3 Of The Best Taylor Swift 'Track 5's'!

We’re reminiscing on our top three favorite emotionally vulnerable tracks over the years, better known as Tay’s ‘Track 5s’... and trust me, if you know, you know… Watch the latest Clevver News Feed: usloft.info/will/gmTQl3q1oqHEhrY/video
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  1. Laura Wooten Unboxings

    Laura Wooten Unboxings4 days ago

    OMG picking only 3 Track 5 songs is sooooo hard!!! I guess my favorite Track 5 songs are White Horse, Delicate, and All Too Well... and I so hope that we get to hear the entire version of All Too Well in her release of the Red album.. It makes me wonder how many songs were left off that album and if she will share them all with us now!

  2. James

    James5 days ago

    My top 3 would be :- -) All Too Well. -) Tolerate It -) Delicate Honourable mention -) My Tears Ricochet

  3. Vedant Ubhad

    Vedant Ubhad8 days ago

    Cold as you is my favourite

  4. Manuela Oliveira

    Manuela Oliveira9 days ago

    John never got over Dear John. Taylor destroyed him with that and he just could'nt give a better answer to that than "i never did anything to deserve that. It was a really lousy thing for her to do". Typical.

  5. Disa Boro

    Disa Boro9 days ago

    Is clever news a swiftie??

  6. Romina Orgambide

    Romina Orgambide10 days ago

    The dive bar is also on invisible string.

  7. Betty O

    Betty O10 days ago

    I hope Taylor knows that the 10 minute All Too Well is the most highly anticipated track from the re-recording for a lot of us🤞🏻!

  8. Abigail hi

    Abigail hi10 days ago

    Mine are dear john,all to well,white horse

  9. Ash

    Ash11 days ago

    All too well is overrated.... THERE I SAID IT

  10. Chrizanne Stevenson

    Chrizanne Stevenson11 days ago



    BTS FANBOY11 days ago

    I agree with all of them

  12. Jack Colin Lowe

    Jack Colin Lowe11 days ago

    1. All You Had To Do Was Stay 💙 2. All Too Well ❤️ 3. The Archer 💖

  13. Jxsh

    Jxsh11 days ago

    My rankings for all of her track 5: 1. All Too Well 2. Tolerate It 3. Dear John 4. Delicate 5. My Tears Ricochet 6. The Archer 7. White Horse 8. All You Had To Do Was Stay 9. Cold As You

  14. Lennox M

    Lennox M11 days ago

    my tears ricochet deserves on the top 3

  15. Alana Houchens

    Alana Houchens11 days ago

    1. Dear John 2. All Too Well 3. The Archer 4. Delicate 5. White Horse 6. AYHTDWS 7. my tears richochet 8. tolerate it 9. Cold As You

  16. hershe.

    hershe.11 days ago

    Dear John >>>> All Too Well (Dont kill meeh)

  17. Mango

    Mango11 days ago

    4:20 Um, wrong. What about back to December?

  18. Nely Ramirez

    Nely Ramirez12 days ago

    This is maybe an unpopular news. But Daft Punk is quitting. And I'm going to miss them. :(

  19. moksh gauri

    moksh gauri12 days ago

    My tears ricochet is the saddest most heart shttering song she has ever penned, that too alone The way it encapsulates betrayal is unmatched Especially taylor's ability to peotically present a situation which all are familiar with is legitimately immaculate

  20. Summer Wind

    Summer Wind12 days ago

    My favorite track 5 are Tolerate it and All you had to do was stay 💔

  21. Arctic Wolf

    Arctic Wolf12 days ago

    My favourites( in no particular order): 1. Tolerate it 2. All too well 3. My tears ricochet

  22. Alischa Ellens

    Alischa Ellens12 days ago

    My top 9 track 5 songs: ⬇️ 1. Tolerate it 2. The Archer 3. All too well 4. Dear John 5. My tears ricochet 6. White Horse 7. Delicate 8. All you had to do was stay 9. Cold as you

  23. Inês Gonçalves

    Inês Gonçalves12 days ago

    Great job! You should do more videos about tay!

  24. Muaaz Kattan

    Muaaz Kattan12 days ago

    1)Coney island 2)False God 3)All Too Well

  25. zay m

    zay m12 days ago

    The archer though

  26. Aarshi Krishna

    Aarshi Krishna12 days ago


  27. Kevin Chu

    Kevin Chu12 days ago

    We all knew that ALL TOO WELL have to be no.1 and we neeeeeeed the 10 mins version NOW!!!

  28. Book and anime lover 4 life

    Book and anime lover 4 life12 days ago

    My favorite track fives are Dear John, All too Well, My tears ricochet, and tolerate it.

