Selena Gomez Fans PISSED Over Latest Performance!

Selena Gomez returned to the stage after nearly a year, but fans were disappointed after tuning in to find Sel’s live performance was completely misleading. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:
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  1. davo bravo

    davo bravo2 days ago

    Que onda todos ! ....¿crees que a Selena le gustará mi canción "Canta Conmigo" si ella la oye ?

  2. Kirsten A

    Kirsten A2 days ago

    The girl can’t sing so I’m not surprised, but a lot of artists can’t sing nowadays so whatever.

  3. Alia Smith

    Alia Smith4 days ago

    Selena Gomez is trying to be the REAL Selena!

  4. Dr. Sharpley

    Dr. Sharpley5 days ago

    It was bad for Selena to promote her project as a live performance. She sounds terrible live. Her fans would of notice how much auto tune is in her new music.

  5. Simply Melany

    Simply Melany6 days ago

    Ughhh whoooo caressss live performance, music video, it’s all the same to me I just love seeing new stuff from her😭💖

  6. waimirirangi skipwith

    waimirirangi skipwith6 days ago

    They not fans!!!!😡😡😡😡 They just selfish baby idiots!!😡 True fans appreciated the collab music video under the pandemic situation. Love it love it love it💯 😍💕💖💞❤❤❤

  7. Neji Hyuga

    Neji Hyuga7 days ago

    Oh please... We're never upset of her. Stop spreading fake rumours.

  8. Jeanilyn Murcia

    Jeanilyn Murcia7 days ago

    Even if I'm in a covid pandemic there is no wrong with it.

  9. Jennifer Bowman

    Jennifer Bowman7 days ago

    Miss Selena Gomez, is on her A Game right now and has been and will continue too,,!! Sister you do you you and let people say what they want!!! I loved all the different videos of the Spanish long!! Congrats Miss Selena Gomez for taking that leap of faith to wan to know you heritage and jump right into it with a beautiful, sexy, and me wanting more,??... Like ok let's do this and have a blast doing it!! They did!!! 🎊💞🍾🎉😉💯🥳🥰✨🤗💞💯💯🎊 Love Always, Jen Jen 💞💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  10. KittyGirlz

    KittyGirlz7 days ago

    De Una Vez should've been performed too

  11. Eleftheria K.

    Eleftheria K.7 days ago

    I don't get why they promoted this as a performance though. This is a music video, and that's the only problem. No one said selena should put her health on the line or anything. The problem was the marketing.

  12. Eleftheria K.

    Eleftheria K.4 days ago

    @Kacee Harrison you too :)

  13. Kacee Harrison

    Kacee Harrison4 days ago

    @Eleftheria K.I was thinking the exact same thing! Haha like are we friends now? Lmaooo I hope you have a great day :)

  14. Eleftheria K.

    Eleftheria K.4 days ago

    @Kacee Harrison and you are totally right about people thinking "live performance" these days isn't auto tuned or anything. they definitely overestimate and don't really understand what "live" means. anyway dude, whole thing aside, thanks for having such a good conversation with me, you don't always see that in a comment section. listening to what the other person's saying whether you agree with them or not and explaining why you disagree. no drama, no name calling etc etc. really thanks :)

  15. Kacee Harrison

    Kacee Harrison4 days ago

    @Eleftheria K. yea I guess I see your point.

  16. Eleftheria K.

    Eleftheria K.4 days ago

    @Kacee Harrison misunderstandings happen because both sides do something wrong. but , i may be wrong, but the professionals in charge should be better at seeing those kind of misunderstandings and preventing them from happening in the first place. (oh and i believe a lot of people are overreacting, I'm not defending any of that). all i'm saying is, professional marketing team should've been a little more clear. and what people understand when they hear "live performance" could be wrong, as you said, but they obviously don't know that, shouldn't someone tell them?

  17. Kelsey Sheppard

    Kelsey Sheppard8 days ago

    I really like her but she isn't a great live singer and if you think she is then you are jaded. I think she can sing but she has far too many nerves any more to he live. That is ok. Not every one has to be perfect live to be successful. Also she has lupus there is no chance she was going to be out and about yet.

  18. Michelle Rodriguez

    Michelle Rodriguez8 days ago

    It’s kinda weird how she is copying Selena Quintanilla’s song titles ???????? Selena Q: Si Una Vez and Baila Esta Cumbia Selena G: De Una Vez and Baila Conmigo

  19. Kacee Harrison

    Kacee Harrison4 days ago

    So people can't have similar song titles? It's not the same song, it's not the same title.

