Khloe K GOES OFF Over Jordyn Woods Comment!

Khloe Kardashian is clapping back at a fan who brought up the Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson scandal, and would like it known that she respectfully asks everyone to STFU! Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:
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    BRANDY D4 days ago

    What false narrative? You guys put it on TV. You don't get back into a toxic relationship for the "sake of child"....wait till she sees all this and turns on her Daddy & Mommy, keeps her distance until she understands why, how, etc. It won't be pretty when she finds out what is True...pun intended. Daddy could have missed my birth cause he was out doing......

  2. Maribel Calamateo

    Maribel Calamateo5 days ago

    I don’t fucking get it, I really don’t, you forgive this dude that cheated on you multiple times and get back with him, he’s playing you, so bad. He knows that if he keeps cheating on her she will always take him back. At that’s point you have no self respect at all. Because if you’re staying because of the kid, no that’s not a good reason. That’s an excuse. You won’t forgive Jordan but him yea. No that’s not right I’m not saying here to you have to forgive Jordan too but give your self self respect. And for you to want more kids with this dude. No way. I don’t see why would that even be a thing With him. Why is she so desperate on holding onto a relationship that is base of lies. I couldn’t imagine being in a relationship where the guy has cheated on me and we have a kid together. What am I to him. What am I in this relationship where? It makes no sense at all.

  3. Reyna Gomez

    Reyna Gomez5 days ago

    Khloe' need to stop talking .. with all that plastic surgery she still can't hold a man the only thing she's gonna keep a hold on is True!!!

  4. Clara Cuvelier

    Clara Cuvelier5 days ago

    People are so mean. The past is the past. Stop bringing things back. Khloe’s reply was perfect

  5. Janet Rose

    Janet Rose7 days ago

    Khole cannot even let True build a relationship with her brother.

  6. Adela Leon

    Adela Leon8 days ago

    Khloe's a joke. She just wants to have more babies by the same man just like her sisters. She has such low self esteem.

  7. hope mckenzie

    hope mckenzie8 days ago

    The Kardashian curse cannot work on Tristan. Jamaican voodoo too 💪...😆

  8. Sanni Trinh

    Sanni Trinh8 days ago

    Khloe’s jealous of Jordyn....she so wants to be black and can never be the black beauty Jordyn is....😂 LOL! I’m kidding..although she is the most insecure Kardasian...!

  9. Fun in the Kitchen!

    Fun in the Kitchen!9 days ago

    Stop lying Khloe! You practically made Kylie choose... You have shown your true colours and it ain't pretty! 🤢🤢🤢

  10. Anysa Leandra

    Anysa Leandra9 days ago

    She didn't have to tell them to stfu , like who are you talking to? My goodness!

  11. Ny'Jai Tv

    Ny'Jai Tv9 days ago

    Bro its 2021 really😭😭

  12. Sofhia Adams

    Sofhia Adams10 days ago

    Khole looking crazy in these you tube streets.

  13. ultraquiz

    ultraquiz10 days ago

    She's still mad at Jordanyet she's with Tristan?! Tristan was the one that needed to be faithful to her not Jordan.

  14. ilovegreen324

    ilovegreen32410 days ago

    How the hell she trying to move on from the past. I used to respect her til she took someone else’s man while this dude was already expecting from his significant other. Such as mess. Supposedly she’s engaged with this dude. how desperate is she?!

  15. Sherika Hines

    Sherika Hines10 days ago

    Khloe is like a big giant

  16. C H

    C H11 days ago

    Jordyn never truly apologize and disrespected Khloe and Kylie by hooking up with Tristian I don’t blame Khloe

  17. 56sonya

    56sonya11 days ago

    I know Kylie has to feel uncomfortable around Tristan, why do they give these men second chances but not the women, even if they didn't have a child together she would have still been with him.