  29. mayra tello

    mayra tello12 days ago

    Those are my top 3 as well !!!! I can't even choose a number 1 from those 3, i love them all the same ❣

  30. just a swiftie

    just a swiftie12 days ago

    mine is all too well, my tears ricochet and archer

  31. Mahika B

    Mahika B12 days ago

    im a simple girl, i see taylor swift, i click.

  32. shilpa shetty

    shilpa shetty12 days ago

    I love Tolerate it !

  33. swarnalata ghosh

    swarnalata ghosh12 days ago

    All Too Well! 😭

  34. Debbie McElroy

    Debbie McElroy12 days ago

    Top 3, doesn’t matter the order bc they all are #1 to me. MTR, ATW, Tolerate it

  35. 516tigergirl

    516tigergirl12 days ago

    A very unpopular opinion, I’m not a fan of either Dear John or All Too Well. They just don’t do it for me. I also think they overrated. My order for Track 5 songs: 1. Tolerate It 2. White Horse 3. My Tears Ricochet 4. All you had to was Stay 5. The Archer 6. Delicate 7. Cold as You 8. All Too Well 9. Dear John

  36. Rashi

    Rashi12 days ago

    Am I the only one who likes "Tolerate it" the most as track 5?

  37. Blaire Bailey

    Blaire Bailey9 days ago

    This has been on replay in my house the last 2 months. That and my tears ricochet. Honestly folklore/evermore are my 2 favorite cds of hers. So beautify

  38. Prabir Pal

    Prabir Pal12 days ago

    No, we all love it, it's her best ever song

  39. Mikkie Tabor

    Mikkie Tabor12 days ago

    Taylor never disclosed someone in her songs.

  40. Maddie Swift

    Maddie Swift12 days ago

    pov: When clever news has no drama to make up

  41. Isha Goyal

    Isha Goyal12 days ago


  42. Kaci Wright

    Kaci Wright12 days ago

    Okay but The Archer hits soooo hard

  43. Danielle Calder

    Danielle Calder12 days ago

    PSA: you don’t need a ‘ since 5 isn’t possessive. Let 2021 be the year we stop adding ‘ randomly when they are not needed. It is not grammatically accurate.

  44. Syeda Sunain

    Syeda Sunain12 days ago

    ALL TOO WELL! That's it. Heartbroken even though I have no such similar experience in my life. Yet i relate to it like 🥺

  45. Joc Locsin

    Joc Locsin12 days ago

    i know dear john would be here. period

  46. Justin Cera

    Justin Cera12 days ago

    FINALLY THE ARCHER AND TOLERATE IT GETTING THE RECOGNITION THEY DESERVE! I hate it how the fandom sleeps on them...they're so dreamy

  47. Ansh Sharma

    Ansh Sharma12 days ago

    To be very honest "my tears ricochet" is better than "tolerate it". It talks about betrayal and broken trust, almost everyone in this world (unfortunately) has gone through that... That's why "my tears ricochet" is better. No hate to "tolerate it", I love that song!

  48. Aarti Mehra

    Aarti Mehra12 days ago

    this channel is officially a swiftie

  49. Ankit Singh

    Ankit Singh12 days ago

    Tolerate it is definitely the most heart shattering for me. But i don't really have any favorites, it all comes down to my mood.

  50. carlygrace

    carlygrace12 days ago

    this is my list too!😂💗

  51. Hemadri Richhariya

    Hemadri Richhariya12 days ago

    I want to cry on 10 min version of all too well 🥺❤️

  52. Hope Fitzwater

    Hope Fitzwater12 days ago

    When I was little I couldn't lissen or watch the video to white horse because it always made me cry. Now as an adult My tears ricochet really hits hard. When her masters was taken from her I was grieving as if someone close to me had died and this song brought those feelings back. But I know it hurts worse for her than anybody else. But lyrically I LOVED The Archer.

  53. Adrein

    Adrein12 days ago

    Well what fandoms does have Trademark? only “Swifties” 💛

  54. Adrein

    Adrein12 days ago

    @Hemadri Richhariya exactly 😍

  55. Hemadri Richhariya

    Hemadri Richhariya12 days ago

    Because we stan a queen💕

  56. Lucas Orlando

    Lucas Orlando12 days ago

    My Opinion 9) All You Had To Do Was Stay (1989) 8) The Archer (Lover) 7) Cold As You (Self Titled) 6) Dear John (Speak Now) 5) White Horse (Fearless) 4) tolerate it (evermore) 3) my tears ricochet (folklore) 2) Delicate (Reputation) 1) All To Well (Red)

  57. The Raipur Guy

    The Raipur Guy12 days ago

    Delicate Delicate Delicate

  58. Delilah Oliver

    Delilah Oliver12 days ago

    1) all to well 2) delicate ) all you had to do was stay

  59. Rian Ok

    Rian Ok12 days ago

    All Too Well Delicate Tolerate it RED My tears ricochet

  60. Willmandon Lyngdoh

    Willmandon Lyngdoh12 days ago

    All too well Tolerate it my tears ricochet

  61. Filipa Neto

    Filipa Neto12 days ago

    Although I love the idea, Taylor is not a wizard, she knows her businness!