  20. Akari Zamora

    Akari Zamora8 days ago

    The fact that Susan said Uni-vision. Women that is not how it’s said in Spanish. Please get your facts straight before you try to pronounce the name of such a HUGE Mexican TV channel

  21. F A

    F A8 days ago

    Okay sussan, you need to go back to the blonde girl! Why did you dye your hair?

  22. Kacee Harrison

    Kacee Harrison4 days ago

    Let her do what she wants. It isn't your hair

  23. Sub-Zero 7

    Sub-Zero 78 days ago

    It probably should have been obvious that it was not a real concert. What part of all 2021 concerts have been cancelled or postponed was not clear to her fans?

  24. Natalia Garnica

    Natalia Garnica8 days ago

    Can people stop hating on her! So the performance wasnt what you expected, who cares. Don't go running to social media to spread hate about her. Are you really her fan if you do that? I would have been a bit disappointed too but I definitely wouldn't have gone to social media. I would have gotten over it in seconds. If you call yourself a fan of Selena Gomez then dont go hurting her. She is such a sweet human being who has been hurt so many times. She shouldn't be getting hurt from her so called fans. She doesnt owe anyone an apology and neither does her team. She did a music video performance during a pandemic, is that really all that shocking?

  25. Yuu Ishigami

    Yuu Ishigami8 days ago

    Wait what?

  26. Arianator Grande

    Arianator Grande8 days ago

    “How embarrassing and disgraceful” First off how is it embarrassing and disgraceful wanting to stay safe in this deadly pandemic? She HAS LUPUS! HER health will FOREVER be more important than her concert! She wanted to give her fans a concert we’re lucky she even did one!

  27. Nakash ghaus

    Nakash ghaus9 days ago

    😂 The way sausan is trying to pronounce words

  28. Rachel Fernandes

    Rachel Fernandes9 days ago

    Dang my girl Susan's sexy accent

  29. Vanessa Gonzalez

    Vanessa Gonzalez9 days ago

    Selena couldve performed virtually like many other artist...

  30. Kacee Harrison

    Kacee Harrison4 days ago

    She still did a performance. She wanted to entertain you. Just because they recorded it before hand does mean it isn't a life performance. Get your head out of your ass.

  31. Corrie E

    Corrie E9 days ago

    Most award shows are prerecorded especially during this pandemic. Also, a lot of people do this it’s not uncommon. If an artist is supposed to be preforming but something came up and they couldn’t go they’ll prerecord stuff and the producers of the award show will edit it in. For example Dan & Shays “live” preformence during the ACMs that was prerecorded because they were in LA where as others were in Nashville.

  32. Landon James

    Landon James9 days ago

    Selena is so beautiful 🤩

  33. Celebs n Stuff

    Celebs n Stuff10 days ago

    She doesn't deserve all this hate 😤

  34. michelle benedict

    michelle benedict10 days ago

    She wasn’t going to perform live all can go listen to Maddison on her USloft channel.... and Stop badging her... Selena isn’t afraid to perform if she has to. Thank you

  35. Nohemi Gomez

    Nohemi Gomez10 days ago

    Do y’all really expected a high risk person to perform live ???? And come into contact with people who may or may not have COVID? Our Queen 👑 must be kept safe at all cost.

  36. A

    A10 days ago

    bruh its a pandemic. covid. selenas REAL fans would never be pissed

  37. Atso Tsukru

    Atso Tsukru10 days ago

    what's new about this..... I mean I love Selena but she always almost never sing live

  38. chris rl

    chris rl10 days ago

    Get over it.

  39. nicky rohrs

    nicky rohrs10 days ago

    Oh yes if you hurt her you better hold your heart tight because it will beat out of your chest when i start with you💔 spread love not hate. If you have negative feelings about anyone or anything then seek for something that fills your heart because even you are beautifull in a way you haven't discovered yet. And trust me life is too short for any kind of beautifully hearted soul to spread negativity. You deserve happiness no matter who you are. Do anything you wish. Follow beauty and the things, hobbies and interests you love but don't start with The Queen of earth and the universe. Think twice before you start with Selena. Talk with me. If i find out that you put hate on her i will personally and virtually get to you. It's not a treat it's just a message to spread love for anyone who feels hate in anyway.

  40. Evelina Music

    Evelina Music10 days ago

    Wow! ☺️👍👍.

  41. Hryssa H

    Hryssa H11 days ago

    It's not like anyone paid money to watch it or anything, RELAX🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  42. Maéva Chedid

    Maéva Chedid11 days ago

    Peopleeee that's fineee no need to make a whole video about it!! COVIDDDD!! Times will come and sel will perform again

  43. MegasXLR

    MegasXLR11 days ago

    Who cares? Idk about you but anything Selena releases gets a huge like from her real fans.