  18. DaRealist MyNizzle

    DaRealist MyNizzle11 days ago

    Yeah, she definitely a damn fool for going back to Tristan, especially after what he did with Kylie's friend Jordyn and cheated on Khloe before that !! Smh

  19. lequesha

    lequesha11 days ago

    Of course she would say this now because she is back with the cheater! It was never jordyn's fault they probably orchestrated the how thing to keep Jordan away from Kylie they never liked Jordyn

  20. Tiffany Kay

    Tiffany Kay12 days ago

    The kardashians are just pure evil.

  21. MissNucci26 💫

    MissNucci26 💫12 days ago


  22. LaviniAliquah Dean

    LaviniAliquah Dean12 days ago

    And still NO APOLOGIZED FOR JW 🤔🤨 Khloe should apologize to her cos in that video of Jada's Red table talk, JW apologies to Khloe, WTF ....

  23. Hecomesquickly7

    Hecomesquickly712 days ago

    She is so pressed this BLACK woman "stole" her man. How they treated Jordyn let's me know they never considered her family.

  24. Erlain Dupras

    Erlain Dupras12 days ago

    That's my life

  25. Jen MH

    Jen MH12 days ago

    The Kardashian’s don’t believe in having babies that are from different fathers. After she gets however many babies from him she wants, then she will end things. Is just the way they operate.

  26. Rebecca Jean

    Rebecca Jean12 days ago

    He can cheat in peace now that he’s in a different state hopefully he won’t be stupid enough to get caught

  27. mwitwa mugode

    mwitwa mugode12 days ago

    Deep down she knows if Kylie was still friends with Jordyn she would be mad 😡 Hoever Jordyn shouldn’t go back to that house because they are just going to get her man 👨 that’s is what they do Kim Kanye from Amber Khloe French from Trina Trey songs from Lauren London Tristan from Larsa and his other baby 👶 mama Kylie Tyga from Black cyna Who she fooling please 😅🤣😂 If Tristan didn’t make advance to Jordyn it would have been a different lady so why is he forgiven while the victim who was kissed was attacked and it backfired

  28. Nylan Collins

    Nylan Collins12 days ago

    Soooooooo.... should we scream like a mad person like she did.....LIAR!!!!!

  29. slavin manov

    slavin manov12 days ago

    Khloe get over it. I am trying to understand you, but you continue to blame the girl who is living her best life.

  30. Heya

    Heya12 days ago

    Khloe: i carry no hate in my heart... Also Khloe: respectfully, stfu Me: LOL i love Khloe (i think she's the best sister) but I don't know abt her giving Tristan another chance...that dude failed more times than I did in all my Physics tests last year...

  31. Alejandra Hinojosa

    Alejandra Hinojosa12 days ago

    Bro, aren’t there like more than 7 billion people on this planet?! Surely Khloe can do better! Like they say, “ Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

  32. Esay Bellete

    Esay Bellete13 days ago

    She’s trying so hard to be with him, he doesn’t deserve her, she doesn’t realize that, doesn’t look like he tries but Scott really did with Kourtney but co parenting is the best option for her. She had such high self esteem prior to him and now she’s worried what people think why

  33. Sherise Tyus

    Sherise Tyus13 days ago

    Yeah, ok

  34. Zury Druzak

    Zury Druzak13 days ago

    Why would she even think about having another kid with him after all the times he has cheated on her🤦🏻‍♀️ she can just move on and coparent with him. Everyone was so quick to cut off Jordyn when it was all Tristan fault for kissing her 😑

  35. Colton Colton

    Colton Colton13 days ago

    "for the children's sake" the oldest excuse in history. Khloe knows damn well that her daughter can be just as fine without her father, as she is with him. It's not about that. Despite all he done, she still loves him... That's it.

  36. White Diamond

    White Diamond13 days ago

    Don't do it MAMA KHLOE lol think about beautiful baby TRUE. ❤️

  37. Helga Gemin

    Helga Gemin13 days ago

    Ooh please they all ganged up on jordan.

  38. Michelle N. Sirca

    Michelle N. Sirca13 days ago

    Just imagine they really aren't siblings........

  39. Kit Kat

    Kit Kat13 days ago

    Girl it ain’t gonna work. We all know. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Don’t bring yourself down, you can do better than that. Anybody can do better than that.

