Dixie D'Amelio DISTRAUGHT Over Stripper & Noah Beck Video!

TikToker Bryce Hall’s latest attempt at pranking Dixie D’Amelio landed him in hot water after causing major tension between her and her boyfriend Noah Beck. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed: usloft.info/will/bZ2jlYe6bIPZoNw/video
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  1. Humbe Fernandez

    Humbe Fernandez11 hours ago


  2. Taryn Mashoko

    Taryn Mashoko5 days ago

    bryce knew this was going to get views and that’s why he did it. he doesn’t give a f*ck about their relationship. after watching this vid, don’t watch bryce’s vid :)

  3. Cassie Mongrain

    Cassie Mongrain7 days ago

    I wouldn’t call that a prank lol

  4. Sweet Bubblez

    Sweet Bubblez7 days ago

    That’s not even funny that’s so disrespectful to a relationship ...... smh

  5. Mikias Eshetou

    Mikias Eshetou8 days ago

    Now this is comedy

  6. birdsintheair

    birdsintheair8 days ago

    no one cares

  7. Valerie Deliefde

    Valerie Deliefde8 days ago

    Umm when did i ask

  8. Alien ElinPup

    Alien ElinPup8 days ago

    Yes Bryce messed and very bad but I feel bad for him because he is trying to be funny but ends up messing up and getting hated on

  9. Eric Madero

    Eric Madero9 days ago


  10. Jayeesnewaccount _

    Jayeesnewaccount _9 days ago

    Messed up..

  11. GINNXO

    GINNXO9 days ago


  12. Brittany Mena

    Brittany Mena9 days ago

    Love clevver

  13. Hajra Zeeshan

    Hajra Zeeshan10 days ago

    I’m not really a fan but like wtf? That was so disrespectful. Why would he even try and do that

  14. Erin Landry

    Erin Landry10 days ago

    Wow what do I think about bryce he's a jake paul wanna be and God I just wish that they would grow up

  15. Oluchi Arisa

    Oluchi Arisa10 days ago

    🙄🙄the fact that Noah can't tell Bryce that it's too far is irritating. Bryce always does things for attention but bad publicity is still publicity right?

  16. Hadiyah Mahmood

    Hadiyah Mahmood10 days ago

    I feel sorry for Addison most of all being with a problematic guy who parties during a pandemic and breaks up relationships. she deserves wayyyy better

  17. Stranger Pilots

    Stranger Pilots10 days ago

    That's actually really gross.... like noah did not consent to that n it would make me mad too.

  18. Royale._. diamond

    Royale._. diamond10 days ago

    I feel bad for Dixie

  19. Alexia Danielle Anast

    Alexia Danielle Anast10 days ago

    He should delete the video, not continue making money off of it. Actions speak louder than words.

  20. Aron Colmenares

    Aron Colmenares10 days ago

    That video was funny 😂 you guys over reacting

  21. Mackenzie O'Reillly

    Mackenzie O'Reillly10 days ago

    if I was Addison I’d get him back LOL just shows how he treats women!

  22. Lola Coco

    Lola Coco10 days ago

    That’s horrible

  23. John Lai

    John Lai10 days ago

    Yikes that was bad.

  24. Hot Guyz

    Hot Guyz10 days ago

    David doe the same prank everyone laughs, Bryce does it he is a terrible human being. It makes no sense. Yrll blow everything outta proportion. Tf.

  25. Kamya Jones

    Kamya Jones10 days ago

    If noah didn't know then i wouldn't be made at him, but if he did you just or shoudve lost lost the best girl u ever had

  26. Lindsey Campbell

    Lindsey Campbell10 days ago

    Um there's absolutely no tension between Dixie and Noah's relationship they both said this prank did nothing to their relationship

  27. MyLife AsLacey

    MyLife AsLacey10 days ago

    Hey Clevers💎 Bryce is C-R-A-Z-Y!!

  28. Eylyn De los Santos

    Eylyn De los Santos11 days ago

    He doesn’t love her.

  29. Aisha Mohamed

    Aisha Mohamed8 days ago

    @Eylyn De los Santos huh

  30. Eylyn De los Santos

    Eylyn De los Santos8 days ago

    @Aisha Mohamed love it’s more than what meets the eye

  31. Aisha Mohamed

    Aisha Mohamed8 days ago

    he does love her he shows more love than dixie actually

  32. Chris Alvizurez

    Chris Alvizurez11 days ago

    Good! F those girl's. Oh ur feelings are hurt? Big deal! Geez can we stop caring about these nothing stories. U guys need to do better

  33. Hadiyah Mahmood

    Hadiyah Mahmood10 days ago

    Farah Martens firstly they’re adults and secondly why would we care about this tiktokers shit?