  44. Yusuf Eryani

    Yusuf Eryani11 days ago

    Clever news always exaggerating

  45. divya

    divya11 days ago

    i canNOT be mad at her for long she literally owns me 😭

  46. iiRxuby

    iiRxuby11 days ago

    EXCUSME? I HATE THE TITLE OF THIS VIDEO- Actually this title pisses me off- Real Selenators would never be pissed over any work she does! And excusme, those comments are all from other people who aren't even Selena fans are you crazy to tink Selenators will say that?

  47. MimiMella3

    MimiMella311 days ago

    My grandma always said, people have two choices, stay pissed or get unpissed. 🤭 It sounds different in Spanish though lol

  48. swan vision

    swan vision11 days ago

    Rauw isn’t a rapper, he is a SINGER 🤦🏽‍♂️

  49. Maton -

    Maton -11 days ago

    It's the pandemic era people!

  50. wil math1963

    wil math196311 days ago

    And this is what we're worried about? 🤔

  51. FLdancer00

    FLdancer0011 days ago

    So people are outraged that they made an assumption and got let down? Welcome to real life people. When you set expectations that involve other people, you will get disappointed at some point in life. Chill, the world doesn't owe you an apology.

  52. sam odyssa

    sam odyssa11 days ago

    She probably forgot her Spanish lyrics.

  53. jose malpica

    jose malpica11 days ago

    "preh me oh lonueh roh"

  54. steeeven eeedwards

    steeeven eeedwards11 days ago

    She has lupus and is in the middle of shooting a tv show. There’s no way she was going to show up at an event and sing

  55. Laylah Jordan

    Laylah Jordan11 days ago

    OMG people are never happy for gods sake.

  56. Deepti Bross

    Deepti Bross11 days ago

    I Think that in the Times that we are now is great that she is doing some thing instead to shame her because the video, we should celebrate her in all her glory and her beauty

  57. TheGreatLegend007

    TheGreatLegend00711 days ago

    Hey she had to do it that way because of Covid-19 I loved it

  58. Janelle Egger

    Janelle Egger12 days ago

    She was being safe with the pandemic. That is all.

  59. Tessa

    Tessa12 days ago

    I get why People are pissed. She is a singer, she is supposed to sing. When you are sick you do your work anyway or don't show up.



    selena is queen

  61. Sarayah Clark

    Sarayah Clark12 days ago

    Leave her aloneee

  62. Cityboy Cityboy

    Cityboy Cityboy12 days ago

    We love you as you are dear selena...ignore stupid. Ignorant voices. Lovyou4evvver

  63. Ελενη Σαλαμουρα

    Ελενη Σαλαμουρα12 days ago

    We are not pissed just because she's keeping herself safe from covid! Those are NOT actual Selenators! After all, she was GORGEOUS! But why no one's talking about the positive comments or how beautiful the music video and the song itself are?

  64. Bee

    Bee12 days ago

    Btw she sang live in Spanish before e.g. George Lopez in 2010. She used to do A Year Without Rain in half English and half Spanish. Look them up if you miss her doing live shit

  65. CD Moon

    CD Moon6 days ago

    Yeah everyone is forgetting she recorded and performed songs in spanish when she was younger.

  66. ALJK

    ALJK12 days ago

    *People forgot that most performances now are pre-recorded. Lmao*

  67. asda

    asda12 days ago

    Honestly i thought she was performing live and got quite sad when i saw it 🥺

  68. dani que

    dani que12 days ago

    First time live in spanish? People really forgot about the spanish version of ‘A Year Without Rain’ huh?

  69. Aadya Pandita

    Aadya Pandita12 days ago

    Bruhhh its a video...not a live show

  70. Ellie Weiss

    Ellie Weiss12 days ago

    Shows how toxic her fans can be. Do they not realise their is a pandemic going on and she has health issues which put her at risk.

  71. Katara

    Katara12 days ago

    Hey can you guys check out my latest video about glitter ✨ ty

  72. Bow down Gomez

    Bow down Gomez12 days ago


  73. Jasmine K

    Jasmine K12 days ago

    Whatever anyone pissed is just being annoying 🙄 There’s bigger problems in the world than Selena singing live.

  74. Becca A

    Becca A12 days ago

    They’re not real fans then

  75. Tina

    Tina12 days ago

    its really not that deep...