  62. lily mikaelson

    lily mikaelson12 days ago

    It changes everyday but... 9. The Archer 8. All You Had To Do Was Stay 7. Delicate 6. Cold as You 5. White Horse 4. Tolerate It 3. Dear John 2. My Tears Ricochet 1. All Too Well

  63. Kyara

    Kyara12 days ago

    Am I the only one who can’t decide ?? 🤣

  64. Sophie

    Sophie12 days ago

    Ok here’s mine: 1. All Too Well 2. Tolerate It 3. Delicate 4. Dear John 5. My Tears Ricochet 6. All You Had To Do Was Stay 7. The Archer 8. White Horse 9. Cold As You But that changes literally every second. I really can’t decide. They’re all amazing

  65. Ruru Araña

    Ruru Araña12 days ago

    Me when I saw this: okay, ALL TOO WELL who’s your plus two?

  66. Calvin Wager

    Calvin Wager12 days ago

    My 3 Songs From Taylor Swift are 1. All Too Well 2. My Tears Ricochet 3. Cold As You

  67. Heather Lynsey

    Heather Lynsey12 days ago

    Dear John. It’s a piece of history.

  68. Bravo Haven

    Bravo Haven12 days ago

    Top 5 My tears ricochet All too well All you had to do was stay Delicate Tolerate it Wasn't a swiftie during dear john n cold as you n white horse era buh great songs n will always love them

  69. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick12 days ago

    I love you tailor swift❤ she my inspiration and music industry.

  70. Jozua Patalan

    Jozua Patalan12 days ago

    My Holy Trinity of Track 5: - All Too Well - My Tears Ricochet - Tolerate It

  71. Cupcake Queen

    Cupcake Queen12 days ago

    For me, it will be: 3) Dear John 2) My Tears Ricochet 1) Cold As You Honorable Mention: Tolerate It

  72. Girl Who Loves Fantasy

    Girl Who Loves Fantasy12 days ago

    I love Cold as You! Yes it's melodramatic but that's why I love it so much. That bridge and whole second half of the song is perfect.

  73. Jordan's Swag Edits !

    Jordan's Swag Edits !12 days ago

    To the ppl who disliked this vid... BABY NOW WE GOT BAD BLOOD

  74. Jordan's Swag Edits !

    Jordan's Swag Edits !12 days ago

    U couldnt be more right

  75. EA

    EA12 days ago

    I just came to dislike 🙂

  76. Denisa Ohaleková

    Denisa Ohaleková12 days ago

    My tears ricochet🥺

  77. Jack Horsley

    Jack Horsley12 days ago

    My favorite track 5 of all time is My Tears Ricochet!

  78. Bow down Gomez

    Bow down Gomez12 days ago

    Her best songs are: RED FEARLESS LOVER eat it

  79. Bow down Gomez

    Bow down Gomez12 days ago

    Nope 👎🏻 Her best songs are: RED FEARLESS LOVER

  80. Alex Andria

    Alex Andria12 days ago

    5 in numerology means “change” which is scary for a lot people. I wonder if she had this in mind with Track 5 sequence. ♥️♥️

  81. LindaDulcinea

    LindaDulcinea12 days ago

    Delicate, Delicate, and Delicate. But really, 1) Delicate 2) The Archer & Tolerate It [I really can’t pick.] 3) All Too Well.

  82. Fatima Bilal

    Fatima Bilal12 days ago

    The Archer is the BEST track 5 period.

  83. Lia Lalkaka

    Lia Lalkaka12 days ago

    Preach. 👏👏

  84. John Paul Bautista

    John Paul Bautista12 days ago

    Dear john stans where are you?🌂

  85. Lorelei Marsh

    Lorelei Marsh12 days ago

    My ranking 1.All to Well 2. My tears Ricochet 3. Delicate 4. Tolerate it 5. The Archer 6. All you had to do was stay 7. Dear John 8. White horse 9. Cold as you

  86. Dj Gallagher

    Dj Gallagher12 days ago

    The first single to take accountability for her own actions is actually back to december!