  34. Farah Martens

    Farah Martens11 days ago

    Wow you must be miserable to wish bad things on young girls

  35. Kerstin Claire

    Kerstin Claire11 days ago

    lol Dixie needs to grow up

  36. Lindsey Campbell

    Lindsey Campbell10 days ago

    Dixie was the victim

  37. Farah Martens

    Farah Martens11 days ago

    What??? Dixie literally did nothing🥴

  38. Dafne Makeup

    Dafne Makeup11 days ago

    Eu ñ entendo ingles:😔🙌

  39. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick11 days ago

    What bryce did was very disrespectful to noah and dixie all thought i not a fan of all these tictoker.

  40. Inhuman Ship

    Inhuman Ship11 days ago

    @ClevverNews can you not pretend like they are actually famous ? Thanks...

  41. ary cahya

    ary cahya11 days ago

    This is not funny . Ya boy u need grow up

  42. Sana All

    Sana All11 days ago

    Wait isn't noah 19? That stripper shoyld get backlash as well

  43. Smiley Garcia

    Smiley Garcia11 days ago

    But he is over 18 he an adult

  44. Akmal Farhan

    Akmal Farhan11 days ago

    Bryce is too much i will call him stupid tiktoker

  45. Cynthia Fonseca

    Cynthia Fonseca11 days ago

    Karma for the entitled brat 😁

  46. itsKRIIZZZ_ _

    itsKRIIZZZ_ _11 days ago

    Ahhh but if u look at it... Noah kinda like it thooo... 😏😏😏

  47. Aaliyah

    Aaliyah11 days ago

    Why are yall making videos about the shit these tiktokers do? They're not CELEBRITIES

  48. Cory Coleman

    Cory Coleman6 days ago

    But they are humans aren't they?

  49. Hadiyah Mahmood

    Hadiyah Mahmood10 days ago


  50. khool kidh

    khool kidh10 days ago

    Facts facts facts

  51. Tia Waetermans

    Tia Waetermans11 days ago

    I’m so done with Bryce and all his drama! 🙄

  52. Катерина Таро

    Катерина Таро11 days ago


  53. Heather Lynsey

    Heather Lynsey11 days ago

    Yeah that’s not cool.

  54. Teewealth

    Teewealth11 days ago

    i literally feel disgusted.

  55. Harish Kumar Parmar

    Harish Kumar Parmar11 days ago

    just for some views & likes, bryce did this dixie & noah. i feel so bad for both of 'em.

  56. Jane O

    Jane O11 days ago

    Honestly I don't care in general. These Tiktokers and their shenanigans were entertaining in the beining but now it's just tiering seeing them everywhere all the time.

  57. Ruby Ramirez

    Ruby Ramirez11 days ago

    That’s sad. I can’t imagine her pain

  58. Rachel Jordan

    Rachel Jordan11 days ago

    There is a difference between a prank and going way too far. 💯💯

  59. Troy Vannucchi

    Troy Vannucchi7 days ago

    Rachel Jordan, that haircut is going way too far!

  60. claire o'neal

    claire o'neal11 days ago

    i honestly could care less about tik tokers but omg i feel awful for dixie. what bryce did was so out of line and he needs to apologize to her asap. dixie has every right to stay mad at bryce bc that prank could've ruined her and noah's relationship :( also i have the feeling that bryce is trying to make vlogs like david dobrik but um hun...that won't happen. leave that stuff for people who are actually funny 🙄

  61. k

    k11 days ago

    Tick tokers are stupid. Pranks are not funny. I don't understand why people are famous for doing such immature middle school pranks.

  62. Random J

    Random J11 days ago

    It’s 2 AM here and I‘m watching this video about irrelevant people’s drama... So you know my life‘s shit 😂😂

  63. Mae West

    Mae West11 days ago

    this is extremely disrespectful and dixie if you need someone i got someone bc you and no one ever deserve for this to happene

  64. Samuel Nowe

    Samuel Nowe11 days ago

    Oh how sad boo hew rich girl is upset go cry me a river don't care!

