Is Britney Spears BEGGING For Help Through Board Games?!

The fight continues to ‘Free Britney’ from her ongoing conservatorship, fans are honing in on Brit’s recent post that has everyone in a ‘scrabble’ to crack the code… Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:
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  1. sarah.

    sarah.9 days ago

    i love how us swifties are the detectives of fandoms 🥺

  2. David Hallows

    David Hallows11 days ago

    Swifties. Assemble 😎

  3. Jill Harding

    Jill Harding11 days ago

    Well duhhhh

  4. Heather C

    Heather C11 days ago

    Lmao i can't

  5. Helen Espinoza

    Helen Espinoza11 days ago

    Let het go how they able to hold her against her will thus is just rong f you people you shuld all be in prison for doing this to any human being.she is an afilt you people sound crayzy common sense let het gi dady go make your iwn money .Gos help your wicked souls.

  6. Britt Anne

    Britt Anne12 days ago

    Ummm.... Lol orrr she could be jist playing scrabble and being silly....i have bi polar ...and im sorry this shit is norm .... There is NOTHING behind it🙃🙄 shes just being silly.... Come on... Pple.... Yall are the crazy ones ... Not us lmao

  7. This is Not Ashley

    This is Not Ashley12 days ago

    Im sorry but Brittany is doing this for hype many celebs like Brittany do crap just to get hype this crap is stupid

  8. ALJK

    ALJK12 days ago

    *Imagine Justin Timberlake destroyed 2 artists then apologizes a decade dude!?*

  9. Passive Agressive

    Passive Agressive12 days ago

    These stories are disgraceful and shameful. No lessons learnt from her documentary

  10. swiftie magic

    swiftie magic13 days ago

    swiftie here!!!

  11. monkeysluvdani

    monkeysluvdani13 days ago

    I’ve cracked the code: one up is Dogma. So I definitely think she wants Ben afflick and Matt Damon’s help.

  12. Barker Guillermo

    Barker Guillermo13 days ago

    Love you.

  13. Heather Lynsey

    Heather Lynsey13 days ago

    I feel like she knew this would be taken this way which makes me think it’s true..idk. The whole thing is freaky and sad.

  14. kimberly t

    kimberly t14 days ago

    swift here

  15. Omer Slezovic

    Omer Slezovic14 days ago

    Billy B is NOT Britney's friend. This man is completely delusional and it was confirmed multiple times that he never even spoke 10 words to her and literally just did her makeup for an extremely short time period. This man is literally behaving as if he's demented and is spewing lies how he speaks to Britney on the daily. Nobody other than HIMSELF has ever confirmed his "personal" connection to Britney.

  16. Tree Of High Places

    Tree Of High Places14 days ago

    Britney is saying she’s in danger with the remaining missing letters

  17. Melanie Forneas Sitoy

    Melanie Forneas Sitoy14 days ago

    Britney Army & Swiftie here

  18. S C

    S C14 days ago

    My two favourites Britney and Taylor . C'mon Swifties. We need to help Free Britney. Get onto the movement.

  19. josh ainsworth

    josh ainsworth14 days ago

    The bee hive is here supporting our princess!! 🐝🐝

  20. Sun Moon child

    Sun Moon child14 days ago

    DR. DREW QUIT ? .. maybe he was one of her doctors..???

  21. Setzuna Jean Summers

    Setzuna Jean Summers14 days ago

    One of her doctors died 2019.After that, her father had a fight with her oldest son and her ex-husband put a restraining order against him.

  22. C M

    C M14 days ago

    This is an easy fix. Where does her dad live?

  23. Montana Cunningham

    Montana Cunningham14 days ago

    Love Britney ! Hope she gets justice !

  24. Rhino Gaming

    Rhino Gaming15 days ago

    "TIUQ is QUIT spelled backwards"

  25. Vale King

    Vale King15 days ago

    Ok so the blank blocks are supposed to mean the same letter in the game of scrabble, if that’s a clue. (If any of this is) idk.. just saw that nobody had mentioned this yet so, 🤷🏼‍♂️

  26. Sean Keeney

    Sean Keeney15 days ago

    Let’s go swifties, let’s go.

  27. Erick Rodriguez

    Erick Rodriguez15 days ago

    I'd still clap that

  28. Ophelia

    Ophelia15 days ago

    I think it's awesome that people care about Britney and want to help her but I just think it's interesting that throughout her whole career, the public scrutinised her and was incredibly unkind and only now that people see the impact it had on her and her life, are people deciding to be kind. It just makes me think that we should stop and look at how we are currently treating other young celebrities right now. We think it's fine and it's all fun and games to hate on them but years down the line, the hard times we are giving them could push them down a similar or even worse path than Britney. We shouldn't wait until people have a mental breakdown to realise we need to be kind to them. Save them all that pain and just do it now.

