson Filbey15 days ago

    4 min

  48. Kwame Adams

    Kwame Adams15 days ago

    dont know why...but i just find it all so sad. people may hate kanye AND Kim, but its just all over sad.

  49. L S

    L S15 days ago

    Who genuinely cares. Lol

  50. Heather Lynsey

    Heather Lynsey15 days ago

    I feel bad for their kids 😭 North is getting older and eventually they will all be able to real all of this.

  51. Hollie Smith

    Hollie Smith15 days ago

    25 seconds