  65. Farah Martens

    Farah Martens11 days ago

    So being rich takes away your feelings? Lmao grow up

  66. Meghana

    Meghana11 days ago

    she is allowed to be upset?I would be too

  67. Marvin Mckenzie

    Marvin Mckenzie11 days ago

    This some David Dobrik shit lol 😂 ....but no one’s getting free cars 🚗

  68. Katherine Aylward

    Katherine Aylward11 days ago

    We didn’t like these pranks with David so it’s obvi not gonna work with these tik tokers, this doesn’t bring views in the way you want it to. I’d take my respect over views any days...

  69. asfia asha

    asfia asha11 days ago

    what bryce is awful, but if dixie doen't get revenge i'd be more mad to her. like bryce needs to learn where the line is

  70. Lindsey Campbell

    Lindsey Campbell10 days ago

    Dixie won't get revenge

  71. JESUS_ 2000

    JESUS_ 200011 days ago

    I don't think if Dixie does revenge it's going to help. He needs to apologize from his heart 2 wrongs doesn't make something right well just my opinion.

  72. Jordyn Niccole

    Jordyn Niccole11 days ago

    I genuinely feel bad for Dixie..

  73. Diego Flores

    Diego Flores11 days ago

    Who the hell cares, why are yall concern over sum loser kids 😂

  74. Sushi Ojo

    Sushi Ojo11 days ago

    Lmaooo and she gave a speech to our school about cyberbullying and being a good person 💀💀💀💀

  75. Maria S

    Maria S11 days ago

    @Sushi Ojo what? what happened literally was AGAINST dixie

  76. Sushi Ojo

    Sushi Ojo11 days ago

    @Selenator123 456 my school made an online assembly about bullying, and Dixie, her and a bunch of other celebs, talked about this matter. sht was cringe, cause we all know what she be doing, so it was ironic that she was one of the ppl that were talking about being a good person/example and not bullying like why is she with these ppl, she should listen to her own advice

  77. Selenator123 456

    Selenator123 45611 days ago


  78. Livie Perfetto

    Livie Perfetto11 days ago

    What a TOOL.

  79. Michyx

    Michyx11 days ago

    not cute

  80. Gissella DeFriese

    Gissella DeFriese11 days ago

    He literally laughed after saying he didn't want to be the cause of their breakup...wtf? Not cool.

  81. Amanda Ivette

    Amanda Ivette11 days ago

    Anyone just look at Bryce hall and go... Ewww 🤢

  82. Hadiyah Mahmood

    Hadiyah Mahmood10 days ago

    Yeah I don’t get what Addison sees in him. He’s so 🤢🤢

  83. Bitchybitch.bitchbitch

    Bitchybitch.bitchbitch11 days ago


  84. Armor Black

    Armor Black11 days ago

    Who tf are these people

  85. Hadiyah Mahmood

    Hadiyah Mahmood10 days ago

    they’re “influencers”

  86. Bitchybitch.bitchbitch

    Bitchybitch.bitchbitch11 days ago


  87. Larissa Jenkins

    Larissa Jenkins11 days ago

    . . .TF. . .

  88. Plush Universe

    Plush Universe11 days ago

    me: omg I see Vanellope! 0:47

  89. Lauryntae

    Lauryntae11 days ago

    Bryce needs to Grow up. Smhhh

  90. Hope Mcneal

    Hope Mcneal11 days ago

    that just went too far

  91. Damaris

    Damaris11 days ago

    That’s disgusting....perhaps his and Addison’s relationship would react differently but he should not assume others would react the same.

  92. Arianna Turner

    Arianna Turner11 days ago

    I would be pissed to the max if I had a boyfriend & he called me and I see strippers around him then yaaa... I would hang up on him. Cuz if I did that to him he wouldn't like it if I had male escorts or male stripers in my house. I would text him F you B. And wouldnt talk to him

  93. Nicole Moon

    Nicole Moon11 days ago

    I don’t follow any of them, but this was pretty messed up.

  94. Shawn's Lil Cutie

    Shawn's Lil Cutie11 days ago


  95. Lakayah Williams

    Lakayah Williams11 days ago

    This whole thing is stupid what reaction would y'all expect it's not even his relationship

  96. Queen Fu Fu

    Queen Fu Fu11 days ago

    I am sure it’s fake like 90% of these set up “pranks”

  97. joseph moreno

    joseph moreno11 days ago

    Tbh that was kinda of dumb, he knows better than that, these jokes are not ever funny anymore, I would super punch Noah and Bryce, they are so toxic asf.