  76. Suzie G

    Suzie G12 days ago


  77. Katara

    Katara12 days ago

    Hey I’ma big Selena fan and I agree with u they’re just hatterz can you check out my latest video about glitter ✨ ty

  78. Erica Gray

    Erica Gray12 days ago

    From an outsider's perspective, I can understand why people would be upset that Selena didn't perform live given the way her pr team worded this event, but at the same time, it isn't surprising that she didn't perform. She's been open and honest about her health conditions so it doesn't make sense that she'd all of a sudden perform in the midst of a pandemic.

  79. Katara

    Katara12 days ago

    Very true Hey can you check out my latest video about glitter ✨ ty

  80. ᔕᙓᕈTᓰᑕ_ᖙᗝᙢᓰאᘎᔕ

    ᔕᙓᕈTᓰᑕ_ᖙᗝᙢᓰאᘎᔕ12 days ago

    Even Justin had the balls to perform despacito live and he isn’t even Latino..

  81. ᔕᙓᕈTᓰᑕ_ᖙᗝᙢᓰאᘎᔕ

    ᔕᙓᕈTᓰᑕ_ᖙᗝᙢᓰאᘎᔕDay ago

    @A B oH rEallY?!

  82. A B

    A B6 days ago

    She preformed million times in Spanish, that is not issue here

  83. ᔕᙓᕈTᓰᑕ_ᖙᗝᙢᓰאᘎᔕ

    ᔕᙓᕈTᓰᑕ_ᖙᗝᙢᓰאᘎᔕ12 days ago

    While she wanna make a Spanish album xD

  84. Kween Kiki

    Kween Kiki13 days ago

    If u follow her on insta, u would've known that this was basically more of an alternative music video. Because in the original music video, Selena was basically on a TV screen. So we wanted 2 see more of her. And her team reassured us that this would be released. We asked 4 this so we got it. And as some1 else pointed out, there was a performance video 4 dance again. So I don't see what y we expected her 2 sing. The performance videos of Selena r more focused on the choreography, lighting as well as wardrobe. Those r the main factors. It's got nothing 2 do w/ her singing. Also, this video was never hyped. Not in the slightest way possible. There were a few posts on it. But that's it. And also, side note, yall literally CRUSHED her spirit. And bullied her and dragged her whenever she tried something different w/ her voice. And now when she chooses 2 stop, yall complain about that 2? Lmao, some of yall needa stop acting entitled. And FYI, none of the Selenators were pressed. Just the fake fans who'd turn on her when they got the chance. OK. Ly❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  85. Katara

    Katara12 days ago

    @Kween Kiki ty🥰🥰

  86. Kween Kiki

    Kween Kiki12 days ago

    @Katara I subbed bb💞

  87. Katara

    Katara12 days ago

    Omg thank youuuu that ain’t real fans Hey can you check out my latest video about glitter ✨ ty

  88. DAMPU DULOM vlog

    DAMPU DULOM vlog13 days ago

    These are not her fans..if they were they would know not want her to die from contracting COVID-19 as she has Lupus.

  89. John Lai

    John Lai13 days ago

    Could have been handled better but yeah.

  90. Nafisa begum Khan

    Nafisa begum Khan13 days ago

    Selena always best

  91. Bow down Gomez

    Bow down Gomez12 days ago


  92. philathing collection

    philathing collection13 days ago

    Those who are pissed off they are not real selanator

  93. I'ɱ Gøøɠłє

    I'ɱ Gøøɠłє13 days ago

    Made it simple ... Health is wealth...

  94. Clvia Bibu

    Clvia Bibu13 days ago

    Alejandro not Alehandro 🙄🙄

  95. Jay Travis

    Jay Travis13 days ago

    People really be pissed for no reason.

  96. Cass125

    Cass12513 days ago

    Real fans would be ok with any kind of performances! Live or prerecorded. Im ok with it. Safety comes first.

  97. Angel Gniot

    Angel Gniot13 days ago

    It’s ok

  98. Godzilla .x

    Godzilla .x13 days ago

    no matter what,Selena is still the best singer and performer the world has ever seen. some people needa cut our girl some slack. she's been through a lot and she's still going through a lot but she's trying her best to keep all her fans happy and that takes a lot. i'm sorry y'all didn't get the experience y'all wanted and that's definitely not what Selena wanted. lots of love to our QUEEN,Selena Marie Gomez👸❤. everything she does is golden🌌

  99. Clary G

    Clary G13 days ago

    Use me as a I m a real Selenator and I m not angry..