  87. kerry m

    kerry m12 days ago

    my list 9. cold as you 8. all you had to do was stay 7. dear john 6. white horse 5. delicate 4. the archer 3. tolerate it 2. all too well 1. my tears ricochet

  88. Bow down Gomez

    Bow down Gomez12 days ago

    Nope 👎🏻 Her best songs are: RED FEARLESS LOVER

  89. kerry m

    kerry m12 days ago

    this was so hard omg

  90. Collin Schmid

    Collin Schmid12 days ago

    Proud to be the first to say All Too Well is NOT as emotional as everyone says it is. Dear John on the other hand tells a much better story and is empowering in itself. I'm shining like fireworks over your sad empty town>>>>> you call me up again just to break me like a promise

  91. Pietro Pedini

    Pietro Pedini11 days ago

    I thino all too well is kinda overrated...i always get emotional with exile, cornelia street, dancing with our hands tied or you're not sorry...but i like all too well bridge xoxo

  92. steph’s path

    steph’s path12 days ago

    1. all too well 2. my tears ricochet 3. a tie between the archer & tolerate it

  93. Dunno What2say

    Dunno What2say12 days ago

    the superior track 5 for me is my tears ricochet but this top 3 is good too

  94. Steven Grant Rogers

    Steven Grant Rogers12 days ago

    She supports homosexuals..someone born in 1989 supports homosexuals no thanks. Unsubscribed.

  95. Pietro Pedini

    Pietro Pedini5 days ago

    @Steven Grant Rogers and you? What u gonna do if u see a lgbtq+ person like me? Would you beat me up? KILL ME? LMAO💀

  96. Steven Grant Rogers

    Steven Grant Rogers11 days ago

    @Pietro Pedini what do you hope to achieve by saying this? Lol you know you can't change me, you look to man who eventually will take your land.

  97. Steven Grant Rogers

    Steven Grant Rogers11 days ago

    @Pietro Pedini we shall see when the United Nations starts killing Christians.

  98. Pietro Pedini

    Pietro Pedini11 days ago

    @Steven Grant Rogers God doesn't exist lol stop believing in santa claus

  99. Theo Steven

    Theo Steven12 days ago

    @Steven Grant Rogers 😂😂😂😂. Did i even mention any race? Dummy. 😂😂😂

  100. Ivan Mendez

    Ivan Mendez12 days ago

    I love Taylor Swift

  101. chris nelson

    chris nelson12 days ago

    mine are: 1) the archer 2) my tears ricochet 3) all too well

  102. Justin Cera

    Justin Cera12 days ago

    The Archer... TASTE

  103. Addison Rae Fanpage

    Addison Rae Fanpage12 days ago


  104. shindi purnama

    shindi purnama12 days ago

    Now we know that clever news is a swiftie💅

  105. imanol valencia

    imanol valencia12 days ago

    Taylor is the 5 track master argue with the wall

  106. Reymark Jay R. Guerrero

    Reymark Jay R. Guerrero12 days ago

    I'm here beacuse of Taylor Swift

  107. nikkk

    nikkk12 days ago

    I have trust issue with people whose top 3 track 5s does not include the Archer 🤧

  108. Jessie

    Jessie12 days ago

    Swifties, we need TS10..... 😭

  109. H Sidd

    H Sidd12 days ago

    Yesss Clevver News! Get your Swiftie cardigans on 👏

  110. Big Yikes

    Big Yikes12 days ago

    9. All You Had To Do Was Stay 8. Delicate 7. my tears ricochet 6. The Archer 5. Cold As You 4. White Horse 3. All Too Well 2. tolerate it 1. Dear John (Edit) omg wait we have the same ones in the top 3 lmao, rightfully so

  111. Priyanshu Pal

    Priyanshu Pal11 days ago

    @Big Yikes ikrr we are the immaculate collection😂 💞💞💞💞💞💞

  112. Big Yikes

    Big Yikes12 days ago

    @Priyanshu Pal taste

  113. Priyanshu Pal

    Priyanshu Pal12 days ago


  114. Dmitri Shaw

    Dmitri Shaw12 days ago

    Delicate :(

  115. venice bitch

    venice bitch12 days ago

    @Bow down Gomez they’re talking about the track 5’s, not the best songs off her entire discography

  116. nikkk

    nikkk12 days ago

    They hashtaged the top 3 to save your time

  117. nikkk

    nikkk12 days ago

    I may not agree about the rankings but applauds to your bravery 👏

  118. lexi lex

    lexi lex12 days ago

    love this video!!😭💕



    I love you Taylor 💛💛 wether you believe it or not (love always fearless)

  120. nikkk

    nikkk12 days ago

    Swifties : *manifesting All Too Well 10 min. version on the re-recordings* Also Swifties : (if released) OMG I CAN'T HANDLE IT..TAYLOR WHY YOU HAVE TO ATTACK LIKE THIS...NOOO..PLZZZ haha :-)

  121. just a swiftie

    just a swiftie12 days ago


  122. venice bitch

    venice bitch12 days ago

    exactly haha

  123. Sweta Mohapatra

    Sweta Mohapatra12 days ago

    Busted 😂😂