David Dobrik Opens Up About REJECTING Madison Beer

During a new episode of his podcast, David Dobrik and Madison Beer cleared up the rumors that David “rejected her.” Let’s get into it. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed: usloft.info/will/n4PLt4qXi3jbdcw/video
Video Link: defnoodles/status/1360729780090413056?s=20
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  1. Moose on the Loose

    Moose on the LooseDay ago

    🗑 🗑🗑


    HHTTPCAKES4 days ago

    She wants his teslas


    ELLO GUVNA4 days ago

    Ok he can be a real!! Dickhead... but he can also be a real gentleman

  4. emma michelle _

    emma michelle _5 days ago

    xddd did he rejected maddison?

  5. im simping for billkin and PP

    im simping for billkin and PP8 days ago

    *he rejected her because he is bi curious*

  6. D g

    D g8 days ago

    Its just clout 🙄 he doesnt like her so what move on she doesnt want to date anyways ever since her last boyfriend cheated

  7. ConspiraCiela

    ConspiraCiela8 days ago

    You were obviously paid to talk about other drama rather than the "SA" allegations. You are literally part of the problem and should be ashamed of yourself. Sick f ck

  8. Jaz E

    Jaz E9 days ago

    Kind of disgusted that you guys are reporting on David Dobrik rejecting some girl and not how he forced Seth into a situation to be sexually assaulted by Jason, offered him hush money essentially and completely traumatized him. Where is that video?! Go read up on the articles and seths direct interviews about it! Not to mention how David made seth degrade his race just to be on camera.

  9. Tyler M

    Tyler M10 days ago

    David looks average. Idk why people act like he's gorgeous. He doesn't sound or look masculine in any way either. Guess money is the great equalizer.

  10. Dovahzuul

    Dovahzuul3 days ago

    Hes decent, a guy doesn’t have to be masculine to be attractive

  11. Saesha Rana

    Saesha Rana11 days ago

    nick austin rn: 👁👄👁

  12. evolutionofwords

    evolutionofwords11 days ago

    If David wasn’t famous people would be like how the heck are you putting that dude & that girl in the same conversation. I’m more so just perplexed at how people act as if David is so hot. The next generation is gonna look at the list of our hot guys & think what the heck. That dude??!!

  13. Dalia Flora

    Dalia Flora5 days ago

    @evolutionofwords The problem is that girls are a way too forgiving in the look department, guy with big nose? Can still be considered handsome, guy with no lips? Can still be considered handsome. Even height isnt an issue cause I know a huge amount of guys that are 5’6 and that still get girls so easily. Literally most hot kpop idoles are short, and you see how many girls are crazy about them. However a girl just have to be anything less than perfect and you’ll hear: yeah she’s good BUT... Not only are girls most likely to be forgiving but we pass on so many things if a guy have a good personality, There’s a USloftr who said once and she was right: the majority of guys don’t have that thing about thinking that a girl is attractive because of her personality if anything else it makes her less attractive that she have one.

  14. evolutionofwords

    evolutionofwords5 days ago

    @Dalia Flora Very good point. It’s hypocritical. Women already have crazy standards & now it’s even worse. Plus the guy they are impressing is way below their standard in general. I’m more into personality but I had to point out that this is weird. Also it happens in real life these days. Not Madison level girls but very good looking & the dude looks like he’s the guy who would get bullied in a high school movie. I know people have great personalities. However, some of these dudes are just as big of a jerk as those hot dudes. They think a lot of themselves also. It’s one thing if they said David’s personality is charming or whatever but they legit make him out to be hot. That’s the confusing part.

  15. Dalia Flora

    Dalia Flora5 days ago

    PREACH. I hate to sound superficial but if girls have to look like freaking Madison Beer to be hot then HAVE THE SAME STANDARDS FOR MEN. I hate how I see gorgeous girls thinking they’re not hot cause they don’t look like a photoshopped insta model, and guys that look like David’s ugly twin thinking that they’re the shit, cause they see so many guys like him, getting hot girls behind the screen 😭 this is too obvious

  16. Nicholas Patti

    Nicholas Patti12 days ago

    This guy is a blind psycho .. You turn down Madison Beer. ??