  40. Moni Washu

    Moni Washu13 days ago

    All this in the bag....she should’ve stay with lamar

  41. maria urena

    maria urena13 days ago

    I hope he keeps on Cheating again and again and again cause clearly she didn’t care the two first time well the two times that it became public who knows behind close doors

  42. Rey Perez

    Rey Perez13 days ago

    Men always fight for you when the bank account is nice 🙄

  43. Olivia

    Olivia13 days ago

    kloe respectfullly where is Jordans PUBLIC apology? you guys literally draggged her thru the mud!

  44. Everardo Longoria

    Everardo Longoria13 days ago

    Really this is news? ........ next 🙄

  45. Caroline sally

    Caroline sally13 days ago

    Self respect is very important, Jordy living her best life. Khloe is busy with Tristan trying baby number 2, with a man who left a pregnant woman, a pregnant woman khloe for you, girl

  46. ashleigh williams

    ashleigh williams13 days ago

    That’s why karma is beating her ass

  47. Leona Whitnee Cushion

    Leona Whitnee Cushion13 days ago

    Girl Khloe please u r still in your feelings and big mad because after everything u and family tried to do and ruin and destroy Jordyn she is living her best life in fact doing better she is truly succeeding

  48. Nini Prom

    Nini Prom13 days ago

    He will soon cheat again that’s what will be in stores soon 💅🏽

  49. Megan Pearl

    Megan Pearl13 days ago

    I just can’t with her

  50. Mica R

    Mica R13 days ago

    Khloe have such a low self-esteem that she would continue to be with someone who has humiliated her and cheated on her multiple times.

  51. Knez Fikol

    Knez Fikol13 days ago

    They way she lied she and her family don't control each others who they hang out or DON'T hang out with...

  52. Octavia Spraggins

    Octavia Spraggins13 days ago

    Who cares

  53. Roger Jaén

    Roger Jaén13 days ago

    1:07 there you go.

  54. my opinion

    my opinion13 days ago

    But she did tear them apart and tried to destroy Jodyan woods career

  55. cook with me *

    cook with me *13 days ago

    I don't understand why people are putting the EnTiRe blame on Tristan when Jordyn was the one to make the *first move* lol Why do y'all say she's livin' the best life bro she was living her life before too that's why she couldn't control herself nd broke the sis code 🤣

  56. Damn Gina

    Damn Gina13 days ago

    I'm confused on why all the comments are saying that she's just mad at Jordan and hating on her when she never brought up Jordan in the first place, the commenter did and all she replied was simply that she does not care if her sister wants to be friends with her and that she supports her sister no matter what. She legit didn't say anything bad about the girl. 🤔

  57. Living Life in Hawaii

    Living Life in Hawaii13 days ago

    I know longer watch Cavs over respecting Khloe so much! And im frm Cleveland. Hope he gets traded soon, i miss my team.

  58. Hecomesquickly7

    Hecomesquickly712 days ago

    wow....there's so many people that you could have chosen to respect besides Khloe. You do know Khloe has infamously slept with other women's boyfriends right?

  59. Living Life in Hawaii

    Living Life in Hawaii13 days ago

    My sister's bestie slept w my husband for "3 months, i r home" while i cared for my dying mother. My sister didnt end her friendship n that ended my sister bond 99.9%.

  60. Anisa

    Anisa13 days ago

    That's messed up, did you yeet the trash you mistakenly married

  61. MissPuglife

    MissPuglife13 days ago

    All that screaming and shouting towards jordyn and she still went back to his cheating ass

  62. Sun Night

    Sun Night13 days ago

    What they have been through???? It what he put her through!!!!

  63. Anoel Silliw

    Anoel Silliw13 days ago

    Girl, it's the narrative YOU painted.

