Selena Gomez ABRUPTLY Ends Live Chat With Fans!

Selena Gomez treated fans to an Instagram Live session on Sunday, but the chat was cut short due to Internet trolls who began sending a slew of disrespectful comments. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:
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  1. haych x

    haych x15 hours ago

    ugh i love her

  2. El YouTube

    El YouTubeDay ago

    Did I interpret that movie wrong? Is she openly gay???

  3. Trinity Dawn

    Trinity Dawn2 days ago

    Peoples lives arent your entertainment!

  4. Safee Dar

    Safee Dar2 days ago

    People are just never going to be satisfied even if it is a normal person they r also judged this world needs to change like seriously 🥺

  5. Mofe Adeyemi

    Mofe Adeyemi2 days ago

    What did the comment say

  6. davo bravo

    davo bravo2 days ago

    Que onda todos ! ....¿crees que a Selena le gustará mi canción "Canta Conmigo" si ella la oye ?

  7. somanymovies

    somanymovies3 days ago

    what did the trolls say? i didnt see anything bad?

  8. Madeleine Van der Merwe

    Madeleine Van der Merwe3 days ago

    I must be blind because I didn't see the comment everyone is talking about, about Justin??

  9. bakoziel

    bakoziel3 days ago

    what did they say?

  10. Michl L.

    Michl L.3 days ago

    Then why are they even watching? If you don‘t have nothing nice to say just leave. Time to open the schools for these hateful kids. Sick world

  11. Gesundsein durch Selbstheilung

    Gesundsein durch Selbstheilung4 days ago

    she´s too weak. always whining how people can be so rude ... grow up!

  12. Kenji Soo

    Kenji Soo4 days ago

    Me personally I just do not like Selena Gomez BUT I would never ever be mean like that on social media.

  13. KaTa- Rina

    KaTa- Rina5 days ago

    I don't understand?? But all instagram live are ends, There's no 24/7 Live 🙄🙄 duh

  14. don glotario

    don glotario5 days ago

    this is a news??

  15. Céleste J.-Felton

    Céleste J.-Felton5 days ago

    The cult of celebrities strikes back... Again.

  16. 20-MHT-002 MOHANA PRIYA

    20-MHT-002 MOHANA PRIYA5 days ago

    What were the rude comments that made selena leave ?

  17. Andrew Roy

    Andrew Roy5 days ago

    I think it’s the responsibility of the Instagram celebrity to just NOT pay attention, those people will always exist! Always! It is is unrealistic to think we can control what someone will do anonymously online... just STOP giving them importance. Know your worth! Some random person saying something that isn’t true, should be the last thing making you react. If you show them they are nothing, they might even stop.

  18. Jim No

    Jim No5 days ago

    If she goes live again she should just turn off commenting

  19. thisusernameistaken byyomama

    thisusernameistaken byyomama5 days ago

    I mean she did it to herself 🤷🏻‍♀️ all her songs are about JB. She likes to cash in on the break up but can’t take the heat.

  20. Devaune Temple

    Devaune Temple5 days ago

    Title correction: *Selena* ends live due to incompetent ignorant people who ruin beautiful moments fans rarely get

  21. adrian alonso

    adrian alonso5 days ago

    she’s really sweet and doesn’t deserve the hate she gets. people are so cruel and it’s disgusting

  22. Isabella D'souza

    Isabella D'souza5 days ago

    I love her and she doesn't deserve all this hate for nothing. And people need to stop bringing up the past of things they weren't even involved in. Celebrities are humans too and they have feeling too

  23. Sarah Leanne Maldonado

    Sarah Leanne Maldonado5 days ago

    If she wants FB to censor people then she deserves to feel the need to get off social media. What goes around comes around.

  24. Ruth Morales V

    Ruth Morales V5 days ago

    Me encanta que now you have to traducir lo que sea que diga Selena because you don't understand, finalmente advantage de ser bilingüe

  25. はちみつ

    はちみつ6 days ago

    This is why selena rarely going live or using social media WHAT IM SAYING IS YOUR WORDS CUT DEEPER THAN THE KNIFE SOMETIMES

  26. 2 .1

    2 .16 days ago

    i can totally relate to this..the way people throw hate on priyanka chopra is also just disgusting...

  27. Danawit Belay

    Danawit Belay6 days ago


  28. KeKway Blaze

    KeKway Blaze6 days ago

    What else is new.. It's always a few assholes who ruin everything and they deserve to be cancelled in my opinion.

  29. Geeny

    Geeny6 days ago

    Justin's fans. Love Justin, but his fans....

  30. Terse and Tiny

    Terse and Tiny6 days ago

    She's not a great singer but nobody needs to go to her chat and be a jerk. Let her live!

  31. • Falaq •

    • Falaq •6 days ago

    Kinda reminds me of when some “fan” screamed G-Eazy at Halsey during her concert..