  98. Lindsey Campbell

    Lindsey Campbell10 days ago

    All Noah was told was that he was getting pranked he wasn't told what was going to happen and he didn't know anything about it until Bryce facetimed Dixie SO STFU

  99. Lala Ross

    Lala Ross11 days ago

    I’d super punch the sway and hype house and anyone associated with them🥰

  100. Maria Espinoza

    Maria Espinoza11 days ago

    Noah did nothing he did not even know what was going to happen

  101. Jigisa Bhuiya

    Jigisa Bhuiya11 days ago

    What did noah even do like he knew that their was strippers around him like wtf

  102. Malika Duncan

    Malika Duncan11 days ago


  103. Kylie Shore

    Kylie Shore11 days ago

    I’m not shocked one isn’t she underage so don’t be showing her shit like that specially if you know how she is and she’s not into that type of stuff. Two he’s an idiot.

  104. Tas

    Tas11 days ago

    I don’t really care for them, but I feel bad for Dixie 😕

  105. Droppin' Jewelz

    Droppin' Jewelz11 days ago

    Lmfaoo that’s just fucked up😂

  106. Jake Williams

    Jake Williams11 days ago

    Wow im early 😶

  107. Vice Hell

    Vice Hell11 days ago

    They were okay with that but that war too far

  108. tanisha.

    tanisha.11 days ago

    There was just no f-ing need for it lol it is beyond a prank

  109. Bel amour

    Bel amour11 days ago

    Bryce always goes for the most stinky- poor Noah has to endure so much creativity. Both are absolutely awesome and handsome dreamboats!

  110. Hadiyah Mahmood

    Hadiyah Mahmood10 days ago

    Lol no 💀

  111. JoJo stambo

    JoJo stambo11 days ago

    jeez didn't realise how early I was lol. hii clever team :)

  112. M0m's Spagh3tt1

    M0m's Spagh3tt111 days ago


  113. Ariel Walton

    Ariel Walton11 days ago

    PLZ- why the word distraught?!

  114. Tiffany Danielle

    Tiffany Danielle11 days ago


  115. Katara

    Katara11 days ago

    I don’t like tik tokers but what brice did to Dixie was kinda too far

  116. Tenzin Pentso

    Tenzin Pentso10 days ago

    Yh I do agree with you

  117. Asmi

    Asmi10 days ago

    Tik tok sucks

  118. Sarah Laurie

    Sarah Laurie11 days ago

    You didn't even need to add the kinda lol. It just went too far and he could of break up their relationship because of this prank.

  119. Lauren C

    Lauren C11 days ago

    bryce always does something stupid 🙄

  120. ItsyagirlSteph

    ItsyagirlSteph10 days ago


  121. Yinka Falade

    Yinka Falade10 days ago

    FR THO

  122. Lauryntae

    Lauryntae11 days ago

    He needs to grow up

  123. M0m's Spagh3tt1

    M0m's Spagh3tt111 days ago

    Bryce himself is stupid so it's not a surprise

  124. Priscilla M

    Priscilla M11 days ago

    Fr he's such a clown🤡

  125. Ashley Pellechio

    Ashley Pellechio11 days ago

    Thats so awful, like im not rly a fan of dixie but wow

  126. Sushi Ojo

    Sushi Ojo11 days ago

    @Haz & Lou 28 that's horrible, not only her audience but her friends too

  127. MP L

    MP L11 days ago

    @Sushi Ojo Yeah.

  128. Haz & Lou 28

    Haz & Lou 2811 days ago

    @Sushi Ojo yea , her audience are literally kids , we all know that

  129. Sushi Ojo

    Sushi Ojo11 days ago

    Aren't her audiences literal kids....

  130. Haz & Lou 28

    Haz & Lou 2811 days ago

    @MP L same , this is way too far

  131. Katie Culbreth

    Katie Culbreth11 days ago

    hi sussan!!! i love you on clevver!!

  132. Whatss

    Whatss11 days ago

    I cant believe im the 5th comment!!!

  133. Cesar Antonio Loeza

    Cesar Antonio Loeza11 days ago


  134. itsuki _

    itsuki _11 days ago


  135. iamloui.d

    iamloui.d11 days ago


  136. lone wolf

    lone wolf11 days ago

    Second comment

  137. Wannakorn Trakulpaibulkij

    Wannakorn Trakulpaibulkij11 days ago

    fist comment