  64. jes sakura

    jes sakura13 days ago

    People are obnoxious. When I read the comment of mingywhaever, my first thought was why does it seem like sibling should dictate who thy sibling is friends with. Of course Khloe would be fed up. If I were Kylie or Khloe, I would also be mad. How society reacts is detrimental when it comes to lives of other people (even if it is a public figure). So nosy and flame-maker. That comment insinuates partiality in relationships and disinformation. If you watch KUWTK and observed Khloe, you would understand that such impression of manipulation is not in her nature. She is one to encourage self-love and harmony. The comment of mingy may be a form of joke, but it is derogatory in a sense. Ugh. PS. If ever Khloe Kardashian reads this, THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING UP GIRL! FEEL FREE TO CORRECT US BASELESS HUMANS, ESPECIALLY IF WE ARE OFFENDING YOUR MORALITY. CONTINUE IN SUPPORTING THY LOVED ONES AND PEOPLE CLOSE TO YOUR HEART 🙆🏻‍♀️

  65. nari

    nari13 days ago

    I dont think she should be with Tristan but who cares. Thats her childs father. They have to make it work. She doesn’t have a baby w jordyn.


    JAYA BRENDA13 days ago


  67. kitty g

    kitty g13 days ago

    She needs to mind her business and her sister should be able to be friends with who ever.

  68. Anisa

    Anisa13 days ago

    ... watch the video at the very least


    AQUARIUS BLIИK14 days ago

    Guys don't say stuff about Khloe! She OBVIOUSLY has "moved on" from the whole situation (😂)

  70. Justis & Will

    Justis & Will14 days ago

    I love her response she basically said that’s up to her sister I don’t control her but she is a ver forgiving type of person❤️❤️❤️

  71. Lisa Lima

    Lisa Lima14 days ago

    its funny how they forgave tristan ( who cheated on her multiple times )

  72. Hahaha Hahaha

    Hahaha Hahaha14 days ago

    "One a Cheater always a Cheater." Dear Chloe You Get an Egg and You Crack it in your Head 😂

  73. Salema West

    Salema West14 days ago


  74. saraswati dharmadhikari

    saraswati dharmadhikari14 days ago

    Guys like u don't even know all the details about their relationship(u only know he parts which the media decides to show you) Stop accusing her Mind Ur own business,why don't you

  75. moonlight agron

    moonlight agron14 days ago

    Why do you think everybody gets back with they're ex multiple times but don't talk to they're ex friends for years?? CAUSE IT HURTS MORE. Ffs, anyone would forgive their ex for something like that way quicker than a really close friend. You expect more from your friend, you get more hurt, you thought they were family and there for you, especially when they knew everything like Khloe said. So it's harder to forgive them cause you feel so fucking betrayed. She literally kissed the person that klhoe got so hurt by. But the reason we forgive boyfriends more is because we might not have really high expectations so you Dont get THAT dissapointed. She's literally the victim of this situation and yes, stupid move to forgive him but i also understand why she forgave him and not her friend. But yall attacking her for something she didn't even do.

  76. moonlight agron

    moonlight agron12 days ago

    @Namisa Zulu i dont know enough about that to answer you. I just wanted to comment about people making it sound like its weird to forgive your ex before you forgive your best friend. And im saying i find it logical bc youre more hurt. About the kardashians i dont really know about whar you're saying :/

  77. Namisa Zulu

    Namisa Zulu13 days ago

    But they've also been known to go after their friends men. Don't they think about how that'll hurt their friends?

  78. Ruby Alberona

    Ruby Alberona14 days ago

    She was better off without him and she knew it but ofc 🙄 just shows they never really learn as much as they say they do. Sorry this upon last years stuff they did I just don’t like this family anymore. No one deserves to be cheated on.

  79. Jess That’s all

    Jess That’s all14 days ago

    Khloe doesn’t get to say anything when Tristan kissers Jordyn first, yet she’s still with the MAN!