  29. Princess Treasure

    Princess Treasure15 days ago

    i’m confused as to what swifties have anything to do with britney??

  30. Arctic Wolf

    Arctic Wolf15 days ago

    We Swifties are really good at being detectives and hunting for clues. Taylor has trained us since forever and a half. So, if there's anyone who can crack the supposed codes that Brit is sending out, it's the Swifties.

  31. Princess of Linphea

    Princess of Linphea15 days ago

    Our queen is in danger again 😥 😔

  32. Mar Little Sparrow

    Mar Little Sparrow15 days ago

    Most of the words are just spelled backwards, Hollywierd.

  33. julie nicole

    julie nicole15 days ago

    Somebody help her , i cant imagine what is going on on her side if the spectrum.

  34. Natalie

    Natalie15 days ago

    Is there a possibility everyone is just loving conspiracy theories and being delusional? I honestly don't think Brit is doing anything lmao.

  35. B -

    B -12 days ago

    I do believe she deserves to be free but the girl isn’t exactly a brainiac

  36. B -

    B -12 days ago

    Right? I mean I love Britney but I don’t think she is smart or clever enough to be sending “hidden messages” with scrabble boards and shit😂🤣

  37. Ophelia

    Ophelia15 days ago

    I agree lol.

  38. avery Nezwek

    avery Nezwek15 days ago

    Directioners I think will be the best help lmao. They literally can do anything😂

  39. venisshaa chenduru

    venisshaa chenduru15 days ago

    Swifties = This is what we were born to do.

  40. monica rodriguez

    monica rodriguez10 days ago

    Lia Lalkaka byb

  41. Lia Lalkaka

    Lia Lalkaka15 days ago


  42. mattie leigh

    mattie leigh15 days ago

    (ok so i know this is really long but please read it and let me know what y’all think) so i did some research and a lot of thinking and this is what i think she meant. (disclaimer this may not be correct but it’s what i came up with and it honestly kinda makes sense to me at least)i went through the picture she posted and found all the not real words and then unscrambled them and looked up the definitions for those words, then i figured out what she probably meant by that. (for a lot of them there are multiple definitions but i will put the ones that make the most sense when i looked through everything else) (for a couple there are also multiple words but i did the same thing i did with definitions) here they are: •ABRIV- BRAVI (the word deprives from the latin word pravus) in the sense of violent, aggressive, savage, and impulsive •PMAL- LAMP (the slang term) to hit someone •AMOGD- DOGMA a principal or set of principals laid down by an authority as inconvertibly true; principals or rules that cannot be questioned (such as the ten commandments of christ) •TI-IT used to identify a person or to refer to a certain thing •FI-IF 1. on the condition or supposition that; in the event that 2. despite the possibility that; no matter whether 3. something that is not certain/ could either happen or not happen (these are all basically the same but i put all of them) •SODELN- LODENS a dark or bluish green color (?) •ETONED- DENOTE to be a sign of; indicate •TIUQ- QUIT 1. to rid of 2. behave in a specified way (both of these fit the situation) •YOT- TOY treat someone without due seriousness, especially in a superficially amorous way •TIS- SIT be or remain in a particular position or state •OD- DO perform (an action, the precise nature of which is often unspecified) •BIR- RIB mark with it form into raised bands or ridges •ROPAV- VAPOR sudden feeling of fainted or nervousness or a state of depression **what i think she meant by each word**: LAMP- her father hits her BRAVI- her father is violent, aggressive, savage, impulsive. DOGMA- she is forced to follow certain rules and cannot question them. IF- it is not certain if she will get out of the conservatorship; or she isn’t sure if we will understand this message. LODENS- she has bruises from her father?? (since it means a bluish/ greenish color) DENOTE- this is a sign to us that she needs help QUIT- she needs help to get out of the conservatorship, and she is behaving a certain way so we will know. (it used both definitions) TOY- her father is treating her in an amorous way. (if you don’t know look up the definition) SIT- she is being forced to remain in this state/ in the conservatorship. RIB- her father leaves marks in her from hitting her. (maybe) VAPOR- she is suffering from depression (because of all this maybe) DO and IS could mean multiple things (maybe someone else could help me decipher the meaning of them) so basically what i have concluded form this is that her father is a*usive and she’s trying to get help let me know if y’all agree and if you do help spread the message please!!! thanks, and sorry it’s so long.

  43. Amber Anderson

    Amber Anderson7 days ago

    You cracked it! This explains so much Her father and how he could be due to his addiction to alcohol. (From what I've heard.) Great job!