  17. Nounou F

    Nounou F13 days ago

    They will end up together I can tell from face structure smile so similar they might be real soulmates ... my intuition never lies

  18. MooMoo Cow

    MooMoo Cow13 days ago

    He didn’t reject her lmao

  19. saraswati dharmadhikari

    saraswati dharmadhikari13 days ago

    This shows that David doesn't care about looks😌

  20. Cupcake Queen

    Cupcake Queen13 days ago


  21. Javier C

    Javier C13 days ago

    one answer, that dude is gay as hell!

  22. Random girl

    Random girl13 days ago

    I mean David always gave me weird vibes like idk-

  23. beetthesystem

    beetthesystem13 days ago

    With respect, you should be reporting MORE on the fact that he has been accused of sexual assault, THAT is the story, not this.

  24. Sasha B

    Sasha B14 days ago

    Y’all call David’s vlogs fake but fully believe that he rejected Madison 😭🖐

  25. J3j3 L4nd

    J3j3 L4nd14 days ago

    can we talk abt sussan's outfit.

  26. Helin Marangon

    Helin Marangon14 days ago

    David Dobrick is just... weird idk

  27. itsKRIIZZZ_ _

    itsKRIIZZZ_ _14 days ago

    Hope this is not those tactic to promote her upcoming album by making a noice or topic...

  28. anaaya Mil

    anaaya Mil14 days ago

    Madison beer is very talented and seems like a sweet person but I genuinely don't find her pretty looks-wise lol.

  29. John Lai

    John Lai14 days ago

    He was dating Liza Koshy right? Seems like whatever he had with her was perfect for him and I guess he just hasn’t found another girl like her for him yet.

  30. Daniel Fuchs

    Daniel Fuchs15 days ago

    What about liza?😂

  31. DramaFluent

    DramaFluent15 days ago

    Yeah let’s just gloss over David’s disgusting behavior which caused a man to move because of his horrible pattern of a.s.s.a.u.l.t.i.n.g vlog squad members and talk about how he doesn’t want to date Madison Beer.

  32. Ahmed Khaled

    Ahmed Khaled15 days ago


  33. Ahmed Khaled

    Ahmed Khaled15 days ago


  34. El Sie

    El Sie15 days ago

    Y'all David dated Liza Koshy His standards are already quite high, Madison is only beautiful, but her personality is literally vanilla

  35. princess peach

    princess peach14 days ago

    comment of the year

  36. Amanda Ivette

    Amanda Ivette15 days ago

    You don’t know her how tf would you know?

  37. peachy boo

    peachy boo15 days ago

    Like I understand that Liza is all fun but each person is special in his / her own way girllll

  38. peachy boo

    peachy boo15 days ago

    What's wrong with a vanilla personality?!!!

  39. 전혜지

    전혜지15 days ago

    Wait wait wait What did David dobrik do ? I dont keep up with him at all so idk what's going on



    i hope they get married and have kids please god🥲🥲🥲

  41. Noneofyourbusiness

    Noneofyourbusiness15 days ago

    When madison reached out with her hand, he rejected her again 😂

  42. Karima

    Karima14 days ago

    Are you talking about the podcast where madison tried to hold his hands? because he only did that since his hands were sweating

  43. MR. NOBODY

    MR. NOBODY15 days ago

    So they kept doing the whole JoJo has a boyfriend thing, until she was ready to come out...and I understand that, because she is just a kid, but, David Dobrik is an adult...are we really gonna act like it's not OBVIOUS? Like...are we REALLY gonna keep doing this?...I can look at most of these people and tell and if I can see it, then I know other people can see it too...but, hey, I guess we'll pretend until he is ready to tell the world...not that he has to...it's his business, but, I'm not with the games...he clearly is not into women.

  44. Sumair Shirazi

    Sumair Shirazi15 days ago

    U can never know . But i don't think david wants to be in a relationship with madison.