  80. Jess That’s all

    Jess That’s all12 days ago

    @Zurie Rae honestly I think Khloe is afraid to be alone and wants more kids so she just goes with Tristan

  81. Zurie Rae

    Zurie Rae12 days ago

    It kills me when they say Jordan cheated with Tristan 🤔 Ummm he kissed her 🤔 He cheated. Jordan just handled it wrong. Even if she would have went straight to the Kardashians it probably still would have resulted in the same outcome as clearly these women are insecure but....Im still waiting for Tristan public apology to Jordan. Can we also talk about how old Tristian is? I mean overall he's a younger man he's now 29 Khloe is 36 so of coarse the maturity level will differ and also explains his attraction (natural) attraction to Jordan Woods who is STUNNING. Idk I just feel they pressure the men in their life (ones that may not be ready) to marry and have kids etc. Jordan sounds like a little punk stating he doesn't want to be kept secret 🤔 we know who wears the pants in that relationship 😂. I'm sure everyone will be just fine. Khloe's not the first women to take back or stay with a cheating man and won't be the last. Cats been put the bag boo. By all means do you.

  82. Shanice Lewis

    Shanice Lewis14 days ago

    If she can go back to him ..kylie can be back friends with J..if they want to ofc I do think if khloe is really not telling kylie what to do..then kylie could prolly say sonething to back get sis up🤷‍♀️

  83. Harish Kumar Parmar

    Harish Kumar Parmar14 days ago

    khloé is a lovely human being, but i don't actually think she should be having her 2nd child with tristan bc everyone knows he'll cheat again

  84. Harpreet Bains

    Harpreet Bains14 days ago

    I honestly feel so bad for Khloe. You know damn well the old Khloe would never take back a cheating man but I just know she keeps going back for True.

  85. pissypantz

    pissypantz14 days ago

    i honestly hope tristian gets his act together but i think khloé is only with him because she wants her children to have the same father (which i see nothing wrong with) and people act like jordyn is so innocent which she isn’t. khloé literally knew her since she was a little girl and then jordyn knowingly slept with khloés bd/bf knowing they were together. i would get tired of them blaming me as well for kylie and jordyns friend break up. they just want her to apologize because they do not like khloé. but let their little sisters bff sleep with their boyfriend all hell would break loose.

  86. Hope Eason

    Hope Eason14 days ago

    Chloe needs to stop responding every time someone makes a comment about her, what she needs to do is be still and quiet.

  87. G H

    G H14 days ago

    Lol hes only behaving because the clubs are closed

  88. Hecomesquickly7

    Hecomesquickly712 days ago

    Lmbo! Good One! 😂

  89. J a d e

    J a d e14 days ago

    Damn it’s 2021 can’t these people just let it go!!? They’re literally fighting over a guy who Khloe doesn’t care for anymore! Why does this STILL matter?? Leave the past in the past & don’t hold grudges! 🤍

  90. sean love

    sean love14 days ago

    If she forgives him then she should forgive her 🗣

  91. Jenny

    Jenny14 days ago

    If they ain’t together then he’s cheating and isn’t getting stopped.

  92. jenny

    jenny14 days ago

    idk why people are hating on her she didnt say anything bad about jordan she said she moved on and that kylie can do what ever she supports her how do u twist that and create you own false narrative?

  93. pissypantz

    pissypantz14 days ago

    they love to hate khloé which i cant understand. she’s human too just like everyone else.

  94. Hilmanis Wilpurt

    Hilmanis Wilpurt14 days ago

    I don't care about the kardashian's. I'm here for Emile's skin. Can I get a skincare routine please!!!!

  95. Sieayrra Alvarez

    Sieayrra Alvarez14 days ago

    I mean if she doesn't want the publics opinion then she shouldn't put her entire life in public. There are plenty of celebs who keep parts of their lives and love life private. The negative comes with the role. People are always going to have opinions on her, but its the life she chose. People feel a certain way because her sister had to give up life long friend but Khloe won't give up the man. Sad....

