Meghan Markle & Harry's SPLIT From Royal Roles Detailed!

Over a year after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped away from the Royal family, they just revealed that they will officially not be returning to their royal roles. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:
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  1. Gwen Brewer

    Gwen Brewer12 days ago

    Lets not forget that they moved to Hollywood for 'privacy' and 'to get away from the tabloids'. Whatever that means. They've not only cut ties from the Royal family but they've cut ties with all of Meghan's family (except Doria)... I wonder what's the common denominator in all of this. Or maybe both families are too toxic for the humanitarians. Meghan recently won a privacy case against the tabloids for breaching her privacy with her father and sister but will be talking about the same issue with Oprah! RIGHT...

  2. Super Nova

    Super Nova12 days ago

    Nice top Susan! 🌹

  3. John Lai

    John Lai13 days ago

    If they get a divorce or something oaf this might have all been for nothing. I hope that doesn’t happen but yikes.

  4. Ryan lex

    Ryan lex13 days ago

    Glad they ain't becoming queen and king anytime soon! 😂😂😂

  5. Clay K

    Clay K14 days ago

    Can't wait for the final chapter of Prince Andrew/Epstein case

  6. MrSandRune

    MrSandRune14 days ago

    15 years ARMED WAR from king harald of norway 2000 officers in military academy HMK-GARDEN,silenced after 10 000 AG-3 rounds 7.62 mm bullets CHRISTAMS EVE 2020,and a military helicopter-attack from GARDERMOEN MILITARY AIRPORT,in plot from neighbour HK33312,wich beats and undress a vegetative boy,to KILL ROYAL CHILDREN,with oslo police.ERNA SO,BERG primeminister has congress at my grandmother MARGERETHE GAMME HOLTHER property GRANVOLLEN,sister churches 2750 GRAN.I called PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN,wich I called PREVIOUS russia president,and now.10 TIMES PR DAY,in many years accused KILLING KING HARALD,JENS STOLTERNBERG GOVERNMENT,UTØYA MASSACRE,WHITE HOUSE and many 100 local citizens.Charged norway for OVER 8000 MURDER ATTEMPTS in 1 m radius,and ZERO of house surveillance,6 LOBOTOMY,..

  7. VANSOMz

    VANSOMz14 days ago

    #27 _Hi Sussan, you are looking gorgeous and stylish as always!_ ♥️

  8. Reann Faith

    Reann Faith14 days ago

    They still HRH, means the queen is still feeding them 🙄

  9. Reann Faith

    Reann Faith14 days ago

    Take away there duke and duchess duh🙄

  10. Lady Kimberly

    Lady Kimberly14 days ago

    So many people have hate for the Duchess. People! Harry is a grown man. Did anyone ever stop to think that he might have wanted to leave his royal duties and become independent of his grandmother. Harry has never been a quiet shy little boy. He was always a firecracker. Stop blaming her and just be happy that they're figuring things out for themselves as a family.

  11. Harish Kumar Parmar

    Harish Kumar Parmar14 days ago

    whatever happens in the royal family idc, but i just want harry & meghan to be happy with their family ❤️

  12. DeJay jackson

    DeJay jackson14 days ago

    No one give a F

  13. nancy3853

    nancy385314 days ago

    What a Surprise 😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick14 days ago

    Happy for megan and harry choose to have a normal life I loved them ❤

  15. Nadine Smith-Jensen

    Nadine Smith-Jensen14 days ago

    Stop, just let them live their lives without this constant criticism! They chose to have a normal life isn’t that OK? It seems pretty tasteless that you would release this newsfeed on the weekend where they release their wonderful news about having been pregnant! Instead of congratulating them you do this!

  16. Princess Diana

    Princess Diana14 days ago

    You got that right

  17. Queen Fu Fu

    Queen Fu Fu14 days ago

    They wanted the best of both worlds.

  18. Chantal N6

    Chantal N614 days ago

    Bravo H&M. Continue to enjoy your safety & peace of mind in sunny California. Meanwhile, the UK Media can remain in hell & kiss my *ss!

  19. Comfort MUA

    Comfort MUA14 days ago

    Happy fo them protect your peace

  20. Rylee Baczynski

    Rylee Baczynski14 days ago

    For the people that are sending hate to them, just know that being a royal isn’t always easy. You constantly have cameras on you, your life is always shared. I think they just want to live a life that’s close to normal.

  21. nancy3853

    nancy385314 days ago

    Thanks for sharing but I could care less about these people who taking up much to Space😂

  22. Latoneice Delisser

    Latoneice Delisser14 days ago

    I am so tired of hearing about them 😒

  23. Black lives Matter

    Black lives Matter14 days ago

    God I’m British and I am just so tired of hearing about them two it’s extremely annoying like idc

  24. chesca

    chesca13 days ago

    @1 2 they're giving interviews, zoom calls with media attention and calling photographers whenever they do a good deed. They're inserting themselves I to the spotlight.

  25. 1 2

    1 214 days ago

    It’s the media that won’t leave them alone. They’re not actually doing anything. But the media reports on the slightest thing instead of reporting on Prince Andrew

  26. Acacia Caruth

    Acacia Caruth14 days ago

    Then why you here

  27. snootie 3

    snootie 314 days ago

    The Sussexes are WINNERS!!

  28. Melisandre

    Melisandre14 days ago

    The English really hate Meghan for no reason 💀😭

  29. 1 2

    1 214 days ago

    @YLoversCountry Lyrics Prince Harry hasn’t seen his brother and grandmother for a year, because the entire world was going through a pandemic. Meghan and Harry where in America and couldn’t travel to the uk. Please stop trying to make put everything is her fault. No one in the uk has been able to see their families. It’s got nothing to do with Meghan.

  30. Hope Jessica

    Hope Jessica14 days ago

    I'm British & I do like them but they need to read the room before acting. They can really appear hypocritical at times, petty & want their cake & eat it. They just don't seem to understand why they get backlash. I just want someone to sit them down & say... "Here's why you should maybe not do that..." They just make a lot of PR blunders. But I genuinely hope they're happy now that they have gotten what they wanted & I wish them the best.

  31. Me We

    Me We14 days ago

    I'm American and don't like her

  32. YLoversCountry Lyrics

    YLoversCountry Lyrics14 days ago

    It just is that Meghan is the problem that royal family broke up and Prince Harry hasn’t seen he brother for a year and her grandmother for a year

  33. 70 Vaishnavi Vinod

    70 Vaishnavi Vinod14 days ago


  34. Karyssa Talia Singh

    Karyssa Talia Singh14 days ago