  45. Nataliya Liya

    Nataliya Liya10 days ago

    And people need to understand that there's nothing wrong with that

  46. Anfel Bouchra

    Anfel Bouchra14 days ago

    Yeah i think so too

  47. princess peach

    princess peach14 days ago

    h3 don't

  48. Truth

    Truth15 days ago

    Is it even possible for a straight man to reject Madison Beer?

  49. princess peach

    princess peach14 days ago

    @adara thanks someone see its too

  50. adara

    adara15 days ago

    she has a horrible personality so yes

  51. Nemaa

    Nemaa15 days ago

    I don’t understand what’s the fuss about this guy... Like he’s not even all that, gosh.

  52. paula lopez

    paula lopez4 days ago

    His personality really attracts woman and money lol


    ELLO GUVNA4 days ago

    Your rude

  54. Mica_Editour

    Mica_Editour13 days ago

    he makes good content

  55. Nemaa

    Nemaa14 days ago

    @Misha Andreyeva lmao is that where he’s from?

  56. Misha Andreyeva

    Misha Andreyeva14 days ago

    never trust a smiling man from Slovakia

  57. Queen Fu Fu

    Queen Fu Fu15 days ago

    Why do y’all give the worst people power on social media?

  58. Shawna Anthony

    Shawna Anthony15 days ago

    Exactly! It lowkey scares me 😖

  59. Audie

    Audie15 days ago

    David committed sa many times. His puzzle is a scam. He's trash.

  60. ConspiraCiela

    ConspiraCiela15 days ago

    Lets just ignore the "S.A" allegations because it cant happen to men i guess😡😡😡

  61. anna 1

    anna 115 days ago

    It's so fucking terrible

  62. Ellie L

    Ellie L15 days ago

    He should publicly apologise for the sexual assault issue. He completely ignored Seth..

  63. Chan Thon

    Chan Thon8 days ago

    Abir Saeed y u so mad lol

  64. princess peach

    princess peach14 days ago


  65. Abir Saeed

    Abir Saeed15 days ago


  66. julie nicole

    julie nicole15 days ago

    They both get on my nerves 😂

  67. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick15 days ago

    We all know david borik gay at this point.

  68. Kimberly D

    Kimberly D15 days ago


  69. Super Thot

    Super Thot15 days ago

    David not even cute imo I’m sure his personality beats all

  70. Mr MakeShft

    Mr MakeShft15 days ago

    He didn’t REJECT her, because they were never a thing

  71. Skorpy

    Skorpy11 days ago

    @Candace Hall they broke up a fat minute ago big dog

  72. Rob Moreno

    Rob Moreno12 days ago

    @Jjdjdjdjdjdjk Crhhbfcbucrburur he basicly said he didnt reject her .

  73. Mr MakeShft

    Mr MakeShft13 days ago

    @Candace Hall Oh do you know who? Lets go support him

  74. first name last name

    first name last name13 days ago

    @Candace Hall then her boyfriend should be worried because on the podcast they were all over each other for 40 minutes

  75. Candace Hall

    Candace Hall14 days ago

    @first name last name oh my goodness no. She has a boyfriend

  76. H Sidd

    H Sidd15 days ago

    Call me sad but I still have hope for Diza...

  77. Me We

    Me We15 days ago

    I don't like her

  78. L S

    L S15 days ago

    Madison is trying hard to stay relevant by staying in the headlines regarding lame USloftrs like David

  79. Me We

    Me We4 days ago

    @alexis celestè use your words

  80. alexis celestè

    alexis celestè4 days ago

    Girl huh

  81. Me We

    Me We4 days ago

    @alexis celestè but not like loved

  82. alexis celestè

    alexis celestè5 days ago

    @Me We ya he's loved by the republicans wym LMFAOO

  83. Frog Smith

    Frog Smith10 days ago

    @Me We right a lot of celebrities have fake followers

  84. Seth Freakin Rollins

    Seth Freakin Rollins15 days ago

    His loss, not hers.

  85. princess peach

    princess peach14 days ago

    nah he only lost liza,does not like Madison

  86. Alexandre Nabais

    Alexandre Nabais15 days ago

    DAMN, YOU ARE HERE TOO!!! You are a legend. Who do you prefer, Madisson or Alexa???