  96. Sieayrra Alvarez

    Sieayrra Alvarez12 days ago

    @Anisa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕

  97. Anisa

    Anisa12 days ago

    @Sieayrra Alvarez I clearly typed both and was talking to the other commenter on calling me Karen, but you sound like one now... You didn't answer my comment with an answer, but just went on to repeat your own one in more detail on how you know them. You've seen them through a screen and decided you know everything. Which is why your so idiotic. Like damnnnnnn it's like you go on social media or the news and believe every word. Who the hell have you met that would align completely with their social media in real life? We can move onto the whole people at the peak of their career thing being ruined, because you clearly don't know what peak means if you blame someone dating them in their time frame to drag their careers down. I mean on the dating thing in general that worked both way for all of the siblings.... Tbh the whole dating thing victimised the Kardashian's most of the time. We're on a video where ANOTHER one of Khloes boyfriends is being talked about, because he cheated on her... And they didn't wholly chose to be in the public eye. As I said before the Kardashian show didn't make them famous and bring them to the public eye. It's not hard to research, given that they are related to an infamous case....

  98. Sieayrra Alvarez

    Sieayrra Alvarez12 days ago

    @Anisa they may not have been the ones go expose the situation but they continue to comment on it. Yes they did chose to be public figures and yes they could still keep parts of their lives private. Everything they do is for social media, they put every interaction with their kids, what they eat in a day, where they ate, what they wore, who their with. So yess... once they CHOSE to put their lives in public they are open for public scrutiny. And let's be real they are all far from angels. Its funny that they will talk about and comment on any situation that paints someone else in a bad light but won't say shit when its them being ridiculed. To be honest if I was a man I would stay far away from them, they find men who are at the peak of their careers and destroy the man and his careers. Reggie bush, Lamar odem, Scott disick, Bruce Jenner, Kanye, the guy Kim married for like 2 days, and the list goes on and on.... Let's make one thing clear you're the only idiot I see posting, and I'm not sure what you're talking about because no one called you a Karen but you do sound a whole fucking lot like one. THEY CHOSE THIS LIFE SO THEY NEED TO DEAL WITH IT. .goodnight. .

  99. Anisa

    Anisa13 days ago

    Lmao you're both complete idiot's. Damn and you called me the Karen. Reality TV shows don't make you follow them for 24/7 and we don't see the things they don't want us to see... This whole situation wasn't even exposed by them, but some reporters or whatever you want to call them. Also we don't know what happened with the friendship... Even from the clips you could say either party broke it off...

  100. TommyMLe

    TommyMLe13 days ago

    Finally! A comment I can agree on! People keep forgetting that the Kardashians chose to put their life on public. The backlash and percussions are obviously going to come with their chosen public lifestyle.

  101. Triniti Jelks

    Triniti Jelks14 days ago

    She can’t be mad about her question Because if Kylie stayed friends with jordyn and Kylie told khole that she doesn’t care that jordyn kissed her boyfriend andstayed friends with her khole would be mad (if that made sense$

  102. wheres. casey

    wheres. casey14 days ago

    she clapped back WAY too hard

  103. N H

    N H14 days ago

    It’s called being extra cause you’re posing

  104. 10-B 5 Irsheena Anand

    10-B 5 Irsheena Anand14 days ago

    Can people just shut up she seriously just said that she has no problem with Jordyn. She wants a normal family for True. Khole knows how it feels to have a broken family and you people seriously have no right to judge her on that ITS HER GOD DAMN LIFEE!!!

  105. pissypantz

    pissypantz14 days ago


  106. lexie king

    lexie king14 days ago

    A wise man once said " madness is doing the same thing but expecting different results" so I wish Khloe all the best.

  107. Kayann Anderson

    Kayann Anderson14 days ago

    Insanity, not madness*

  108. honeysmile320

    honeysmile32014 days ago

    Khloe is a dumbass. Tristan cheated on his son's mom(engaged at the time)with Khloe and in return he cheated on Khloe over and over again lol. She has anxiety about public perception because she took back a cheater. If that's the man she chooses, she should just own it. People will still look at her crazy but thats the man she wants🤣😂🤣

  109. Brittany Lynn

    Brittany Lynn14 days ago

    Love Khloe, but her lack of self-respect is utterly disgraceful.

  110. Lisa Dallas

    Lisa Dallas14 days ago

    Khloe needs to get rid of Tristan! He will never be faithful to her. He is a cheater. Khloe needs to get some self respect. She has really low self-esteem. It's a pattern Khloe has with all her boyfriends.