  100. It's Chelly

    It's Chelly13 days ago

    At this point it just doesn't seem genuine anymore 😕

  101. B

    B13 days ago

    These bitches gonna be mad at her for even breathing differently. Let the girl have some peace ffs

  102. Katara

    Katara12 days ago

    OMG I love ur pfp!! Hey can you check out my latest video about glitter ✨ ty

  103. Daisy Camacho

    Daisy Camacho13 days ago

    “Univision” 😂

  104. Hajra Zeeshan

    Hajra Zeeshan13 days ago

    I feel like should’ve just been happy that they got to see her at all. If they’re being so mean on social media they should honestly be called trolls

  105. Nayeli Medrano

    Nayeli Medrano13 days ago

    She is immunocompromised, it’s a good thing she stayed home.

  106. Alex Esparza

    Alex Esparza13 days ago

    I agree, Selena is my FAB ARTIST EVER, I felt disrespected! Let her team apologize. Is the right thing to do.

  107. Natalie Morata

    Natalie Morata13 days ago

    I’m a big fan of this song and collab!! I’m not pissed but I actually was super disappointed that it wasn’t a live performance since that was what I was expecting. That duo was straight fire so I was SO EXCITED U HAVE NO IDEA. but idk I know she dealt with anxiety a lot with her live performances in the recent years so i hope she’s doing well mentally at the end of the day.

  108. oofitsalyssa

    oofitsalyssa13 days ago

    selena has taken covid so seriously i am not surprised nor disappointed she didn’t perform live


    JAYA BRENDA13 days ago

    Stop with the excuses "sick, lupus, covid" ... IF SHE CAN MAKE A MUSIC VIDEO AND SING AT THE RECORD LABEL WITH MORE THAN 12 PEOPLE ON SET!.... SHE CAN DO A LIVE PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!! .... girl can't sing live without an excuse.... she was on a cooking show? Why she didn't use lupus as an excuse to not do the show? .. cuz the cooking show didn't involve singing live..... I swear she doesn't everything to NOT SING LIVE.. every excuse in the book... can u count how many times she did a live performance in the past 10 years ?????


    JAYA BRENDA13 days ago

    She never sing live!!! She always got an excuse

  111. Laila Farhan

    Laila Farhan13 days ago

    another "one user tweeted quote" video. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  112. Johaunna Koyama

    Johaunna Koyama13 days ago

    Most people aren't doing live videos? Most of them are pre-recorded?

  113. Benjamin Nieves

    Benjamin Nieves13 days ago

    That title makes it seem like we’re white girls....said sum PiSsEd 😭

  114. Ayan

    Ayan13 days ago

    Something about Selena’s face has changed. I can’t quite put my finger on it though.

  115. This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo

    This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo11 days ago

    She has lupus. It changes you.

  116. Mara_ Q

    Mara_ Q12 days ago

    same. Have you noticed that her mouth doesn't open as far as it used to.

  117. Alani Velez

    Alani Velez13 days ago

    I watched it and she did so good! I don’t know why people always try to find something to complain about.

  118. Arie renjanthung

    Arie renjanthung13 days ago

    Lollll! How many days left until the world realise she can't sing shitt

  119. Tarrell

    Tarrell13 days ago

    its always fkn selena🤦🏾‍♂️

  120. Edgar Omar Pedroza

    Edgar Omar Pedroza13 days ago

    Could it be that Univision always hypes the awards and many of the shows like many of the media today. Maybe Univision should apologize for false advertising too

  121. Aisha Sehba

    Aisha Sehba13 days ago

    Honestly I'm not her fan but I liked her Spanish songs so I was excited but when I saw that it was just a pre recorded video it was sooo disappointing I know u all were saying it's cause of her health conditions but she is a singer and a really famous one so she needs to sing but even if she does she doesn't sound like the original record !!!! But I hope she performs them live soon when she is ready

  122. Aisha Sehba

    Aisha Sehba11 days ago

    @Nancy Fajaroo the term used was live performance and selena is a singer by profession , she should not just be dancing to her songs and even live she almost does the same thing , so apply some sense and then talk!!!!

  123. Nancy Fajardo

    Nancy Fajardo11 days ago

    She should not risk her life for noone so stfu

  124. F Rosario

    F Rosario13 days ago

    Creo que los verdaderos fans no se molestarían con Selena ya que ellos saben de su condición de salud no es cualquier cosa ella es muy vulnerable por el lupus y por haber sido transplantada. En verdad creo que esos reproches deberían de ser para premios lo nuestro y para la gente que representa tal vez a Selena ya que ella jamás publico que se presentaría en vivo. Todo lo hizo premios lo nuestro ya que es una porqueria de premios y a quienes se los entregan son raros de los cantantes que se merecen un premio.

  125. billieyebrow

    billieyebrow13 days ago

    Bro it’s covid. Y’all want her to risk her already at risk health for a performance??