  44. Jessie

    Jessie14 days ago

    Oh my god, that is sooooo legit

  45. Vinyl Lover

    Vinyl Lover15 days ago


  46. Xtina

    Xtina15 days ago

    I think it's in spanish

  47. Kevin Thorns

    Kevin Thorns15 days ago

    There’s a word “ mal” on the board that’s used for masculine terms in Spanish and in English it means bad, I don’t know if I’m just overthinking tho✌️

  48. SandySI

    SandySI15 days ago

    Omg people are really milking this. Im impressed by people's willingness to see what they want to see

  49. anaaya Mil

    anaaya Mil15 days ago


  50. Sofia Vasconcellos Le Campion

    Sofia Vasconcellos Le Campion15 days ago

    Let’s help brit brit swifties!

  51. Rebecca cox

    Rebecca cox15 days ago

    NOUS N' PAS BESOIN swifties

  52. alreadythen1

    alreadythen115 days ago

    Omg, why would Britney trust anybody ?

  53. Luna Collacchi

    Luna Collacchi15 days ago

    "She has found A way to be happy"???? Really? Only one? Only that option? She needs to decide whatever she wants, and even make mistakes freely if she wants to!


    DR. OF UFOLOGY15 days ago

    Next people will be watching her blink and saying it's Morse code.

  55. Monica Kraut

    Monica Kraut9 days ago

    Omg so funny!!

  56. J C

    J C14 days ago

    For real.

  57. Shadeara Jones

    Shadeara Jones15 days ago

    I have listen to Britney Spears A lot I am a huge Britney Spears fan I was in a Britney Spears because my mom that’s why God doesn’t like Britney Spears because she’s very talented nobody can’t tell her what to do Happy Britney Spears your fans got your back I was not your back free Britney 🔥❤️👏🏽

  58. Work Phone

    Work Phone15 days ago

    Yot is "TOY" spelled backwards if that helps

  59. Three Minutes News

    Three Minutes News15 days ago

    swifties get on it.... If you read my comments then go and check my videos

  60. Me We

    Me We15 days ago

    Or maybe she's going through a I'd life crisis and should leave her alone

  61. Valerie Alonzo

    Valerie Alonzo15 days ago


  62. David_ Mysterium

    David_ Mysterium15 days ago

    Yo where my swifties at

  63. Jess S

    Jess S15 days ago

    All of the words I found spelled backwards: quit, denote, sit, do, toy, if, vapor, lamp...aivpqrmnioypdioltftseuottdua

  64. Hope Fitzwater

    Hope Fitzwater15 days ago

    Stand back y'all I'm a certified swiftie. Alright I got a few things. I saw the backwards quitz and some random words like butter Ariel and fratt. Their were more than that in their but I think each word represents something in her life like butter could mean she felt self consiouse about her weight or was even fat shammed at some point and Ariel is a mermaid under the sea who was kept their by her father untill she made a deal with the sea witch. She may just be playing but the words she's spelling has meaning and connections to them.

  65. DeLy 3

    DeLy 315 days ago

    I believe is may start with tiuq and then you see fi. So maybe: quit if...etcetera. Maybe she fears they will take her children away if this continues and as it continues her conservators become more rigurous, so her fear grows??? But then again she told us to go look for words that aren't real. Maybe the letters spell different words and there in is her message?


    DONKISS PH15 days ago

    I've never understood her story. I've never seen her happy, there's always bad news about her in the media. I wish someone could give her a hug or talk to her. she needs help

  67. Rhaisa Ivanna

    Rhaisa Ivanna15 days ago

    @Forest lass I remember, I was there :)

  68. Forest lass

    Forest lass15 days ago

    Kids will never understand hw huge she was in the early 2000s.


    DONKISS PH15 days ago

    @cold fire still dont get itt, sorry

  70. cold fire

    cold fire15 days ago

    When she was young media just painted him her bad.. and now when she is happy people are pretending to help

  71. Falila Garza

    Falila Garza15 days ago

    🦋☹️💗😂🧡😭😎😉🥵💀🥺🤮👈🏽😅😡😬🪘🦖😔🤤🦕😖🙁💃🏽👉🏽😳🙂🖐🏽👁😍 = brittnEAY spears.

  72. Jill Bree

    Jill Bree15 days ago

    I kept finding words and commenting them on the insta pic and they keep getting deleted 👀👀

  73. Blair’s World

    Blair’s World13 days ago

    So basically everything is fake her father and boyfriend are busters, they beat her force her into this religion as their toy which makes them money she’s a slave.. and she now is depressed because of it and needs to quit but cant.. revisit her songs like slave for you and listen to the lyrics knowing this info she used her songs to tell us this for a while now..