  111. V N

    V N14 days ago

    🤣 All that drama and she is still with the loser who cheated on her while she was pregnant with 2+ women. Jordy did not break your family Khloe: YOUR BABYDADDY CHOSE TO BREAK UP YOUR ‘FAMILY’.

  112. Mango S

    Mango S14 days ago

    Bro I love khole but she needs some common sense 😤

  113. David Aviles

    David Aviles14 days ago

    I really hate khloe. She’s a whole idiot without even trying

  114. britegrl03

    britegrl0314 days ago

    I would be embarassed too if I continued to date someone who cause such chaos in my family, family friends and pubically made me look like a fool. Tristan is pretty bold to feel entitled to complete trust.

  115. Fola Aina

    Fola Aina12 days ago


  116. Jasmine Morris

    Jasmine Morris14 days ago

    I mean yall bullied Jordyn and had your fans join in. Kylie didn't really have a choice. And even if she decided to rekindle the friendship I don't think Jordyn would come back. Yall literally called her a home wrecker😒😒😒🙄

  117. Maria Lopes

    Maria Lopes14 days ago

    The problem is that the Kardashian and the jenner’s family is jealous of Jordyn woods... you see they thought that they can ruin Jordyn woods life by putting her name out there when Tristan kissed her but the little that they know is God was on Jordyn’s side God did not let the enemy defeat Her what God did to Jordyn was gave her a nothing but blessings in her life because she’s living her best life and she has tons of business going for her and not to mention dating a wonderful man that loves her and respects her. Jordyn woods is not thinking about the curse family .

  118. D S

    D S11 days ago

    @Hecomesquickly7 I’m not white nor black that’s why I don’t have a biased opinion. Just the truth..

  119. Hecomesquickly7

    Hecomesquickly712 days ago

    @D S You obviously don't want them to be despite the obvious (black men, black babies, imitation of black women). I get it your white, and just defending your "people".

  120. D S

    D S12 days ago

    @Hecomesquickly7 not everyone wants to be black lol no offense 🤣 you must be black I’m sure of that and who cares my age, it has nothing to do with the fact that you really want the kardashians to be jealous of Jordyn when in reality if it wasn’t for them, nobody would know Jordyn at all cuz she’s nothing special 🤭

  121. Hecomesquickly7

    Hecomesquickly712 days ago

    @D S How old are we? The fact that Jordyn is BLACK is enough for the Kardashians to be jealous. You sound very young. You got alot to learn about the REAL world. Not everything is in black and white.

  122. D S

    D S12 days ago

    @Hecomesquickly7 jealous of whaaaaaaaaaaat hahahahaha omg you must be kidding 🤣🤣🤣

  123. Fremma

    Fremma14 days ago

    Why aren't these people cancelled already?

  124. miss Dee

    miss Dee13 days ago


  125. Star M

    Star M14 days ago

    She’s just mad that nobody canceled Jordan like she hoped they would lol

  126. elena Dabada

    elena Dabada12 days ago

    Jordyn literally made a name for herself with the scandal, how u gonna cancel somone noone knows about

  127. Anisa

    Anisa13 days ago

    @Wilshir W yes I do believe that, because I gave a reason as to why I felt off about her and why they decided to go down this route. If it was a blood related sister who was in the same place as j and decided to hide it I wouldn't be surprised if worse had happened to her since she can't run from family.

  128. Wilshir W

    Wilshir W13 days ago

    @Anisa I mean do you really think they were going to believe her? I’m sorry but the way they treated her made me think they were never family in the first place.

  129. Anisa

    Anisa13 days ago

    @Wilshir W idk, the problem for me was that she tried to hide what happened from everyone. If she was scared of khloe she should have gone to Kyle and tried to sort everything out. It left a bad taste in my mouth and made me feel like they're all as bad as eachother, except for the guy he is clearly worse.

  130. namjooncansteponmeandiwouldthankhim

    namjooncansteponmeandiwouldthankhim13 days ago