  32. Paul Leepoy

    Paul Leepoy7 days ago

    Columbian Gold

  33. *Victoriella*

    *Victoriella*7 days ago

    Uhm why is this even news

  34. emina isl!f3

    emina isl!f37 days ago

    just keep on doing what u love girl. people hate on others coz they are jealous. they’re just getting off hating on others when they should really focus on themselves. congratulations on the new album selena.

  35. Faith Xx

    Faith Xx7 days ago

    I saw her live and at the end, I was so mad. How you gonna be rude to someone like her? Ugh!

  36. Jaheem Wilson

    Jaheem Wilson7 days ago

    It's time she return to the movies tho period .

  37. NAME:Anonymous NICKNAME:unidentified

    NAME:Anonymous NICKNAME:unidentified7 days ago

    Y did she sound like my art teacher when she said “alright,i think now people are getting rude”

  38. Purnita Roy

    Purnita Roy7 days ago

    Justin is married move on people

  39. The Welch Family

    The Welch Family7 days ago

    She's gay🌈🦄

  40. Cute Xoxo

    Cute Xoxo7 days ago

    74.6 m ?? Watchers holymoly

  41. Anissan Kuyateh

    Anissan Kuyateh7 days ago

    I don't even listen to some of her songs except a few but no one deserves this. Get a life

  42. Lovesnatur e

    Lovesnatur e7 days ago

    Taki Taki is my fave! Selena kills it in her part✨

  43. Patrick Broadlick

    Patrick Broadlick7 days ago

    💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜I support 📢💯 Selena Gomez 💖

  44. D g

    D g7 days ago

    What were the comments about???

  45. Swedish Fish

    Swedish Fish7 days ago

    Justin is fucking married. Move on and go touch some grass 🙄

  46. Ashley Martinez

    Ashley Martinez7 days ago

    There are obviously going to be trolls when you have that many viewers. Isn’t there a way to filter them out?

  47. Barbie Bee

    Barbie Bee7 days ago

    She's cool and that's what I love about her

  48. Aimee Sonnier

    Aimee Sonnier7 days ago

    Not everyone likes negative comments but they can deal with it. Don't hide behind that. I think other spanish singers are better but I am much older and mean no harm to have my own opinion

  49. Aimee Sonnier

    Aimee Sonnier7 days ago

    Shakira has already done that phrase ALREADY!!

  50. Jada Rogers

    Jada Rogers7 days ago

    i can’t wait to see Selena acting again! she’s such a talented actress!

  51. Juan Hallipano

    Juan Hallipano7 days ago

    The pizza rolls were probably ready.

  52. Phil

    Phil7 days ago

    What because someone asked, 'When's the English Album coming?' Most English people don't know Spanish so completely Spanish songs will make no sense to them. Question could have been humour or not but either way it's a fair enough point.

  53. imsoybxrry

    imsoybxrry7 days ago

    you don’t even have to like selena to admit that bringing up your ex in every possible situation is annoying as fuck

  54. FLdancer00

    FLdancer007 days ago

    I saw zero rude comments 🤔

  55. Dr. Sharpley

    Dr. Sharpley7 days ago

    Selena needs to stop 🛑 making music about Justin. She had her chance now she’s an insane songstress who can’t get over him. The Selena heartbreak collection is real. What’s gonna happen when Justin has his first child. It’s coming.

  56. Giselle Joseph

    Giselle Joseph7 days ago

    Its hard being a celebrity

  57. bobby balia

    bobby balia7 days ago

    damn rude people ruins things for everybody

  58. Dom Tarantino

    Dom Tarantino7 days ago

    Childish people ruining it for others-.-

  59. Katherine Alcantara

    Katherine Alcantara8 days ago

    Wait what comment I’m still lost

  60. B

    B8 days ago

    Not everyone reads the live comments , she’s very real , she’s very present and honest I totally agree with her

  61. Robin Williams

    Robin Williams8 days ago

    What was said though?

  62. Nina k

    Nina k8 days ago

    People should just chill, Selena is the best. She work hard, she loves her family, friends and fan and she has been through hell and back and yet she's still a freaking Goddess. That why I can't under who can hate her, un less they don't truly get her

  63. Nina k

    Nina k8 days ago

    Oh my god I love BTS 💕but to find out my favourite singer of all time love the too. 😁😁😁😍😍😍😍

  64. Alice A

    Alice A8 days ago

    U are an amazing person troll can change that fact!

  65. Loki Rhonda

    Loki Rhonda8 days ago

    If she goes live on tiktok she can modetrators who can kick people off

  66. Yaya

    Yaya8 days ago

    If you love Selena, do not talk about her past with JB. Get over it!

  67. Abdullah Hisham

    Abdullah Hisham8 days ago


  68. Omar Zebboudj

    Omar Zebboudj8 days ago

    Block them

  69. Saanvi Sai

    Saanvi Sai8 days ago

    These people are not seeing heaven

  70. Hima Sreekumar

    Hima Sreekumar8 days ago

    I dnt understand why people can’t treat them as individuals..stop saying old stuff relation ..blah they have their own life....