  74. Luna

    Luna15 days ago

    Damn you’re good, her team probably deleted them

  75. Jill Bree

    Jill Bree15 days ago

    “Bir” is “rib”

  76. Jill Bree

    Jill Bree15 days ago

    “OD” is also in the puzzle 👀👀👀

  77. Jill Bree

    Jill Bree15 days ago

    “Tis” is “sit”

  78. Queen Fu Fu

    Queen Fu Fu15 days ago

    This is getting ridiculous

  79. Nenonxo

    Nenonxo15 days ago

    Oppression is anything but ridiculous

  80. Tana-KAH Outta Here

    Tana-KAH Outta Here15 days ago

    We need to save her. She's a gem

  81. Laura Feltmate

    Laura Feltmate15 days ago

    Dogma.. 'something that seems true'

  82. CarbieBarrbie

    CarbieBarrbie15 days ago

    I just hope she is safe and healthy!

  83. Emily Sanders

    Emily Sanders15 days ago

    It is too weird to be true

  84. Miguel D

    Miguel D15 days ago

    Salvation is a completely free gift. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done. Believing is enough. ♥️

  85. Wayne Lucas

    Wayne Lucas15 days ago

    Hi arise sins pine grape veil cakes busters steal wool edge wet ‘‘tis drew if quit

  86. Arya

    Arya15 days ago

    I love her so much!! Poor Britney...

  87. Linda Slaughter

    Linda Slaughter15 days ago

    Her fans r tripping

  88. Caél Esteban Tarikk Schiavon

    Caél Esteban Tarikk Schiavon15 days ago


  89. Steffie Swift

    Steffie Swift15 days ago

    We swifties are willing to help to crack the code

  90. Josh Jervies Luansing

    Josh Jervies Luansing11 days ago


  91. Adam Adam

    Adam Adam12 days ago

    Count me in!!

  92. Nylaahhh

    Nylaahhh14 days ago


  93. Nylaahhh

    Nylaahhh14 days ago



    PRINCESS ZAHARA14 days ago

    I’m a swifty and and a Brit brat so I’m down asf

  95. Esha. lala

    Esha. lala15 days ago

    swifties get on it....

  96. Esha. lala

    Esha. lala14 days ago

    @Arctic Wolf damn right

  97. Arctic Wolf

    Arctic Wolf15 days ago

    We're the best detectives in town💛💛

  98. Clevver News

    Clevver News15 days ago


  99. Daramies Paddio

    Daramies Paddio15 days ago

    Lynn Hathaway

  100. Rifaque batool Ali

    Rifaque batool Ali15 days ago

    Yo britney

  101. Stephanie Franey

    Stephanie Franey15 days ago

    Sussan you once again killed the fashion scene from home during the pandemic 😍 I'm totally feeling good living vicariously through you 😅

  102. anaaya Mil

    anaaya Mil15 days ago

    @Peara Theodore lmao chill

  103. Peara Theodore

    Peara Theodore15 days ago

    I never said that I have a problem with complimenting anyone

  104. Harish Kumar Parmar

    Harish Kumar Parmar15 days ago

    @Peara Theodore there is nothing wrong in appreciate someone.

  105. Stephanie Franey

    Stephanie Franey15 days ago

    @Peara Theodore just wanted to give Sussan a shoutout... there's nothing I can say about Britney we don't already know... calm down killer.... yikes 😳

  106. Peara Theodore

    Peara Theodore15 days ago

    You care about fashion rather than Britney?

  107. Steffie Swift

    Steffie Swift15 days ago


  108. stayhappylittle mermaid

    stayhappylittle mermaid15 days ago

    No one can bring you down unless you let them to.

  109. not a stat normal

    not a stat normal11 days ago

    Sounds like some Mlm motivational bullshit to me , ad the others said stfu

  110. Arctic Wolf

    Arctic Wolf15 days ago

    Shut up

  111. Alyssa Willie

    Alyssa Willie15 days ago

    There’s a little truth to that. But what about if someone is being bullied or getting fat shamed? Or they lost a loved one?

  112. Natalie 13

    Natalie 1315 days ago

    Do me a favor and stfu❤

  113. nicole

    nicole15 days ago

    Biggest bullshit i've ever heard

  114. Palestine

    Palestine15 days ago

    Poor britney I really love her and she doesn't deserve all what happened to her 😭

  115. Melisa james

    Melisa james15 days ago


  116. Sergio Garcia

    Sergio Garcia15 days ago

    Free Britney

  117. Pokimane 2.0

    Pokimane 2.015 days ago

    *We have to save her*

  118. Vandana Gupta

    Vandana Gupta15 days ago

    Love ya

  119. Adrian González

    Adrian González15 days ago