  87. Aylén M

    Aylén M15 days ago

    talk about how disgusting he is instead!!

  88. Ruby Alberona

    Ruby Alberona15 days ago

    I don’t even know who this beer chick is... nor I don’t think David is a nice guy after what he did to his friends. Disgusting

  89. Hitaf Saeed

    Hitaf Saeed15 days ago


  90. Aisha Sehba

    Aisha Sehba15 days ago

    Could you tell me what he did to his friends??

  91. Ruby Alberona

    Ruby Alberona15 days ago

    @Chris - why would I be under something ?

  92. Chris -

    Chris -15 days ago

    Mate what drug are you on

  93. Luis Pacheco

    Luis Pacheco15 days ago

    I really cant believe you all really decided to make a video making this man look like hes an eligable dating candidate. He has a horrible personality and is not even that good looking. Stop giving him promotion while deciding to not talk about the drama he has been involved with. Please and Thank You.

  94. Heather Lynsey

    Heather Lynsey15 days ago

    I know this is so middle school but I will never be happy until he is with Liza again.

  95. DJ Art

    DJ Art15 days ago

    I think Liza left for a reason ;)

  96. Seli Music -Games-

    Seli Music -Games-15 days ago

    Yeah same but i think both happy now like this

  97. Alice Dillane

    Alice Dillane15 days ago


  98. janessa ewing

    janessa ewing15 days ago

    So you’re not going to talk about how he SA’d Seth and filmed things without peoples consent???

  99. Kel Pettrone

    Kel Pettrone14 days ago

    @Annie Graham that’s dumb that’s sensored

  100. Annie Graham

    Annie Graham14 days ago

    @Kel Pettrone it means sexually assaulted but USloft is censoring words so people now put SA as a reference

  101. anna 1

    anna 115 days ago


  102. Kel Pettrone

    Kel Pettrone15 days ago

    What does sa’d mean?

  103. Andi Zentzis

    Andi Zentzis15 days ago

    Right it really erked me when they said well on that notes let’s change the topic and be all happy. Like no..

  104. B. O.

    B. O.15 days ago

    Uuughhhh nooo lmaoo....im a die hard liza and david shipperr forever no one can change my ming .... Madison pretty but NO. They can stay freinds lmao😂😂

  105. princess peach

    princess peach14 days ago

    Madison boring af

  106. panda 22

    panda 2215 days ago

    I was searching for a comment like this! Lol. Not Madison, Liza all the way✊

  107. joseph moreno

    joseph moreno15 days ago

    I honestly love everything about David and Madison’s relationship so much, I adore them to much and Thier friendship is everything. Tbh, it’s pretty so dumb if you reject a very pretty girl like Madison, if I were David, I would never reject her ever, she’s my queen and all and she’s my world forever. I enjoyed that interview so much, it was so cute and funny and even Madison was such a cutie in it. Also, DONT FORGET TO PRE-ORDER/PRE-SAVE MADISONS NEW ALBUM LIFE SUPPORT, OUT FEBRUARY 26TH!

  108. Nataliya Liya

    Nataliya Liya10 days ago

    That's the thing People like to date because of looks but looks ain't all

  109. princess peach

    princess peach14 days ago


  110. adara

    adara15 days ago

    madison literally staged a photoshoot to make it seem like she was at a blm protest, she's cute but her horrible personality and morals makes her very unattractive

  111. ric ardo

    ric ardo15 days ago

    Guys please don't hate on Madison and pre order her album life support it drops on February 26th !!!!!!!!

  112. Malika Malouf

    Malika Malouf15 days ago

    David is like the popular “nice guy” who’s actually a bully

  113. DJ Art

    DJ Art4 days ago

    @Dalia Flora David and Liza used to roast eachother like that all the time (Liza made three part videos of them roasting eachother)- so I think that one was more all in good fun, cause that was just their relationship. 😅 David more mistreats his friends imo, and the problem is that none of them hold him accountable, not even Jason who’s like way older than him! If they did hold him accountable I’m sure he’d at least apologize and feel bad, cause he’s not a bad person, just so immature and dumb.