  71. Rebeca

    Rebeca8 days ago

    She need to calm down.

  72. Grace

    Grace8 days ago

    Do y'all have nothing to do? Like at all?


    DEGOLYER FILMS8 days ago

    no real human wants to talk to of see a waste of humanity liberal

  74. Maria Musser

    Maria Musser8 days ago

    Haters will always be there to hate & their input will never really matter since most people who are there to troll probably hate themselves but why take offense to the comments? Why not just be persistent and keep the video going for the people who do want to watch. My advice is just don’t let the negativity get the best of you. I think she just let the trolls win by caring about what they have to say.

  75. Orange Dragon5

    Orange Dragon58 days ago

    ✨selena Gomez ✨


    BLACKJACK #2NE18 days ago

    Oh poor Selena

  77. Büşra Aslan

    Büşra Aslan8 days ago

    İ still didn't understand what's going on, i watched it million times but still didn't get it, pls someone tell me

  78. Maalavika Hareesh

    Maalavika Hareesh8 days ago

    Someone said to her in the live that their biggest wish is to see her and Justin marry and some shitty stuff like that.

  79. Jorge Marquez

    Jorge Marquez8 days ago

    Not someone in the live asking when the English Version is coming 😭✋

  80. Selena Gomez

    Selena Gomez8 days ago

    I love her so much 😭

  81. mohhkv yo uvycycvyub

    mohhkv yo uvycycvyub8 days ago

    Yall selena and justin broke up AGES AGO get over it Selena is happy and so is justin and justin is married 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  82. Maria Joana

    Maria Joana8 days ago

    What was the hateful comment?

  83. Grace D

    Grace D8 days ago

    I love her sm. Everyone is just jealous of her success💔💗

  84. Danny Vazquez

    Danny Vazquez9 days ago


  85. Lisa crawford

    Lisa crawford6 days ago

    I'm not a fan.everything she does sucks and this mindless generation eats it up...the lost generation

  86. Amisadai Carrasquillo

    Amisadai Carrasquillo9 days ago

    Why can the host speak better Spanish than me and I’m hispanic lol

  87. Stephanie Heinrich

    Stephanie Heinrich9 days ago

    Please stop with the negativity!. It does no good, it takes more energy to be rude then to be positive. Think about how it feels when people are rude to you, it doesn't feel good does it?. Spread love not negativity ❤️. Love you Selena 😉. Keep doing you.

  88. Jhopeddyspritebottles • 3785 years ago

    Jhopeddyspritebottles • 3785 years ago9 days ago

    Poor Selena, idk what she’s been through, but i feel so bad for dealing with trolls!

  89. ChiWanders

    ChiWanders9 days ago

    What were the rude comments stated?

  90. LunarSpace

    LunarSpace9 days ago

    So y'all don't have any self control? Asking her about justin or if she's pregnant c'mon

  91. JodyNanci

    JodyNanci9 days ago

    This girl literally don’t bother anyone. Internet trolls are just horrible

  92. Getsemani Heredia

    Getsemani Heredia9 days ago

    girl Taki Taki came out in 2018 not 2019 smh lol

  93. Jennilyn Lopez

    Jennilyn Lopez9 days ago


  94. Nona M

    Nona M9 days ago

    She explained why I'm sorry for the true fans, it sucks for others to ruin the good time they were having. However I'm glad that she shut it down instead of letting them get to her too much more.

  95. F A

    F A9 days ago

    Some people make me mad! They literally have to ruin others excitement, I’m so happy she is making an album in Spanish, whether she speaks the language or not... I can’t wait to hear it even though I will not be able to understand anything, but who cares the beep might be good.

  96. Snapactress

    Snapactress9 days ago

    She’s a goddess 💛✨

  97. Khasan Farkhodov

    Khasan Farkhodov9 days ago

    People so RUDE

  98. Simply Sarah

    Simply Sarah9 days ago

    People just take things too far ✋ please

  99. Wazzup Ge

    Wazzup Ge9 days ago

    Selena needs a boyfriend who loves her with all his heart

  100. Aisha Yassy

    Aisha Yassy9 days ago

    She doesn’t need a boyfriend. She needs happiness and health. But if a great guy comes along, I’d be happy for her.

  101. Jey Down

    Jey Down9 days ago

    Trolls won't really let her breathe even for a minute smh

  102. sunchild -

    sunchild -9 days ago

    74.5 MILLION people watching her? god damn dude

  103. sunchild -

    sunchild -9 days ago

    @cece valerio ohhhhh i was gonna say!!!

  104. cece valerio

    cece valerio9 days ago

    it’s thousand in a different language

  105. Tasiyah Hampton

    Tasiyah Hampton9 days ago

    Why can’t people just shut their trap if they don’t have anything nice to say😤 like wtf this is her first album being in Spanish for her other fans which is amazing 🤩 she has already made spectacular albums in English for us so let her be! Selena does not deserve this at all🥺 you trolls need to go get a life and back off 🙂 love you to pieces but back OFF! Love you Lena ❤️