  114. Dalia Flora

    Dalia Flora5 days ago

    @DJ Art when he was dating Liza he once told her that Californian people are so hot and pretty and that she must live there to break the stereotype. I mean... idk if it was hurtful toward her or no, but I would have been hurt if my boyfriend called me ugly like that

  115. Atha

    Atha15 days ago

    What you mean he half psychopath and half asshole 😂☠️ but he can being a nice person sometime

  116. Hitaf Saeed

    Hitaf Saeed15 days ago


  117. Jaf Dejano

    Jaf Dejano15 days ago

    @DJ Art You have a point there that he's immature and insensitive when he does pranks but i don't really hate him

  118. SarahT

    SarahT15 days ago

    So y’all are just going to promote David even tho he basically bullied and SA’d more than one person. Pages like this are the problem. Promoting a disgusting human being.


    KIRTIKA MADHOK12 days ago

    @SarahT LMFAO I'm just asking for informational purposes.

  120. SarahT

    SarahT12 days ago

    @KIRTIKA MADHOK the question is really who didn’t he bully?

  121. AddisonRaePickles

    AddisonRaePickles15 days ago

    @KIRTIKA MADHOK Trisha, Tana, Seth and more


    KIRTIKA MADHOK15 days ago

    Whom did he bully?

  123. Flores Flores

    Flores Flores15 days ago

    How is Madison even relevant still wth

  124. REAPER

    REAPER15 days ago

    @Flores Flores No one knows you. Stop hating for unnecessary reasons.

  125. alexis celestè

    alexis celestè15 days ago

    @It's just me!

  126. It's just me

    It's just me15 days ago

    @Flores Flores she's a talented singer just bc u don't know doesn't mean u have to talk for everyone regarding "her talent".

  127. alexis celestè

    alexis celestè15 days ago

    swear to God , all cus y'all don't like her suddenly she's irrelevant LMFAOO pendejas

  128. alexis celestè

    alexis celestè15 days ago

    alexa demie is mad popular and iono what it is she does. that doesn't make her irrelevant

  129. AddisonRaePickles

    AddisonRaePickles15 days ago

    Im gay and I would go straight for Madison.

  130. Nataliya Liya

    Nataliya Liya10 days ago

    Well everybody got their type And LOL. I'm bisexual and I don't find her attractive

  131. joseph moreno

    joseph moreno13 days ago

    @Alex Taylor she’s not even racist, get your fucking facts straight, she went to 12 blm protests and she cares about black people, cause she has black fans. Don’t have to make me super punch you.

  132. Nick

    Nick14 days ago

    @Alex Taylor no, we only saw her being accused of that. It's also just a rumor, nothing was proven. Even the photographer, which I think he was black, neither confirmed nor denied it. He just made a video that basically screamed that he made the photos look staged for attention. And even if she did fake it, it wouldn't make her racist, just a show off and fake. Racism means discriminating people of other races, not being a showoff at a protest. It doesn't mean she didn't allign with the protest's belief. But again, it was just a rumour that gained strength because of the hate train she was going through. As I said, it's just trendy to hate on her, ironically, because she IS pretty.

  133. Alex Taylor

    Alex Taylor14 days ago

    @Nick lmfao did you not see how she faked a blm protest? it’s funny how pretty privilege works.

  134. Nick

    Nick15 days ago

    @Alex Taylor love to see baseless romours out of nowhere...why don't you just say it's a trend to hate her and get over it lol?

  135. Thanjila Jannat

    Thanjila Jannat15 days ago

    how about madison and nick ?

  136. Thanjila Jannat

    Thanjila Jannat14 days ago

    @ric ardo im still here for david and lisa tho

  137. elle mary

    elle mary15 days ago

    @joseph morenowhat makes you make that rude and unnecessary comment?

  138. joseph moreno

    joseph moreno15 days ago

    Nope, we don’t care about Nick, he is really nothing. He doesn’t belong with mads

  139. ric ardo

    ric ardo15 days ago

    They never confirmed anything they have been spotted hanging out but Madison and nick never confirmed anything

  140. İREMKEE

    İREMKEE15 days ago


  141. athul soman

    athul soman15 days ago